Thursday, August 21, 2014

Toil and Trouble Harked Maven Maybe Once or Twice More ...

Hello my little pretties!!  
'Tis way waaaay early from All Saints Eve, but this year I'm on a mission to surprise a friend with a few gifts for her favorite holiday...
I've locked myself in the dungeon and like a mad doctor have been diligently working away, creating life for the celebration. 
Here are my first two offerings I'd like to share with you.

Metalina The Wobbly Witch
Her torso and hat and are patterned out of cardstock that has been covered in metallic tape, sewn, stuffed and colored with Adirondack Inks.
The shoe was designed using a plastic sock insert out of the baby department that I wrapped in tissue paper and formed to a point and then hardened with Mod Podge and finally painted in black.
The bats are cut from my Silhouette machine and powder embossed. 
The broom is made from elements I found in the woods.
 A little cheesecloth cape and this quirky little witch is ready to fly away to her new home .
 But she won't be traveling alone....

 Maven - Protector of Pumpkins
Here sits Maven, the round black raven, on his perch keeping watch.

Maven started as a clump of Sculpey clay and metal.
"Mr. DeMille, he's ready for his close-up."

My apologies...I get distracted so easily. Now where was I? 
Oh yes...back to the Raven, Maven.

Here he is on side view sporting his wings of cardstock and powder embossing.

The pumpkin patch process....

More of the coloring process. Copic markers work fabulously on Sculpey clay.

                  And viola...all done

I've even constructed a little nest on a branch for Maven to keep his pumpkins all together safely.
As you can see they are all ready for their departure. 
I'm most certain they are going to be warmly welcomed into their new home!

Happy EARLY  Halloween to you all and especially to Sandy!
Hugs and Happy crafting,
Lisa xx

Monday, August 18, 2014

Insert Foot in Butt Planner (of sorts) ...

Need a pretty way to give yourself a swift kick in the butt? 
Well guess what...I have just the thing for you!  
Here is my latest project to do that very thing for me!
My personal inspirational planner from The Planner Set.

Every file you can imagine is in this planner and it's all located at 

The possibilities are endless.  You could use this file to create gifts for friends and family as Regina has included a full year calendar for 2015.  There's birthday, holiday, important numbers, grocery lists, to do lists, vacant journaling pages, everything you need to get organized and motivated or help someone else do the same!

I've created a "get fit" journal for the rest of this year that details what exercises I need to do daily and along with that, what craft projects I need to complete through the remainder of the year.
It really couldn't be more simple!
If I only BELIEVE and stick to it.

You won't want to miss out on the fun with this file and you can see it all here at The Cutting Cafe.
Thanks so much for your time and visit.
Hugs and happy crafting,
Lisa xx

Monday, August 4, 2014

Say Gouda!!!

 Welcome back, welcome back!
It's a fun time again over at The Cutting Cafe as we are showcasing the theme of "packaging." 
The DT have created so many diverse projects using several cut files. 
I chose to share the file Camera Photo Shaped Holder as my choice.
It looks like a card, but there's more to it.
Inside holds a pocket for a special photo or gift card and room to write your sentiment.

 Don't forget to visit The Cutting Cafe Blog on August 7th to see all the Packaging Ideas and files used to create them and if you leave a little comment, you'll be in the running for a chance to win 3 free files of  your choice. :)

 Say Cheese!
Thank you very much for your visit.
Hugs to you and Happy Crafting,
Lisa xx

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tip My Hat to You...

With the passing of time comes the natural progression of aging. Some go quietly into it and others go kicking and screaming; I prefer just to go with it in style. ;)  
In our family (past the age of 29) we no longer refer to the familial gatherings as Birthdays. Rather, we have opted for the term 'Appreciation Day.'
So here is me tipping my hat to my most fabulous Mother for her up and coming Appreciation Day!.

The file I have used is an incredible cut file from The Cutting Cafe titled,

This week the DT at The Cutting Cafe are celebrating hats and the owner Regina has created an abundance of different styles of hats for your enjoyment. 

I really wanted to create a Steampunk top hat.  The hat itself was cut from black cardstock and then painted over with Gesso. When dry, a coating of clear crackle was added. When that dried, several inks of black and brown variations were added to draw out the cracks.  How on earth this hat turned purple is beyond me, but I kinda dug it so I just went with it. I laced up the side of the hat and added extra 'industrial' elements to aid as well.

The exotic feathers are also part of this hat file. 

The back of the hat so that you can see the folded brim.

Well there you have it. 
A special way to wish someone something that must never be spoken of except for to say...
"Happy Appreciation Day!" In a very classy way.

Hope you've enjoyed this visit and I thank you so very much for stopping in.
Hugs and Happy Crafting to you all...
Lisa xx

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Never Ever Not Even Once Before....

 If you have a calendar nearby, grab it and mark this down. 
 From now on, we shall celebrate annually the year that Lisa finished her Christmas cards in JULY!  
It's true. I kid you not.  I started a New Year's Resolution list of things to do that I'd never done before. The list contains 17 items and finish cards early was #4...Done!! 

There are 5 cards similar to this style...

Last year I was in complete panic- procrastination mode. You know the one where you're freaking out but continually maneuvering yourself in endless circles and complete a total of zilch!

One thing I do remember from all the frenzy was making cards that cost a pretty penny to send in the mail.  

This year I decided for a variety of simplicity and perhaps less "puff."

There are a set of 5 of this style. Each with different stocking paper designs.

        I created 5 of these designs as well....

This one, I think, is probably my favorite of this series.

And lastly...the little cardinal on a branch.
For those that prefer a more 'vintage' touch, there's this style.  
I created 2 sets of each of these.

This was created by grabbing scraps in my paper drawer and cutting out tags.  The house became an after thought in which case evolved the sentiment that I typed on the PC.
There's a total of 4 of this type.

Here's the card that got out of hand and reminded me to ease up on the 'poof' of layering. It would be nice if they fit in the envelopes.  :)
There's 4 like this that vary in background DP.  
I really like the chevron pattern.

And the final design I decided on was this layered tree made from scraps and simple torn white CS.   There are also 4 of this style.

There you have it ... Christmas completed in July!
I hope this gives you some ideas for your card plans.
Thank you so very much for your time and visit.
Hugs and Happy Crafting to you,
Lisa x

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Configuration Christmas Box

Well hello there again to you!
It's been two weeks already and now it's time to showcase another project using files from the ever stunning store The Cutting Cafe.  Remember the Configuration Box from TCC that I didn't complete before? Well, I was able to finally see it through to fruition and YES, I used even more fabulous files from the Cafe.  
It's a picture heavy post so here they are and underneath the photos I've included links to the files.

Here comes Santa clause in his retro fitted 1915 Nieuport 11 Biplane built just for delivering packages to all the good boys and girls.
The back of the plane is spacious enough to carry a Christmas tree, snowmen, candy canes, and gift wrapped Mini Box Sets.

Here's Santa located at the top of the box surrounded by Christmas sentiments and fluffy snow.


  Letter Shaped Card W

                    Letter Shaped Card C

      Letter Shaped Card J


             3D Christmas Tree Set

If you enjoy configuration boxes and preserving fun memories for all your holidays, The Cutting Cafe is the place to shop.  
Visit their blog today and leave a message to be in the running for 3 FREE files just by leaving a comment.

Hugs and Happy Crafting,
Lisa xx