Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year...

Bringing In 2012
I'll be lucky if I actually make it to midnight, but I'm going to give it my best shot.
Just incase I can't stay awake that long to send out copious emails and texts,
here's wishing you all a wonderful, happy, prosperous and safe new year!

In honor of this momentous event I've created this card to wish you all the very best!
I've used Bugaboo's cute JJ Tequila and Shoes - 5 o'clock and staged her to look circa 1920.
The image is a photo of New York's Time Square on New Year's Eve. 
Thought I'd color her in black and white to match the background with pops of red for color.
As for the sentiment, well....
I just love Phyllis Diller and her humor seemed fitting as we proceed closer to the New Year's toasts.
 Happy 2012!!!
The couch is calling me now, but I do wish you all a fabulous New Year!!
Hugs and Happy Stamping...
Lisa xx

Challenges I would like to enter:
Bugaboo Catch The Bug - Photo Inspiration Challenge
Crafts 4 Eternity - Use a Quote
Craft us Crazy - Humorous/New(New Year's Eve) Runs until Jan 18th

Please scroll down to see
challenge post :)

Toadily Into You...

CAS Masculine Valentine Card
Hello, hello, hello!!!
It's hard to believe that 2011 is over and this is the first challenge for 2012 at
I have had a fabulous time helping DT for this blog and I truly look forward to new and continued friendships and inspiration for this coming year.
To start January out right,
The Squirrel & The Fox is having yet another great challenge and the theme for this 2 week's challenge is....
With the ever generous Sponsor
Who is offering a $5 voucher to their store!

Thought I'd get an early start on flanking my husband with Valentine cards in the mail.  
This is a CAS, using this cute "Something New"  little frog image from Jen's Digi Stamps.

Hope this new year finds you all happy and well!
Also a very warm welcome to the new crafty and wonderful blog buddies who have recently began to follow.  Thank you VERY much! :)
Thank you for stopping in
Huge Hugs n' Happy Stamping...
Lisa xx

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Solitary Confinement...

Hanging Kitchen Plaque
I altered a $1 plaque from the Dollar Tree to make this sign for my kitchen.  
Figured a good laugh would give me the motivation to keep scrubbing.
I'm kidding, the rule in our house is whoever cooks, those that didn't, clean.  
But it will give the one stuck with KP duty a little chuckle.

I've made this for our new challenge at
which is...
So graciously sponsored by the following stores.

This is the last challenge for 2011. 
 We have some 
new changes 
going on over at 
Beginning January 3rd, all challenges will run for 
2 WEEKS!!!
This has been a wonderful year helping DT with these very talented and funny ladies and I can't wait to see what 2012 holds!!

Ok, back to my project. :)
Here is the 
backside of the plaque
Meet Crabby Cathy
You can find her image and the sentiment here at Bugaboo Digi Stamps.
The bg papers are from Stampin' Up! Domestic Goddess paper pack.
The utensils are internet images as well as the dishtowel.  
Crabby Cathy is colored in copics.

Hope you enjoy my altered kitchen art plaque and are inspired to show us your creative and wonderful 

So glad  you came by for a visit.
Hugs n' Happy Stamping....
Lisa xx

Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011 Mall Survivor...

Cheers to Recovery Time!
Here's my DT card for
Make It Monday

Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is finally over,
we can all sit back and relax and reflect on the wonderful blessings that we shared with our family and friends and take time to recoup for the upcoming 2012 shopping madness!
It will take me that long to gear up, I'm sure.
Well, that and a good bottle of wine.

Cheers to a Happy New Year to All!!

 To help bring in another fabulous challenge,
we have our wonderful Sponsor...
Who is offering the winner of #69 challenge a 
$10 Store Voucher in their store!!
Stop by, say hi, and enter your amazingly inspirational projects with us.  Be sure to leave some love for the hard working DT's and their gorgeous projects too.

Here is my choice for 
From Pritesh at 
This is completely AMAZING!!!
Thank you for SO much Christmas Cheer, Pritesh!!!
Absolutely WONDERFUL.
You'll be amazed at all the incredibly quilled projects she has!!

 Close-up and Sentiment
colored in Copics with my own designed sentiment typed on PC.

I truly hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas time together with memories full of love and laughter!
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your very kind comments. :)
YOU make my day!
Hugs n' Happy Stamping...
Lisa xx

Merry Christmas Wishes.....

Merry Christmas to you all!!

May peace and comfort surround you on this very special day.... 

Hugs and Fuzzy warm wishes to you...

Lisa xx

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

That which doesn't kill you....

 Makes a GREAT t-shirt!
I designed this shirt online's why...

(My Christmas gift to you all...
The gift of laughter, even at my own expense.)

My wonderful kids brought home some lovely germs last week from school and in their generosity and selflessness, decided to share their bounty with me. 
As much as I love when they share with me, this could have been overlooked and I would have been perfectly fine without it!  
Nevertheless, these crappy germs have found solace in my body and I'm not quite sure when they plan to depart.  
Seems this gift has soooo many wonderful side effects to it and cannot be experienced all at once, oh no....!  
Apparently, it's like an advent germ,
something new each and every day.

