Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Love Lamp....

Hi there! Hello! How are you??
Have I managed to confuse you yet? The title says I Love Lamp and here I am showing you flowers. It's haven't lost your mind, it will all makes sense momentarily, but first...

My grammy wanted me to tell all of you that left her birthday wishes, "THANK YOU!" She was tickled pink to see so many sweet comments left for her and she made sure to remind me, every chance she could, to let you know how MUCH she appreciated that. So again, thank you so much for making her 88th birthday even more special.

Okay, now on to the post.
It's time for the Technicolor Trio of Tempting Treats Project C.  
The challenge where Sue, Mitra and myself each have to use the items below; however we wish.
The components for this challenge are the following:
1.)  Layers and Textures using circles
2.)  Odd marriage of 2 items
3.)  Stars
4.)  Dictionary Depictions

What you see here is a sneak peek of Live 

The best part of these challenges is that anything goes. As like the other 2 projects, I had no idea where this would take me either, but I grabbed these old wooden chef plaques and some circle items and set out to begin the journey.

 Dictionary depictions were element #4 on the list of required items so I began by tearing out specific pages that contained the focus words I wanted and began making the background for whatever these were to become....
Little glimpse of Live, Laugh, Love Dictionary pages and some Gesso
Some call it frugal, but I'll call it what it is..I'm cheap! 
Here is a shot of my handmade stencils and paste and of course the ever fancy application tools; old plastic gym membership card and kitchen sponge.  
This process begins meeting the criteria for element #1; Layering and Texture with Circles.

Oh pretty colors of Dylusions Ink!

 You're not going to be able to tell here, but I wanted to play around with photo paper and inks and here is a piece I made with an embossing folder and Dylusions Ink.

The brown on the letters is from Distress Ink.  The colors really popped on the shimmery photo paper and I loved the way the inks ran naturally on the texture; excluding the step of spritzing water.

Here's a close-up of my mixed media drawing that I've done for the second plaque.  You can see the continuation of circles that create her hair. I used Copic markers for all the mixed media coloring.  Her hair is just in the beginning phase at this point.

Now the plaques are finished, but I'm thinking they look kind of, how do you say? Blah!  My concern is that if I try to hang them up individually they'll be all wonky on the wall, so I had to devise a plan that would make displaying them easy peasy.  
But for now, let's just gaze upon their beauty, shall we? LOL!

Live BIG

Laugh LOUD
(The irony. I drew her mouth shut, but the jewelry and hair fill the LOUD part)

And now for the element that meets criteria #2 (odd marriage) and #3 (stars)
Huh???  Yep! Love Lamp!! 
 My son found me sitting in my craft room reciting words that go with Love, like...."lots, much, forever, strong, etc" when he burst out "Lamp!" It was perfect. If you've seen the movie Anchor Man, you'll recognize the humor of this and if you know me, you'll know I'm a fan of quirky and I found this completely fitting for the odd marriage of items.  Also, the lamp is a pull string which I've symbolized with wire and the metal star.  

Just encase people were baffled when they read the trio and got to Love Lamp, I didn't want them to try to work too hard for the deeper meaning, because there simply is NONE.  So, I added an array of various question marks to convey that this is supposed to make you go, "HUH?"

Finished by matting them each on black card stock and then gorilla gluing them to a poster board that is spray painted with a vintage cream texture.
Pretty eye candy and a giggle, the good life!

Well, that's challenge C and we have 3 more to go so I'll be back next week with another who know's what creation, but until then thank you SO much for getting all the way to the end of this post with me and I hope you enjoyed yourself.  But remember, don't stop here, please visit the rest of the Technicolor Trio and see what they created!!! 
Sue here and Mitra here

Hugs and Happy Crafting,
Lisa xx


Scrumplescrunch said...

Hell Q,
Has to be my favourite so far, Love the face, just as you say 'Loud' the colour palette is kind to the eye, and it is going to look wonderful on your wall, I am so loving this wall Art.

