Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cupcake Camp KC

 Hello there!
So what do you do when it's raining outside and you'd rather not clean? 
You crochet miniature cupcakes for key chains!!!  Right??? 
Here's a little sneak peek at what I'll have for sale in April at Cupcake Camp KC. All proceeds of my booth will be going to this wonderful cause and I just wanted to make a little post about it to help spread the word. If you live in the area or have someone you know who does, or would just like to help by donating, I've included the link above and below by just clicking on the photograph.  Please feel free to post the image on your side bar if you'd like also.  
I'm only a little bitty part of this wonderful event. There are going to be local cupcake shops and bakeries competing for a cupcake bake off and tons of yummy cuppy cakes to taste, fun activities for kids, raffle tickets and well...tons more and it's ALL for the KIDS!
Facebook link also is here

I'm no expert at this crocheting stuff. My wonderful grandmother taught me how and I am SOOO far from her level of expertise, but if you like these little cupcakes, here is the pattern I designed for these cuties. 
These are not decorated fully yet, but the sky is the limit on how you choose to embellish them.

Cupcake Base (fine yarn)
 *Chain 4, connect with a slip stitch, chain 1
*Going to inside of the circle, crochet 8 single crochets inside the ring, join ends with a sl st and then chain 1
* Single crochet in all previous 8 chains, end with a sl st and then chain 2
* Dbl crochet in each of the 8 chains (twice) ; 2 dbl chains inside each of the 8 previous chains; connect dbl chains at the end with a sl st and then chain 1.
* Single chain all the way around to add the finishing top to your 16 chains; secure with a knot to end off.

Cupcake Top (heavier yarn)
*Chain 4, connect with a sl st, ch 1 (to form circle)
*Going inside the circle single crochet 8 times around, sl st ends and chain 1
* Going inside the circle again, single crochet 8 more times around, sl st ends, chain 2
* Going inside the circle again, single crochet 8 more times around, sl st ends, ...
- You can finish off the top here with a knot or continue single crocheting to get the size you need for a rounded cupcake top OR
- Loops for the cupcake fringe/icing
*Chain 1 and single crochet into next chain
*Chain 3 and single crochet into next chain
repeat pattern until you have a scallop around the base of the cupcake top and end off with a knot.

*For a handle, make ribbon loop and pull it through the top of the cupcake center with hook and seal with hot glue.
*Placing the cupcake base to the top, sew with thread and needle to each other until 3/4 way attached.
*Place filler inside of cupcake until desired "puffiness"
*Continue sewing until pieces are fully attached and seal off with a knot.
*Decorate the 'icing' however you wish 
- Add pins for a shirt decoration for a birthday party or key rings for a key chain or however you wish.

Hugs n' Happy Crocheting and Thanks so much for stopping in 
and thank you if you decide to help share this information. :)
Lisa xx


McCrafty's Cards said...

Fabulous cause Lisa, the cupcakes are gorgeous and I know you will do very well and raise a lot of funds and awareness.
Kevin xx

butterfly said...

Well... that's what you do - i just get my fingers tied in knots!! Wonderful cupcakes, and in such a good cause - fantastic work!
Alison x

Tammy said...

Such a worthy cause, kudos to you for helping raise funds! The cupcakes are just too, too adorable. They will be a total sell out!

Chrissy said...

Such cute little cupcakes Lisa and for such a worthy cause..slip one..add 8..naaa..I'm lost, was born with two left feet as


Meihsia Liu said...

Wow....Lisa, these cupcakes are all so cute!! I'm sure you'll raise lots of fund. Have a great weekend! ^_^

Kelly said...

ooohhh I love those! They are so pretty all together like this. Look at how sweet your crocheting is, and I love the buttons on the tops. These are gorgeous Lisa.
Hugs Kelly

Sherrie K. said...

WOw, these are fabulous! What a great cause-good luck to you:)TFS!
Sherrie K

Sandy said...

What a wonderful idea Lisa - I crochet some and made my grandkids Santa pockets one year and put goodies in them - Santa's hat covered the pocket. You are indeed multi-talented and I sure would like to know your grandmother and mother!! What I talented family!!

Karon said...

These are so super cute Lisa - I hope the event goes well. TFS

Scrumplescrunch said...

Hello Q,
I am sure these cupcake key rings will sell like 'hotcakes!' They look good as they are, but I can imagine that you are going to add lots more to these delightful creations.
I hope you have a very successful day, I know you will have lots of fun.
Smiles :-)

Tracy said...

Oh geez I'm going to have to get my daughter to make one of these for me. How cute it that! You rock Twang!!!

Regina Easter said...


Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

These are darling! Crochet is a dying art! Love to see it, and for the best cause! Kudos to you!!!

Mitralee said...

Good job! I LOVE CUPCAKES!! Makes me want one right now with whip cream frosting and sprinkles!!! I hope you make lots of money for them!

Annie said...

What a talented person you are Lisa. Your cupcake key rings are fab. Best wishes for the event


Annie x

Patricia St Martin said...

Lisa, These are adorable, never seen crochet miniature cupcakes before and they are just darling. Thanks so much for the directions. You are the sweetest.
Hugs, Patricia

Shelby said...

What a wonderful idea and I'm sure you'll do amazingly well. Hope the event is a smashing success.


Lori said...

Your cupcakes are darling and what a cool event!

Sonia said...

Fabulous cupcakes my friend,are so sweet^_^
Gorgeous work^_^
Big hug,

Laurart said...

WOW!!! These are wonderful! I ADORE crochet so thanks so much for the instructions. I am definitely going to make these! ;o) Lots of love and hugs from Laura xxxxxxxxxxxx

Jenny Marples said...

Those cupcakes are utterly adorable Lisa! Bet you will raise tons with them. Hugs, Jenny x

Margaret said...

These are fabulous and so fun for a cupcake party!! I'm off to check out your info...

Sandy said...

These are fabulous, think I will have to have a try at these.. Thanks for sharing.
Sandy :)

Jeanne J. said...

These are adorable - I hope you sell out fast! Love the varigated yarn tops that make the top look like swirls of icing. I'm going to share this with my mom - she knows how to crochet but wont teach me - says I'm too "impatient" whatever that means!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how clever are you! I LOVE these and will defiantly be trying some! Pinning it to my pinterest too! hugs me x