Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mother's Day Mason Jar Pocket Letter....

Hi there!!!
 Someone has put this month on fast forward because I cannot keep up!  If I figure out how to nail down time, I'll drop the hint here, but until then, take a deep breath and ride out this post with me...
Happy it's almost Mother's Day here in the U.S., next month, but like I said with the whole time spinning past me in a hurricane blur, it's better I get stuff done now.
This time around at The Cutting Cafe, we are showcasing the new and fabulous Clear Cardstock that Regina has here in her store.   The possibilities of  this product are truly endless, but I decided that I would make my first ever pocket letter.   I had a little (tons) of inspiration from a fellow DT and wonderful friend. See it here.

Here's the 'decorated side' and top section
The middle section....
The bottom section.
The great part about these decorations is that each image is its own shaker.  The recipient can remove them and place them in a baby book or a journal page or they can keep them right here in the protector, but I think it's just too much fun to have all the options.
All these shakers were made with the clear cardstock.
Now as per tradition, the objective with pocket letters is not only to have a theme, but to also come bearing gifts.  So, here are some of my gifts that I've included that are pre-made, handmade, bought, old, new, sparkly, pretty, and hopefully useful too.
All of this came to be just from making the very first mason jar ornament with clear cardstock from the Cutting Cafe Shop.  

All files used from The Cutting Cafe are as follows:
Cutting Cafe Crafting Supplies Store-
Clear Cardstock - Used to make shaker cards inside Mason Jars.
Cutting Cafe Cut File Store-
XOXO Word Shaped Card - Sign for the gift side
Mom Shaped Card Tops - Decoration for the gift side
Huge Cupcake - Decoration on the gift side
Sewing Machine Set - Spools used to hold Washi tape and Baker's Twine
Butterfly Treat Box Template - Used to layer for Decoration and Gift Side
Layered Stitched Hearts - Used hearts for shaker elements.
Garden Stand ups - Used tree and fence to decorate a silhouette image
Dress Shaped Card 2 - Used on Shaker card side

Big hugs and thank you so much for your visit.
Lisa xx

Monday, April 4, 2016

Assorted Card Fold Smash Book Birthday Card O' Love....

Before I inundate you with a boat load of photos, I just want to give you a BIG virtual hug and welcome you back to my blog!!  HUG (you) HUG...there we go.
Okay, let's get started with my sampling for this weeks' showcase of Assorted Card Folds Set 1 for the ever wonderful cut file and craft store, The Cutting Cafe.
I decided to cut out ALL the card fold styles and then bind them together to make a smash book birthday card for my husband's 45th birthday  Each of these style cards led to the most fun and wonderful project.  It's certainly a one of a kind birthday card filled with 13(our lucky #) reasons why I love him.   Here they are...
I looked all over the internet for the cutest pictures of little kids to print out that would go with my thought process. Each page is personalized with a sentiment I typed up, a number, some journaling, doodling, stickers, cut outs, words and a bunch of love!
When I saw this little boy I HAD to start the book/card with it.
One of my favorite quirks about him is that when I randomly and rhetorically say, "I wonder why...." At some point in the day he'll come back with an answer. He loves to google and research and then I don't have to wonder any more.  :)
My husband is a firefighter and served in the military for 22 years. 
Of all the things I know he's seen and done to help others, he truly is my brave, noble and kind hero.
Even though I hate wasting money on flowers that die...I love that he ignores me and buys them for me anyway.  The special deliveries when he was serving over seas were especially sweet and thoughtful.  

Even though some think he has a gruff and grumpy side (they would be right too...LOL) he is the most reasonable and rationale person I know. I love seeing the world through his eyes.  He's taught me so much just by sharing his thoughtful perspectives.  
He makes me smile EVERY day!
I think this goes without explaining, but...  
I shouldn't be around competitive sports; at least not in public!  I love how he encourages my love for sports and takes the kids out of the house when my teams are losing and I begin to 'lose' it. 
There hasn't been anything he can't solve or figure out who can.
         He's a HUGE car guy, so there's this one...
We're total foodies so this was one of my FAVORITE pages....
The look on this little boy's face is priceless!!! I swear that's just like my husband when he see's me eyeballing HIS plate. AND that little girl...LOL, isn't that adorable?  Look at her little fingers getting all ready to sample his food...I LOVE IT! That's so me!!
And lastly....
The sentiment is perfect!
"I wish I could turn back the clock.  I'd find you sooner and love you longer."
And here's the width of my smash book birthday card o' love.
Stop by and see more assorted card folds here and here if you'd like to make one of these for yourself!
Thank you SO much for being here!
Happy Crafting and have a wonderful day.
Lisa xx