Wednesday, June 4, 2014

You're Always Welcome ....

A wonderful day to you and thank you for stopping by!
It's a sad and joyful combination of feelings today as this is our last post for the 
Technicolor Trio of Tempting Treats.
Sad because it will be another year before we challenge each other again, joyful because what we've challenged each other to do has been an incredible experience and I've loved every minute!
Getting my hands on anything in my craft room that wasn't nailed or glued down, here are the photos of how this challenge came together.
Criteria for this was:
1.) Altered Box or Artist Trading            Block
2.) Wings
3.) Game Pieces
4.) Seasonal Display (I                          chose Spring)
This glorious book box was sent to me some months back from Mitra and how grateful I was to have it for the last project together.

These will become the front door...

Here's the door with Welcome wreath, weathered wood, screen inserts, kick plate and door knob.

Because I needed game pieces, I cut from a Bingo card and the wings are from a recycled tea can.
The word BINGO was cut apart at IN and GO and then reversed to make my welcome mat.
A flourish cut for decoration on the Silhouette machine.
A vine from water spritzed and rolled Kraft cardstock woven into the flowers and book spine with coordinating enlarged flourish. The 12 and 21 are also from the BINGO board and are my house numbers.
... and that is my little box makeover!

If you've followed me through all of these challenges, I thank you so much and truly hope you found some bits of inspiration here and there.  
As for Onion (Sue) and Mitza Pitza (Mitra), I cannot thank you ladies enough for the most invigorating, challenging, euphoric, exacerbating, evolving and personally transforming experience. 
You two are truly inspiration to me!
I already look forward to next year :)

I was late to adding a freebie on my last post from Ignacio, so if you missed it, here is an image from Nicecrane Designs that Ignacio would like you to have from his set Nursery Rhymes.  Thank you so much for sharing this Ignacio!
Another dear friend of mine is having a HUGE blog candy for her 
50 and Fabulous Birthday Celebration and she would love to invite you!  So please stop by Lisa's blog. 
to enter to win one of these...

Hugs, and I mean BIG HUGS and Happy Crafting!
Lisa xx


Margaret said...

Sometimes your amazing talent makes my head spin!! I can picture you in your crafty den creating this and resembling a very organized cyclone! The screen door idea is inspired and you completely blew my mind with 'go in'!!!! Genius!! I have so enjoyed seeing your muse at work on these fun challenges!!

Pia S said...

Love your idea of making this box as a front door design! Fabulous detailing and a fantastic looking box!

McCrafty's Cards said...

I always love to visit your blog Lisa, as I never know what you will have made, I love this so much detail, i love the flowers the butterflies, well all of it really its stunning!!
Kevin xx

Regina Easter said...

LISA......i am screaming your name....when is your book coming out....SUCH AWESOMENESS

Scrumplescrunch said...

Hello Q,(sniff)
No I have not got the sniffles...I am just a little sad that this is the end of our of our Challenges, the six weeks flew by and oh how I have enjoyed the eclectic mix of Art that has been created, we are three ladies who are very diverse in our thinking and it has been a huge inspiration to me to witness you and Mitra's ideas and how you transform them into paper Art.
Once again you have taken a humble box and made it unique, like you do with everything you create, no-one creates like you Q, it is so special and fun and dare I say, quirky. Do not ever lose this side of your creativity, it is something to be treasured. I have so enjoyed working alongside you again, looking forward to next March.

Tammy said...

Sad to think another year must pass before we get to see the amazing creations from you wonderfully creative women! I love your little screen door box and the door mat, tickles me, what a great welcome!

Marie-Louise said...

Absolutely brilliant. You never cease to amaze.

Chrissy said...

What a fabulous altered box came out so beautiful and I love the little screen panels and the flower the flowers reaching upward and the butterflies...really lovely.


SD pooja said...

Its Fantastic Lisa !!

Mitralee said...

Oh what a fun time we've had! Just had another good look at your door and it's so pretty! I am excited you made use of that box! I particularly like the door knob...kinda wish I had one like it in real life! ROCK STAR TIMES and I'm so glad we did this!

Patricia St Martin said...

Lisa first of all I want to say thank you for stopping by my blog and your wonderful comments, they have really helped me get thought all my craziness that has been going on the last several months. I love your door and all the extra work you did to make it so creative. Thank you for the free image, love nicecrane designs. Your Silhouette machine has made all these flourishes work really nice.
Hugs, Pat

Mary J said...

Another amazing make, Lisa!! I love those butterflies but most of all I love how you did the flowers!

Sandy said...

Sweet Lisa - well most of the time you are sweet. How very, very clever you are. I love your box. I swear no one can do it as well as you --- You come up with some fabulous projects and should be crowned the Queen of Everything!
Love it!!
Sandy xx

Karon said...

Stunning altered box. Love the door and the embellishments! Fabulous. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Anne Temple said...

Fabulous project! Love the screen door and how cool that it's a box top.

butterfly said...

It's been a complete joy following you all through another round of extraordinary creations... and what a finale here! Brilliant altered box - the door knob, the air vent, the gorgeous vines and butterflies... You're welcome to share your amazing creativity with us any time!!
Alison xx

Unknown said...

Wow, wow, wow! I love this and it is sad to see it end. Each project has been fabulous and I think this is such a great idea L2. Your flowers are SO pretty and I love the detail on your beautiful door. You are one crafty queen. :) Hugs, L1

Tracy said...

Wow! This is so cool! The screen in the panels--love it! You rock girlfriend!

Jenny Marples said...

Only you would turn a book cover into a door complete with screens and butterflies. So good you got to share and create with two such good friends. Jenny x

Unknown said...

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