Friday, February 13, 2015

Clothing Optional.... (a DIY tutorial)

Yes, you read that right. Clothing is completely optional when it comes to this project.
 So take those pants off and let's get to work!
Actually, it's kinda cold here and we're expecting snow, so I'm gonna leave mine on, So, go ahead and stay warm, but grab that old pair you've been holding on to that you want to recycle because we're going to make gift baskets!
I made both of these yesterday in about 2 hours. 
Super simple, super easy and super fun!
Here are a couple examples of uses you could use these for....but oh the possibilities.
Directions to assemble:
It doesn't take much material, so I estimate you could make 3 baskets just out of one leg.
1.) Cut desired length
2.) Turning inside out, sew up one end shut to form the base
3.) Turning right side out, begin the decorating process.
I decided to sew on a measuring tape for a Crafty Basket, but it would work great for Father's Day too!
I've cut off belt loops and added them to the top as well as buttons and pockets; it's whatever you want to use.
4.) Next add Mod Podge Stiffy-Fabric Stiffener (found mine at Walmart in the paint section)
Simply poured it over the material (only on the outside) and used a sponge brush to rub it in.  
5.) Using a heat tool I applied heat to quicken drying and hardening; making sure to shape jeans into a basket shape of sorts.
These stiffen really quickly and hold desired shape perfectly!
Here you see I've added floral foam in the bottom to hold elements for the gift basket.
And here is the other that I made.
6.) Simply add a tag and some goodies and viola, you have a recycled and useful gift.
Or you can fill them up with fun stuff just for you!
Hope you've enjoyed this idea and will give it a go yourself. I'd love to see your ideas if you do.
Hugs to you all and have a wonderful weekend!
Lisa x


richardbreaks said...

What a clever girl you are. Love the lace, love the tape.
Would it help to put something solid that fit inside while it dries, or would that be structured looking?
I just love these.

Chrissy said...

How very cool are these Lisa..fabulous project.My pot plants would love to nestle inside my old jeans leg..or have one on the bathroom vanity with stuff many uses..brilliant.


Marie-Louise said...

What a brilliant idea Lisa. You really are amazing.

McCrafty's Cards said...

What a fabulous idea Lisa, they look great, you are clever!!
Kevin xx

Tammy said...

Wow, wow, wow girl! You are amazing! So clever and crafty of you, amazing gift baskets!

Unknown said...

These are nifty L2! I love them!! So happy your mojo is back in full swing. :)

Pamellia said...

Oh good grief Lisa...this is this best use of a pair of jeans EVER!!! It's simple, it's genius, it's just another reason why I am such a fan of yours! Amazing! hugs :)

Pia S said...

I know I'd love to get one of these as gifts and I'm sure others would as well! Great idea!!!

Karon said...

See - you did it again - amazing idea and fabulously executed!!! Love them!

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

These are TOO COOL!!! LOVE the whole design!

Tina Goodwin said...

Super cute! I must start saving old jeans.

Mitralee said...

Interesting..very interesting....

Me & the sewing machine have a bit of a love hate thing going...but I think I can handle this....did I ever tell you there is a guy work with that doesn't wear pants? Good thing we work at home so nobody is really invovled..but it gets interesting if someone comes to the door and you are on the phone with him...

Margaret said...

LOVE this idea! I have saved a few pairs of jeans thinking I would use the pockets for something, but never thought about using the legs for baskets!!! Now I'm hoping my pitiful sewing skills would be ample enough for this project!

The lacy trim is so sweet!!!

Jeanne J. said...

Denim is my favorite material on earth and these little baskets are lovely. You're making me wish I could sew again! So clever that you made a his and hers!

Regina Easter said...

oh my word.........................................cute cute cute

butterfly said...

So clever... but given my long enmity with sewing machines, I think I'm just going to have to admire your handiwork!
Alison xx

Tracy said...

This is such a fun idea and a unique way to pack up some prezzies Twang. Thanks for sharing!