Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Monochromatic Clay Mother's Day....

Hello, Hello, hellooooo!
Well, it's time to unveil the Technicolor Trio of Tempting Treats Project B,
 and here she is...
Remember I told you that my super duper Grandma is with me? Well here she is!!
"Say hello Grandma..."
Awww, she's shy. 
She's not really shy. She's just helping to show some of the materials that we used to create this project for my mom's Mother's  Day gift.

The trio decided on these 4 elements to be somewhere in our creations:
* Cheesecloth
* Monochromatic
* Domino
*Sculpey Clay

The Bold and The Beautiful was on at the time, so I had to set up the work station here in the living room so that I could be with Grandma while she got caught up on her show.  
So, here's  where the magic all happened. I'm kidding, I mean craziness!

The base is a silver candle holder I found at the thrift store for 25 cents and I've cut a cork coaster down to fit inside and then glued a piece of driftwood for the base.
Here's her little shoes. They started out black, but I decided that I wanted them to appear more like rocks as she's a nature fairy.
Here's the sculpey parts that include the birds, her hands, and her torso.
Her head and torso painted with Antique Linen Distress Inks
The monochromatic aspect was difficult for me as I did sneak in a little green in the grass and blue for the birds, but the essence of this fairy is variations of brown and nature tones.

Here are the stick legs that we used from the bundle Grandma was holding earlier. I loved the knobs and bumps that gave the appearance of joints in a leg.

Here I've added a slip under her sculpey torso.  I wanted her wooden skirt to stand out so I needed a solid division between the legs and the skirt, so this piece of material worked perfectly.
Now here you can see where I've made a ring of sticks to create the wooden dress that will second as a birdcage/perch.
I didn't forget the domino either! 
I snuck in underneath so that you could verify it really is a domino.
The second photo shows how I use the domino as a nest base.
Here she is basking in the sun....
Now you can see the back side of her head as well with her little crown of grass and sticks.
Thank you also to Mitra for those gorgeous leafs that worked perfectly for the fairy's wings!!!
The sweet little lovebirds all huddled together atop the domino.
Okay, take a second to look at her face and see if you notice anything unusual? LOL...other than this whole thing is unusual, is there anything ELSE you see that stands out?'s braided.
I's my hair!!!
My son and Grandmother had a hoot cutting that off of me.
 I'll be honest.  There was a pucker factor of 10 while that was happening.

I'm not sure if I find it endearing or just plain creepy, but I remember when my mom saved a lock of my baby hair; why not my aging hair?  

Now, let me explain the concave naval.  Since this is for my lovely mother, I wanted it to be from me and represent myself as well as her in this project.  My nickname since birth has always been Bird and so it seemed only fitting that a little baby bird nest in her stomach. 
Nature and all things in it, represent my mother and what she loves.
 Here she is sitting in a special place waiting for Mom to arrive on Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day. I'm very pleased with her, she's a patient little nature fairy.
So there you have it. My project B.
I hope you found some inspiration here and now it's time to send you on for more.
Also, for those celebrating, 
Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

I'm so excited to see what Sue and Mitra have done as well.
Thank you so sincerely for your visit and enjoy visiting the others.
Hugs n' Happy Crafting,
Lisa x


Tammy said...

Do you ever run out of ideas and creativity, each week your projects are more and more amazing and astonishing! Love all the loving references you used, your mother will love it!

Scrumplescrunch said...

Hello Q
What does one say...really I am lost for words, I knew you would create a quirky little piece for this Challenge and you have not let me down. She reminds me of Princess Rupunzel; a darker version,
I am loving it of course, very like you to make use of the domino in such a practical way! I do hope Mum likes it and the symbolic gesture on how it was created. Great work as usual.

Mary J said...

I am always in awe of your originality!! I wonder if you get it from your grandma? Your mum will love it!

Mitralee said...

OH MY GOODNESS YOU MADE A PERSON! REALLY FOR REAL out of CLAY! And a garden fairy no way! With a silver base ooooolaa! I love her wings! I a so happy we are doing this challenge! I wait impatiently for the magic hour to roll around! HUGS!

Marie-Louise said...

Lisa your project is totally amazing.

Chrissy said...

Well...she is not the prettiest of Fairies is she...but she is uniquely beautiful.Love the braid of hair...the little the branch with the nest and the textures and just plain cleverness of this project Lisa..I mean it is just fantastic girl..I really love it.


Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Love that you are dabbling in clay! She's fun, quirky, unique, and inspiring!!!

jasann said...

This is a lovely gift, and I am sure your mother will love it, thanks to for all the photos.

Pia S said...

FANTASTIC, Lisa! You've done it again, I can't find the words to tell you how much I like this doll!!!

Mitralee said...

for the record, still freaking out about this....

Sandy said...

Oh Lisa! What a wonderful imagination you have and the talent to carry out your vision. I know you grandmother had fun helping you with this. Your hair? Yikes!!! At least you are alive and well so it is not creepy at all. Wonderful project and Happy Mother's Day to you, your mother and your grandmother!!
Sandy xx

Karon said...

Done it again! Your creations are so unique and created from the heart and soul. You never cease to amaze me! Have a wonderful weekend.

butterfly said...

Okay - I have no words! Unbelievable, Lisa - so creative, so inventive, so magical - and a little bit crazy - but that's what makes art, no? She's simply glorious... I love all the natural elements, inspired wooden crinoline frame for the skirt, gorgeous skeleton leaf wings - love, love, love her!!
Alison xx
(Oh, and sorry to hear about the geese - eek!)

Unknown said...

Your imagination has no boundaries L2. Looks like you and your grandma had so much fun making this. :) Your fairy looks amazing and I love all of your step by step photos. Totally blown away! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!! xx

Jenny Marples said...

Just incredible Lisa! Your inventiveness knows no bounds (and even sacrificing your hair?!!!) Love those little shoes, the skirt frame, how you got round the tricky issue of hands and her tiara of twigs and moss. I'm sure this will be treasured. Jenny x

Regina Easter said...

hi grandma..........this really is quite SPECTACULAR

Shirley-Anne said...

Hello Lisa
Wow this is an amazing , original and clever piece of art . Fabulous coffee table centre piece and conversation starter.
Hugs Shirley-Anne

Lori said...

Loved reading how you created your nature fairy! She is unique and your Mom will love having her. (Can't wait to see your VOSP creation - you are waaaay ahead!!)

Tracy said...

I am just floored at the amount of thought you put into each part of her. This is so personalized for your mom. Heartfelt and lovely Twang. Hugs!

Margaret said...

Well, didn't you just put all of our mother's day gifts to shame! This is such a wonderfully personal gift and the fact that both Grandma and you worked on it makes it even more special! LOVE the sweet nests and all of the beautiful blue birds!