Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Interpretive Art ???

Hi there!
 This is the 4th project in the Technicolor Trio of Tempting Treats and this week's objectives are...
1.) Mixed Media
2.) Collage
3.) Glass Jar  Creation
4.)  Material

I began with a crumpled piece of cardstock and added tissue paper and white streamer with 
Mod Podge.

 Still new to the Mixed Media way of things, I began by what I'd committed to memory, "nothing is wrong...add it all."  So I did.

Here are stamps, torn papers, inks and spritzes.

Had so much fun that I added more stuff like twine, corrugated butterfly, molding paste a manila tag and some distress ink pen hand drawn doodles.
Here is my mixed media background completed
It lays on top of the burlap material inside the shadow box.

Well that process got my senses all jived up and my inner child was screaming for more, so what the heck....

Let's glue sticks standing in a spoon!

 Why of course it's a small forest growing out of metal with a bicycle!

Likewise, it would seem only natural that two small people should join it while encased in a miniature glass jar.
The randomness of the umbrellas is purely for enjoyment.
I just finished watching Saving Mr. Banks, so perhaps they stemmed from my love of Mary Poppins or maybe I just find umbrellas "super-cala-fragalistict-expialidociously" fun.

It's true that my little people are on display in a jar, but at some point they had to have had a way to reach their predicament and I figured a ladder would have done the trick. 
So, off to the garden for mulch sticks.

Here is the completed outcome of Project D

I'll leave it up to your imagination for interpretation, or not.
 Either way I'm just so glad you spent the time here with me and I hope you enjoyed seeing the process.
Hugs and Happy Crafting!
Lisa xx
Here are the links to Mitra and Sue's AMAZING takes on this week's assignment.
Until then...


Marie-Louise said...

Lisa this is just superb.

Mitralee said...


Love it,dig it? OMG it?

We are crazy nuts aren't we?

OK, I'll be back. It's make dinner time and I need another big peek into this project!

SD pooja said...

ITs..JAWDROPPING>>AWESOME...!!!A garden in a spoon?? do u get these fab ideas ?? The little couple in jar is WOW n how considering of you to provide them ladder :D !! WHat if they don't want to come down :D ??

Chrissy said...

Spectacular Lisa..outstanding imagination..sticks in a spoon?!!people in a glass jar?!!AMAZING.Love all the details and textures...fabulous project.


Tammy said...

You just keep out doing yourself, incredible and wonderful creation! Such a fabulous work of art!

Mitralee said...

YOU KNOW, this is kinda like a window...fits in with the LESSology Window Project, HINT HINT! ;-) Plus, we are all over using mulch on a mixed media kinda thing...that is upcycling...well, there are at LEAST eight things on this that are upcycled! I really like the trees I really really do! And I cannot WAIT for your treat to get there....Is it there yet?

Karon said...

You still blow me away, with your one of a kind creations. Where do you go in your head to end up with such fabulous inspiration! Have a wonderful weekend.

Margaret said...

Holy crap! I had to sit here for a few minutes and collect my thoughts before commenting and now I'm still not sure how to say how fantastic this is! Once again, the eclectic mix of goodies is mind blowing and perfect at the same time.
Our sister telepathy must be connecting again. When I saw the first photo with all of the umbrellas my brain immediately went to Mary Poppins!
This just might be my favorite trio piece!!

Tracy said...

I don't know if even Mary Poppins could imagine this project Twang. So many clever thoughts put together. You really give these projects your all. Amazing! Hugs!

Unknown said...

I love it when your imagination takes flight L2, cause we get one crazy crafty ride. :) Another fab mixed media project!!! Can't wait to see more so keep 'em coming. Hugs, L1

Pia S said...

LOVE your creativity, Lisa! Such fantastic pieces of decorative art!

McCrafty's Cards said...

Wow Lisa this is absolutely fabulous, so much detail and texture
Kevin xx

Scrumplescrunch said...

Hello Q.
Well whatever I say here to compliment you on your creation is going to be of the same vein of all your comments, I need not repeat what everyone has already stated on how amazing this piece is. However what I need to say is how these Challenges are enabling you to connect your many interacting cognitive processes; you are successful in removing blocks and connect with something beyond intellect, you are able to explore your imagination that transposes into unique, interesting and exciting pieces; no-one would ever be bored looking at your work Q.
You are inspirational, not just to me but I suggest to many, there is energy and you are not caught up in whether your outcome is deemed good or bad, you have that inner resource and insight, that many of us try so hard to tap into, we all have it but not all are able to access. You always produce the alternative, it is a fantastic thing to have in your life. If only I had a way of freeing myself up like you I know I would produce less stilted work, but it will come, as long as I practice and continue to plug away.

Regina Easter said...

awesome, fabulous, mind blowing all that good stuff girlie

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Stranded on a tropical oasis...that's what I say! Love all the balloons!

Lori said...

Just amazing! LOVE the forest in a spoon and of course, the sentiment is perfect for your creation. So fun to see all the "outside the box - do it all - nothing is wrong" inspiration! (By the way, I also LOVE the new word: vintalicious that you dropped!)

Marjorie said...

Wow! This is amazing Lisa, you have one fabulous imagination, and it all comes together so beautifully!! I love the forest on a spoon:)
Marjorie xx

butterfly said...

Wow... I would so love to sit in a corner of the craft room while you're creating (and I'd love to get a look inside your brain too!). What a glorious confection of colour, texture, movement and natural materials. The swagged book page, the twiggy ladder, the fabulous parasols - just a few of my personal highlights!
Alison xx

Marci said...

It looks so happy! Think I would like to live in your enchanted land.

Jeanne J. said...

I think your absolutely brilliant Lisa! You always astound me with your creations and this is another wonder to behold. I could stare for hours and still see something I missed. Love that close up with the little bicycle!!

Sandy said...

I truly admit without shame, this is the last thing I saw on your blog. And I thought to my self - what a wonderful world. Honestly - I said now what is this? Is it a plane, is it Superman? or is it a bird house. Oh I see now - the wicked witch of the West has captured two children and put them in a jar. They could ride home in their bike but how can they get out of the jar!!!
Lisa I can not get over all that you have done here -- my favorite part - I think it is the curtain but planting those tress in the spoon is pretty nifty. Did you include a little hammer so the kids can break the glass to go down the ladder? If only the bike had wings cause they are not going to ride that thing down that ladder! Wait - I think they belong to Cirque de Sole so they can get out!!!!!!!
Love you kid!!!!
sandy xx