Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Age...It's Only a Number!

Hello to you!
It's a special day today over at Top Tip Tuesday and it's all about Numbers!

So what could be more fun than a sarcastic ol' biddy on top of  a birthday cake making wisecracks about your age? To ease the pain, there's also a removable base to the cake that contains 20 little reasons to celebrate!
Bugaboo, with the ever fabulous images, so kindly let me use Stella Birthday- 29 Again.  I'm afraid she might be a tad too old to be jumping out of cakes anymore, but she's perfect for a topper. 
 The beautiful white roses are also from another sponsor Shape EZ, called Tipped Scallop Flower. 
The birthday cake itself is a Silhouette file and the since we share TIPS at Top Tip Tuesday, my tip for the day is how to make fun 3D icing. By mixing Snow-Tex with acrylic paint, I was able to make the blue icing seen here.

So stop on by and show us your Numbers and while you're there, you'll love seeing the creative endeavors of my teammates!  
Speaking of numbers, time to go balance the ol' checkbook....ICK!

Thanks so much for your visit and happy crafting to you.
Lisa xx

Monday, May 27, 2013

Seek and Ye Shall Find...

Wowwee WOW is all I have to say about the newest release at The Cutting Cafe
Regina has done it again and created this adorable View Finder Reel cut file that comes with all kinds of goodies.
I wanted to go a little Art Deco on this card with Antique Linen inking, funky stitching, vintage rub on reel center, deco frame, flourish and border and lastly regal papers.
It's cute isn't it? I know you're pining to get over to The Cutting Cafe and check it out for yourself, PLUS...Regina is having a HUGE Memorial Day Sale!!  


 Thank you SO much for your visit. You are TRULY appreciated!
Hugs n' Happy Crafting,
Lisa x

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Energy Drink Inspiration....

Welcome back again to the inspirational journey of Quirks and Onion. If you remember, last week I posted a fork project that was the outcome of a group motivational process, well, WOW, has this trek ever been uplifting!  As promised, we have challenged each other again this week, BUT...there's even MORE good news.  Another amazingly talented bloggy buddy of ours has joined in the fun!  Welcome aboard to Mitra from Mitralee!!!  We don't yet have a nickname for her, but the wheels are turning, so beware of future postings from Onion, Quirks, and (to be decided!)

This week's personal challenge to ourselves was to use...
Here is my transformed Monster Java can that I've painted in Gesso.  In front of it is another recycled can that will later become the butterflies.  It also doubled as the evil nemesis to the tip of my pointer finger. No worries, the Mickey Mouse bandaid saved the day!
Once Gesso dried, a covering of Clear Crackle was added and then TH Distress paints of Broken China and Salty Ocean were then applied.
Recycled tin can butterflies using the SU! Embosslits Beautiful Wings
This sentiment comes from the Silhouette online studio and I found it to be very poignant.
Unfortunately I tore up the A in "that", so I had to substitute the wording with the TH Idea-ology Alpha Parts Newsprint.
To support the sentiment I used the butterflies as representation.  You'll notice the intentional puncture wound in the side of the can. I wanted it to represent the idea that they evolved and became intricate and beautiful; distinctly different from their initial state of silvery metal. You'll see the same concept in the drinking hole on the top of the can.
Here's a little shot of flowers and back of the can.
The flowers are also a cut file from the Silhouette Studio and the centers spritzed with Dylusions Bubblegum Pink Ink Spray
Sure, I could have just sent these little cans on to be recycled and they would have become something else; probably useful, somewhere else, but for me....they serve as a wonderful little quirky element sitting on my desk that makes me smile and reminds me daily to do just what it says. :)

Please stop on over to see what my friend's Sue and Mitra have in store...
I CANNOT WAIT to see them!!!

Thanks so much for your visit. I hope I've left you with a smile.
Hugs n' Happy Crafting...
Lisa xx
Until next week....OH boy, it's a good one too!

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Meta'fork'ally Speaking?!?

Hello you wonderful crafty people! 
Today's post is a test of your creative minds and keen interpretation of art, as I may use the term, art, loosely. ;)
For quite some time, as I think it happens to us all, I was in a creative slump.  Sure, I could make stuff and plop it together, but my heart and soul weren't necessarily on fire when creating them. I was in the ever horrid rut. My muse was suffocated and my nails were way too clean for my liking. I needed a desperate kick in the pants.
Another fabulous bloggy friend of mine, Susan Butler at Scrumplescrunch had posted this fabulous make and while reading her words, I could sense she was paddling in a similar boat as I. Apparently, we were each equipped with a solitary oar and the repetitious circles we were traveling in had us going bonkers.  
Now for those of you haven't met Susan (Sue) yet, I affectionately nicknamed her Onion. When you look at her work, you'll understand why. She constantly strives to challenge herself and think outside of the box.  Her style is very shabby chic, but with all of her work, you'll see where she forces herself to venture outside her comfort zone and try something new; exposing yet another new layer to her creative repertoire; hence...Onion. :)
So, long story short....I threw out a suggestion to her that we should challenge each other to a make. Her idea mixed with my idea and see what we come up with. It felt like two seconds passed when she replied with a resounding summary of 'on board!' 
Here's the gist...
Sue picked "COLORS" As many as you like with a minimum of three.  
and I 'Quirks' (her nickname for me...) chose...ready for it? FORK!! (giggle).
I have had the oddest obsession with forks lately and I just had to see what we could do with this combination.
Here's the journey....
Nearly 8 months in my garage, sat this trio of frames that I purchased at a Thrift Store for $5.00.   
Notice the ever lovely orange felt like material that was ghastly old and well, in my opinion...horrid looking.
I took to parting the frame and then sprayed it with white paint. NOTE *Nasty orange vintage horrid material repels paint.* It would NOT play nice and no matter my attempts, refused to budge.  
See next picture.....
I fixed that wagon. Tore that crap right off!
Gesso, Crackle and white craft ink made the country vintage, eclectic look I was going for.