I'm stubborn and I try NOT to take medication, but this gift, that keeps on giving was really starting to get the best of me so I caved and decided to liquor myself up on NyQuil.

I haven't had a good nights sleep in several days and was beyond thrilled at the idea of 6 possibly 8 hours of solid uninterrupted sleep.
The coughing fits at night were just about to take their toll.  

So here I am, flannel pink penguin pajamas, fuzzy aloe purple socks, long cotton t-shirt, chest bathed in Vick's menthol cream, cough drop in mouth, all cuddled in to bed.
I set the sleep timer for 30 minutes on the TV, flip through some channels.  Find the travel channel and cozy into my pillow for a deep amazing sleep.  
The coughing starts...
Getting annoyed, I grab the remote to our bed,  yes, we spoiled ourselves with one of those massaging, elevating head and feet thingies; which I might add, DO come in handy when you're coughing and need to prop up a bit. 
No biggie, grab the remote, press the + button on the head, "mmmmmmmmm" elevation up, perfect! So, sooooo comfy.  Coughing ceases and the waves of over medicating start taking affect.  Sedation is kicking in, in....5,4,.....

Some time in the night, I vaguely remember hearing a familiar noise.  I'm not registering it as the phone, or the alarm clock or the sound of my kids, so....I disregard.  
Sweet, wonderful are so good to me.
Yet, that droning noise is still ever present and does not seem to be subsiding.  At this very moment I become vaguely aware of my mild discomfort.
I try with all my might to pry one eyeball open and that is when I realize,
OMG!!! I'm MOVING!!!
Damn NyQuil anyhow...
I'd fallen asleep with the bed remote and forgot to put it back on the nightstand!

At this point my forehead is rapidly preparing to introduce itself to my kneecaps and panic sets in as I "try" to roll over and hop out.  NOPE...not happening...
Stupid ergonomic technology with the foam cushion that "hugs" you while you sleep...
Hug? My pink fuzzy penguin flannel butt, hug!
My bed is trying to kill me.
Just then my hand makes contact with a remote control and I think I've found my salvation; which is a terrific thing, because my ankles are now in a place that they haven't been in in 20 years,  when I realize it's only the TV controller and I fling it across the bed and hear this...
I've just thrown the TV remote directly at the bed remote causing the bed remote to fly off the bed  and has just hit the floor!
This couldn't get more fantastic.  
At this point, I realize that the situation has turned to kill or be killed.  I can either fight or  kiss my butt goodbye; literally, because at that moment I had a pretty good view of it!
When suddenly, the aggravating hum of the plush iron maiden torture device stopped!
I managed a few Matrix moves and something I'd seen at the circus where the people swing acrobatically in the air on thin strips of material and wa-la!
I'm here to tell the story....
Moral of the story....
(I'll leave that to you to decide!)

I even thought I should write to Sesame Street and pitch this idea for their show...
"Today's Letter ,U, is brought to you by Tempur-Pedic!"

Merry, Merry Christmas EVERYONE and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Hugs and Happy Stamping!
Lisa xx

One Quick card to share that I made for my In-laws Anniversary...

Have a great one!!

A Creature Was Stirring...

Bigsby Gets a Present
Totally amazing entries in last weeks "Gift" challenge!
There were so many wonderful ideas that inspired me for presents next Christmas.  If I plan my time better and start early, I might not be in a rush like this year, but, knowing me, I'll be in frenzy mode, par usual. :)  
If you still need to crank out just a few more holiday cards, or you forgot the card to the post person & sanitation pick up crew, there's still time!  
Because at 
we're having another 
Anything Goes Christmas Challenge!
The stellar Sponsors are providing this...
A Fabby Book
As well as...
3 Digis of the winner's choice!

Even if you're already finished making cards,
earn bragging rights that you've already started 2012's cards!
Be sure to check out the DT's droolable cards and projects and see my tutorial for making
 this log cabin milk carton ornament!
Hope to see you there at 
Here's my card
This little critter is Bigsby, colored in Copics, from Karen's Doodles.
I think he's so cute, he can hold his own in a CAS Christmas card.
I typed the sentiment on my PC 
and printed out the cheese and wrapped a ribbon around it.
I'm never too sure about CAS cards, but I think I'm likin' the outcome of this one.

Hugs n' Happy Stamping....
Lisa xx

Challenges I'd love to enter:

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mystical Magical Wonderland Birdhouse....

Stained Glass Fairy Flitting on Her Abode
(Sorry it's a long post, but this one took flight....some pun intended)
This was a BLAST to create!

Altered Image of Original Silhouette

I am so honored to have won at
and my prize is...
to Guest Design for this challenge!!!
So, thank you to the very sweet and talented ladies for allowing me 
to craft with you!

Today's Challenge is...

