Saturday, August 31, 2013

Beware the Witching Hour ....

Hello and welcome back.
Your journey has brought you enter if you DARE!
 ALL the fun is happening over at Sparkle n' Glitter (Fall Theme) and Airless Chambers (Halloween Theme) with tons of inspirational Autumn ideas using images from Rick St. Dennis Etsy store.

Here is my sample offering for the Sparkle And Glitter Fall theme, titled...
Beware The Witching Hour
Have you ever seen those fabulous altered art alarm clocks? I LOVE them; however, I can never seem to find one used, so I thought I'd try my hand at making a paper one!

The entire project was inspired by this fabulous image you may all know as Ichabod.

Here's a pile of silhouette cut pieces that I started with to assemble the clock.
Image on the left shows the beginning of the clock. I actually cut out a pattern for making a circle box and then omitted the lid but instead created a lip for the top of the clock instead.  The picture on the right shows how I altered wooden pegs and bottle caps to make the clock elements.
Every bit of this was painted in Gesso to prime for Distress inks for the antique appeal.
The background clock image is free from Far Far Hill.
The top mechanism's that have been distressed with metal embossing powder.
Also, can you see just the little bit of what looks like cobweb cheesecloth hanging over the edge? That's a recycled dryer excellent for cobwebs!
Ichabod all situated inside surrounded by a bench for him to rest on, hanging bat by the light of the moon and randomly placed inner workings of gears and cogs.
Now since the traditionally altered clocks are metal and have paper flowers for embellishments, I thought it would be fun to reverse that process.   Since my clock is paper, the flowers needed to be metal so I cut up two soda cans.  Priming them with Gesso and then inking with Adirondack inks, I've got a wonderful fall colored arrangement of lovely flowers that spell out E-E-K!

Side view...
Project completed!
And there you have first ever alarm clock that won't annoy me!! 
Thank you so much for stopping in for a visit.  

And now...
my offering for Airless Chambers (Halloween theme)
Goody-bag o' Horrors!
Using the same pattern for a circle box as I did above for the clock, I sized it much smaller to make a circle goody bag then sized the picket fence to cover the circumference then aged with Vintage Photo DI and accessorized with the incredibly awesome and gruesome digital stamps from Rick St. Dennis.

I've colored up Monster Clown with copics.
Here is his partner is fright, Zombie Clown centering a rosette and a spooky tag with googly eyes.
 See the cobweb stuff again?  More recycled dryer sheets...Love that stuff!
Plus a fun little mummy chocolate bar that I've glued eyes on too.
And that's all for me today, but be sure to stop by all my teammates and check out their makes for Fall and/or Halloween using the groovy images of Rick St. Dennis.
Thank you so much for your visit and your time. I really appreciate you!
Lisa xx


Sarah said...

You never disappoint Lisa....FANTASTIC projects...what more can I say!! xx

Anne said...

Very cool! LOVE the clock shape and branches etc, and such a fun image and great embellishments. :)

Hugs, Anne.

Tammy said...

Wow, wow, wow! I am at a loss as to how to explain my delight in your wonderful projects! Absolutely fantastic and amazing! Love, love all the eye candy!

Karon said...

OK - Hang on a minute, I'm just coming round and picking myself up off the floor!!! These are awesome, fantastic, amazing I can't think of enough words for these creations. WOW WOW WOW! How inspiring you are my friend - I love love how you did the clock - giving me so many ideas and well WOW ! Have a fabulous weekend.

Kelly said...

Your brain is amazing!! I love what you did and these are really cute and would be fun to have as Halloween decorations. Fabulous designs and coloring is so beautiful as ever! I want more keep creating!!
Have a great weekend,

Anne Temple said...

These are totally amazing! You are one talented gal!!

brenda said...

What awesome work Lisa and thank you for the warm welcome at my blog.

B x

Monique's art said...

Awesome. This is so very cool.

You really are amazing

Emjay Girling/ Seeing Things Art Apothecarium said...

Wow, I love your imagination. I truly think you can bring to life anything you see in your mind's eye! I am so impressed with your clock, and your tin flowers, and your dryer sheet cobwebs♥

SD pooja said...

I loved the reverse altered clock Lisa ..What a combo of paper clock n metal flowers and that bottle caps look very interesting !

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

OVER THE TOP COOL!!! The clock itself is impressive, but the whole spooky scene rocks! Love love love the bottle caps! Genius girl!

Pia S said...

Your creativity really impresses me! A fake alarm clock - what a fab idea! This decorative Halloween piece looks fantastic!

Sandy said...

BA WA HA HA HA HA! Now your are getting down to the nitty gritty - the world that we slightly warped and oh so devilish like to live in. Where humor is only superseded by creativity and of course good taste. Naturally you have it all wrapped in one package. I fell in love with you when I fist saw your snowmen family - remember the one where the dog is licking the little boys head which just so happens to be on the ground. "watch our for the headless snowmans"! I have been a follower ever since and patiently wait for your slightly warped sense of humor!
I love your clock make and of course I had to go over to Mr. Rick's etsy store and buy me some goodies -- I have a make in mind as well. Love your goody bag - one could really barf around the block with that one!!!
guess who

Unknown said...

Yes, your brain is amazing! And what you can create with it too. Wonderful projects with Rick's images. So glad you are here with us all.

Jeanne J. said...

Sorry I've been away so long my friend!! Another new look for your beautiful blog. The newsprint is stunning! Love your projects. I don't know how you come up with this - now if only we could get you and Tim Burton in the same room. Its the same feeling I get when I watch Nightmare Before Christmas. Every time I look I see something more that I missed. Absolutely magical Lisa!

Tracy said...

Uhhhh-mazing Twang! So much imagination and creativity in these projects. Those RD images are scary and funky so they're lots of fun. Awesome! Hugs!

Lori said...

Amazing how you created that clock - so enjoyed the pictures showing the progress and oh, my...those clowns scare me to death (possible a clown phobia?)

Shelby said...

Wowzer girl those are some amazing and creative Halloween makes! The altered clock is fantastic and love all of the different elements you've used and what a creeeeeepy clown for the second project!!!


~Lady B~ said...

Wow! Let me wipe the drool off my keyboard! Two fabulous projects with wonderful details and yummy (as well as creepy) embellishments. You rocked both of your projects! I'm especially loving the tip on dryer sheets for cobwebs. Thanks so much for sharing that tip :)

Mitralee said...

I am hot on the trail of a real alarm clock myself...of course I came home with a marble half broken lamp today for a dollar...all my good luck may have run out on that one. Wait until you see it!

You do probably recall what I texted you when this post came into my inbox...YUP, still feel the same way!

Love that mummy candy bar too btw! Can't use a twinkie since you are hoarding them!

lalkygirl said...

Wow lisa,just stopped by for a visit and you have soooo many stunning projects,you have been busy ,love the altered clock ...and the outhouse as always so many stunning details to all your projects.have a very crafty weekend
tracey x

Nicecrane Designs said...

Absolutely incredible,,,,,waHT A GREAAT IDEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Lisa,,,,,love it, love love it,..,. I have just send you three Halloween collections,,,,confirm me if you can access them.

Anonymous said...

Flippppppping AWESOMElY spookalious! GREAT job I LOVE everything how clever you are! great job hunny xx

Margaret said...

Oh...that is my kind of alarm clock! I love how you recreated the parts and the reversal of the materials! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Your goody bag is ultra creepy with those spooky clowns guarding the chocolate!!

Two fantastic Halloween ideas!