Marie-Louise said...

Fantastic Lisa. I love this project.

Tracy said...

Nobody but you. I can always count on being pleasantly surprised whenever I visit you Twang. Your imagination knows no bounds. This is SOOOO cool in SOOOO many ways. Hugs!

Tammy said...

I hope you don't mind me saying wow because I feel a big one coming on WOW!!! OMGoodness, just incredible creations! I love, Love Lamp!

Chrissy said...

I love the lamp Lisa...and I love the lady with the curly[circle]hair..but my favourite is the flowers..that centre flower with the beads is so the textures of them all the details and colours and they look wonderful all together on the wall..fantastic.


SD pooja said...

I was a bit confused..n more to see the lamp :))Could not scroll to yhe lamp as I was hooked by all the beauty ..Hey you r not cheap...its creativity !! DIY stuff n alternatives to costly keep doing n sharing too !! I loved loved each of the plauqe ..lamp is too good :D !!

Unknown said...

HOORAY!!!!!!! You are creating mixed media L2. I am SO happy and I KNEW you would be great at it and you ARE. I love this fabulous trio and the lamp is perfectly suited to your style. :) As for cheap, no way you are doing all the right things. No need for fancy tools and even those who teach use credit/gift cards and sponges so don't you worry {not that you were lol}. Anything can be a stencil and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. :-) Brilliant projects!! Big Hugs, L1

Pia S said...

You're such a clever designer. I would NEVER thought of making something like this and put them together. So fun and artsy!

Sandy said...

I am just sitting here shaking my head - I love that lamp - thank goodness it is not a lava lamp.
Sandy xx

jasann said...

Love this wall art, so quirky, so much fun!!!

Mitralee said...

I have been giggling for two whole days! LAMP! Love it love love love it!!!! Dude, the earrings out of huge washers made me so happy! AND course what is there not to love about the flowers and the bead halo on the first canvas, but the lamp! THAT IS THE BEST! YOU are so much fun!

Mary J said...

Your original pieces of art never cease to amaze me, Lisa! Totally gorgeous!!

Meihsia Liu said...

Oh this is such a fun and fabulous project, Lisa. I love your beautiful lamp, too. All the tools you used and the details you created are just awesome! Wonderful design! :)

Jenny Marples said...

So creative and I love Lamp! That would go down perfectly with the sense of humour in our house too. You have completely transformed those tiles into magnificent wall art replete with that beautiful bead flower. Jenny x

Paper Profusion said...

I just love your kooky brilliance Lisa! This is FAB-U-LOUS, truly inspirational and very fun! Have a wonderful weekend. Nicola x

Karon said...

WOW - WOW and more WOW :-) These are fabulous. Love the colours, texture and that lamp is wonderful! TFS and have a great weekend.

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Oh my goodness. Where do you come up with these things. I wish I had an ounce of the talent that you do my friend. Well, it was nice catching up with some of your most recent posts. Hopefully it won't be an eon before I am back again!


butterfly said...

Absolutely stunning, Lisa - such brilliant transformative work, to create such a beautiful hanging trio. I adore the colours and textures shared between the three and then how individual they each are. The jewelled flower is glorious, and the lampshade is inspired!
Alison xx

Ina G said...

OMG This is so way over the top BRILLIANT. Love love love it. Oh Lisa this incredible. Words can't describe how GOOD GREAT MAGNIFICIENT this is.

Unknown said...

Okay, I had to come back and take another look at this. I lurve it!!!

Margaret said...

First off, I have to commend your wonderful way of connecting the three panels to make on cohesive piece!
I love all three of these unique pieces (ohhh...those beads ringing the flowers...) and your very original embellishments!
And who doesn't love lamp?!

Jeanne J. said...

I bet you dream in color too! Love the mixed media and images. The star on the lamp is my favorite. Pretty colors, lots of texture, and absolutely fun and amazing.

Unknown said...


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