The amazing Sponsor for this challenge is

Be sure to click on the 
Paper Creations Ink Icon 
to go directly to the challenge
and see the entry rules.
You won't be disappointed!

Once I so graciously received the image and paper samples to use for this project, I immediately went to my Summer Template Pack and got out the birdhouse and made this in black cardstock.  Placed a roof on top from my scrap bin.  Then I moved along to the image.
The silhouette is called 
and I really wanted her to stand out.
So for my "Something Old," I used one of my favorite old techniques.   I printed her out on clear acetate paper, cut out the design, flipped it over and highlighted her with a range of blues and mild yellows in Copics.  Once finished, I cut a square of aluminum foil and crumpled it up and then flattened it back out and adhered it to the back of the image.  Flipped it back over and now she looked beautifully stained glass.

When I went to figure out where she was going to go on the house, I realized she was waaaay to big to place anywhere in the front, so I knew I would mount her on the roof, sort of flitting on the roof of her home.

I printed out the gorgeous winter papers, also supplied from Floppy Latte's and tore strips of each of them as well as a few papers from my stash, to make the 'shingles' on the roof.
I cut a slit in the roof and secured the fairy in position.
From here, I placed glue ALL over the roof and sides of the house and went completely nuts with glitter. I will be digesting it for months to come!

I then took small strips of vellum and secured them to the roof as well, punched out snowflakes from more of the sponsor's papers and taped them to the strips of vellum for a "falling snow" appearance.

I added a ledge under the window, a frame around the window and some faux moss to bring more nature into the project.

For my "Something New," I used some feathers that my Grandmother gave me over Thanksgiving and thought, 'Well, birdhouse? Makes sense!"  So I placed a few on or around the window and then decided that if it is the fairy's home, she should have feathers too.  So, I cut little slats where the original printed image of her wings were and slid in a few feathers to substitute.

Phew.....if you made it all the way down here, 
I'm done now! 

CRUD...I'm not done...
I thought it was adorable, but had no idea what I'd do with it.
I took a break and came back to it.
Here's what I came up with...


I'd just like to say thank you again for this wonderful opportunity and 
THANK YOU for all of you who encourage me on a daily basis.
I truly enjoy the interaction and the inspirational "fix" that I get from all of you!

Go check out 
and have a BLAST with this challenge.

Hugs and Happy Stamping!
Lisa xx

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ceremony of Lights

Vintage Children Celebrate
Time again for another wonderful linky party at
With our generous Sponsor
With the prize of a  £10 voucher to the winner!
 Be sure to check and see if you are the lucky winner from last week's challenge!
And enjoy the various inspiration that the talented DT's have provided for you.
Here is my choice for
I absolutely LOVE the clean and simple appeal of this card and yet it's also very elegant!
The perfect combination of fun and beauty for a completely festive Christmas Card!
Thank you SO much for your beautiful entry, Peggy!
If you'd like to see this card up close,
visit her blog...

Here is my card
I'm using a new image from the Nicecrane Designs 

They are colored in golden and cream hues of Copics and highlighted with some white glitter.

Nicecrane Designs is also have a HUGE sale!
50% OFF Entire Order
Be sure to grab this promo code!
 Tree Lighting Ceremony
The tree was stamped in Versamark and then gold embossed.
Copics were then used to highlight the trees colors, keeping with gold, cream and white.
White dimensional glue was added for snow and Buttercup Liquid Pearls for the baubles.
The embellishments are flowers made from golden tulle wrapped around a thin wire and twisted and the leaves are embellished with white dimensional writer as well.
I added the ticket, which came in a vintage Visions of Sugarplums blog candy that I recently won from
 Lori Hairston (Thank you, LORI!)
 and it worked perfectly as their pass to the tree lighting celebration!  
Well, that' it for me on this card.
I hope everyone is doing well and getting all ready for the holiday season.
I was freaking out a bit with the preparations, but I'm pleased to say that within 3 days, I was able to start and finish all my shopping (even stocking stuffers), made 11 gift card holders, wrapped all the presents, mailed out all the cards and finished the baking and caught a lovely cold from my daughter!
I'm so ready for a holiday break!

Here's a few pictures of the gift card holders and presents that I wrapped. 
I recycled this year and used brown grocery bags and tore apart 2 bundles of tree ornaments from the Dollar Tree.  
I went with a country-cozy theme this year.
Stocking Gift Card Holders

 Gift Cards and Advent Milk Cartons

Paper lunch sack gift

Thanks so much for stopping in...
be sure and grab some hot cocoa and cookies on the table before you leave
and don't forget to stop into
for another amazing linky party!

Hugs n' Happy stamping...
Lisa xx

Challenges I would REALLY love to enter are:
The Outlawz - Copic/Promarker Challenge (Celebration)
Color Me Creative - #33 Holiday Joy (Gold, Cream & White Copics)
Delicious Doodles - #8 Extravagant Christmas (Embellishments galore)
Prairie Fairy Fridays - #68 Holly Jolly Christmas (No Red or Green)