Original state of the frame.

And here is my up-cycled refurbished frame and art work...
with COLORS!
The fork was covered with Gesso and then TH Distress Paints were painted on in the fashion of
 'Roy G. Biv,' for those of you who learned this rhyming name for the colors of the rainbow.
So there you have it! Possibly the most odd creation I've ever made, but to me it speaks volumes.  It's intended to be interpretative.  I highly doubt it's worth millions, but who knows, after I'm dead, it could make me famous! ;)  The biggest compliment was that my kids love it and my daughter wants it in her room!

Anywho...the deeper meaning for me is that this piece of work is to remind me to let art 'feed' my soul.  To see it everywhere and in everything and find the beauty all around me; even in orange nasty old vintage material..okay, maybe eventually, but not just yet. ;)
I'd love to know your thoughts on this 'quirky' venture and don't forget to hop over to Onion's blog and see what she created using this criteria. She didn't even give me a sneak peek, so I can't wait to see myself!

Side note, we've also decided to keep this up and create something on a regular basis. I found this experience to be most refreshing and I'm happy to report that my muse and I are on speaking terms again. 
Thanks so much Onion for the kick in the pants!

So much I appreciate your visit and your time, you are TRULY appreciated.
May the muse be with you!
Lisa xx

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baby Booties in a Bassinet Box

Hello, hello, hello....
We're having such a fun challenge over at Top Tip Tuesday this go around and it's all about Clever Boxes!  What I failed to see was the 'b' and nearly posted a project of clever foxes ;)  Sorry, there won't be any Dr. Seuss rhyming going on here today, but  I did manage to come up with a nifty post jingle and what I hope you find as a creative box idea for a baby shower.
These little cuties are my 4th try at designing miniature crochet booties. I gave up after trying to follow a few patterns on Pinterest, so this is my attempt. The other three that didn't make the photo op have been jokingly labeled egg hammocks.  We figured if bananas are good enough for one, why not eggs? 

To design the box base I needed a crib and so with my Silhouette, I cut out a crib, mattress, and two gates.

Bundled Sage DI paint was applied to the front and back of crib.

White embossed gates made to look as close to wrought iron and then glued to crib.
4 strips of thin wire were attached to inside corners of the crib and made to join center top.
Wires were then painted with Bundled Sage DI paint.
Since a box, by definition, is described as having 5 sides, square or rectangle and containing a lid, I wanted to create the canopy or 'lid' for the crib.  4 sheets of white tulle were gathered on two sides and joined at the  top to sit on atop the wire.
The tulle was gently glued to the legs at the bottom of the crib to stay in place, but the canopy can be pulled down in order to place the booties onto the mattress and then replaced.
A sheer bow and sheer bow flower added for a clean and simple decoration.
Like sheer flowers were then sewn to the tips of the booties and each shoe was gathered by a strip of sheer ribbon, at the back, to keep them together as a miniature keepsake gift set.
The crib measures 3"x 2"x 5" and each bootie measure 2" x 1.25"x 1.5"

So what do you think? 
Would this qualify as a clever box to you?
Hope you enjoyed my suggestion for a cute baby shower idea and I thank you so much for popping in to say hello :)
Hugs n' Happy Crafting,
Lisa xx

And remember....
Clever Box

Providing the wonderful prize of 4 images per winner's choice!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Got Coffee?

Love coffee? Got Coffee? Need a little crafty coffee fix? 
Then The Cutting Cafe is the place to be because Regina has designed these wonderfully fun and versatile coffee template and cut files!

This coffee holder is perfect for a gift and if you cut two of the box shapes out, you can make it a double holder with a handle. I opted for just a single coffee cup holder here.

There's even a card file that comes with this that contains an inside pocket for a gift card or money.

How fun is this?  Too fun!
The files I used to make these items were:

Thanks so much for stopping in for a visit!
Hugs n' Happy Crafting,
Lisa xx

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday Giggle....

Children's Sermon 

A Baptist pastor was presenting a children's sermon. During the 
sermon, he asked the children if they knew what the resurrection was. 
Now, asking questions during children's sermons is crucial, but at the 
same time, asking children questions in front of a congregation can 
also be very dangerous. 

Having asked the children if they knew the meaning of the 
resurrection, a little boy raised his hand........ 

The pastor called on him and the little boy said, "I know that if you have a resurrection 
that lasts for more than four hours you are supposed to call the doctor." 

It took over ten minutes for the congregation to settle down enough for the service to continue.

It's another rainy day here, so I thought I'd post up a funny email I received yesterday to brighten the day.
A little card I did too. :)
Hugs n' Happy Stamping,
Lisa xx

Monday, May 6, 2013

Retro Apron Strings....

It's going to be bitter sweet this Mother's Day as our son graduates this Sunday, but I'm keeping my big girl pants on and trying to hold it together!  
So it's no wonder that I appropriately chose this adorable cut file from The Cutting Cafe, complete with apron strings, for Mother's Day cards this year.  
Do you like the retro feel to them?
 I thought some eclectic patterns and colors would really be fun together. 
Grandma, I know you check my blog daily....so act surprised when you get this card!!! :)
You too, Mom!!! ;)
The file I used to make these cards is :

If I don't talk to you before, Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Mommies out there!
Hugs n' Happy Crafting and thank you so much for your visit :)
Lisa xx