Thursday, August 21, 2014

Toil and Trouble Harked Maven Maybe Once or Twice More ...

Hello my little pretties!!  
'Tis way waaaay early from All Saints Eve, but this year I'm on a mission to surprise a friend with a few gifts for her favorite holiday...
I've locked myself in the dungeon and like a mad doctor have been diligently working away, creating life for the celebration. 
Here are my first two offerings I'd like to share with you.

Metalina The Wobbly Witch
Her torso and hat and are patterned out of cardstock that has been covered in metallic tape, sewn, stuffed and colored with Adirondack Inks.
The shoe was designed using a plastic sock insert out of the baby department that I wrapped in tissue paper and formed to a point and then hardened with Mod Podge and finally painted in black.
The bats are cut from my Silhouette machine and powder embossed. 
The broom is made from elements I found in the woods.
 A little cheesecloth cape and this quirky little witch is ready to fly away to her new home .
 But she won't be traveling alone....

 Maven - Protector of Pumpkins
Here sits Maven, the round black raven, on his perch keeping watch.

Maven started as a clump of Sculpey clay and metal.
"Mr. DeMille, he's ready for his close-up."

My apologies...I get distracted so easily. Now where was I? 
Oh yes...back to the Raven, Maven.

Here he is on side view sporting his wings of cardstock and powder embossing.

The pumpkin patch process....

More of the coloring process. Copic markers work fabulously on Sculpey clay.

                  And viola...all done

I've even constructed a little nest on a branch for Maven to keep his pumpkins all together safely.
As you can see they are all ready for their departure. 
I'm most certain they are going to be warmly welcomed into their new home!

Happy EARLY  Halloween to you all and especially to Sandy!
Hugs and Happy crafting,
Lisa xx


Sarah said...

What spooktacular creations Lisa!! You are such a clever girl!! xx

Dr Sonia S V said...

Fabulous Lisa--- how do you think up such unique and amazing creations!!
Dr Sonia
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Tina Goodwin said...

Lisa these are amazing! You are such an inspiration! I'm learning a ton from you =)

Chrissy said...

Fantastic projects your witch she will look awesome hanging in a tree or by the front for Maven the Raven...he is brilliant. Love the pumpkins and nest..fabulous.


Paper Profusion said...

You're an absolute treat Lisa! Although that Maven scared the xxxx out of me!! Love his pumpkins though. As for Metalina - I can't believe that's tape and not metal - fantastic effects. Wonder if she has a Prince Charming to remove her shoe - or am I all mixed up with tales! Be careful out in those woods lest you meet your creations! Nicola x

Pia S said...

It's always a pleasure to visit your blog, Lisa! I really enjoy looking at your fun projects and the step by step photos to see how bits and bobs are turned into the most fantastic creations! I love what you've made here!

Scrumplescrunch said...

Hello Q,
It seems ages since I was last here, but it was worth the wait as these little creations look amazing. Initially I thought your witch was constructed with copper as that is the impression it relates, This is so quirky and adorable at the same time. The little pumpkins imitate China ornaments....I love how you work with the clay to make such original art pieces. Fantastic creations to match your story telling.

Marie-Louise said...

Oh wow Lisa. Fabulous creations.

Tammy said...

What a lovely surprise your friend is going to have when she receives these awesome creations! You just rocked Halloween for me! I love each of your creations and they are so unique but I love, love, LOVE Maven!

Sandy said...

Just thinking about Halloween gets me all choked up - I can't stand the build up!!! I don't understand why witches can't fly on their brooms all year long. One can get mighty rusty waiting so long to fly. My cats are driving my bats batty! And I don't think my youngest cat can travel with me this year. I really haven't tamed him yet. My cat that usually flies with me is getting too fat and Baby Girl is too chicken. Speaking of chickens, my black snake decided to go live in the chicken coop and egg production has gone down dramatically.

I am so sorry Lisa, I did not mean to get carried away but your beautiful witch brought me to tears. Maven the Raven is so lucky to have such a beautiful friend --- you are so good with paper clay Lisa. Bubble, bubble toil and trouble -- your flights of fancy bring me so much pleasure!
Sandy xx

Sandy said...

I owe you an apology - you used Sculpey not paper clay. Do you bake your Sculpey projects in your regular oven? That is one heck of a purtty hat that witch has - must have bought it in New York!!
Sandy xx

Mitralee said...

Man! You put me in the mood for caramel corn and those baby snickers! I FELT Halloween on your post! ROCK STAR creations! A baby shoe insert you! And little bats! SUPER COOL! I imagine she will LOVE her presents! Candy corn...also wished I had candy corn!

Tracy said...

You've done it again Twang. Wow, just wow. You do amazing work with that clay. Love the raven and his pumpkins. Now I do have to question your sanity about going out in the woods to collect things for the broom. I'm sure that's one of your witch's favorite haunts. These are tons of fun. Hugs!

Unknown said...

Now I know.....I've been wondering what you've been up to and MAN am I ever impressed. I absolutely LOVE these spooky creations and the post was so much fun to read. :) Love how this turned out L2!!! 70 Days to Halloween....can't believe how fast this year has flown by. FAB creations!!! xx

Kelly said...

Well lock yourself up some more, these are fabulous!!! Your mind really goes to the dungeon with Halloween!! I love the techniques, and still trying to wrap my head around them. Fabulous gifts for your friend, she will adore them!!
Hugs Kelly

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Oh my gosh...I love how you think! Your mind is fabulous and then to create what you are thinking is amazing! LOVE her hat the most, and oh the marbling of color! PINNED!!!

Regina Easter said...


Margaret said...

Wow!!! These are fabulous and I am not a Halloween kind of girl!! The witch is amazing and I love the sculpey creations too!!

I did get a bit distracted as you were explaining how you made the witch's shoe from a plastic insert from the baby department. I suddenly had a vision of you in the store pilfering said insert as the Mission Impossible song was playing in the background! Thanks for the temporary break from 'normal'! I needed a little silly daydream!

Jenny Marples said...

I can never quite believe how imaginative you can be and oh boy you've done it again! A set of fantastic Halloween projects that frankly need to be displayed year round! Jenny x

Jeanne J. said...

I can hear it in your writing how much fun you had. I can almost picture Brian Frouds faeries lurking near by. Amazing!!

Sandy said...

Yes your witch and friends came to a loving home --- Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Sandy xx

Jeanne J. said...

Clay too? I should have known... is there nothing that she cannot master? Mavin is amazing. Thanks for showing all the details and instructions for making Maven! And yes, you distracted me with the movie clip too!