Monday, March 23, 2015

I Love Me Some M&M's.....

Hello! Hello! Hello!
I wanted to try making something for the current challenge @ Mixed Media Place where the theme is Typography.
We had this frame laying around that needed to be recycled and so I set about creating a faux canvas for the base using cardboard, brown paper wrap for backing and adhesive printable canvas sheets.
Here it is ready to start...
Since the theme is Typography, I used my silhouette machine to cut out a collage of M's. I would use the negative as a stencil and the positive as standouts to decorate.  I also tore out pages in the dictionary under the letter M.
Applying the dictionary pages with Mod Podge in a torn random pattern.
Then came the modeling paste.
Once dried, I outlined each pasted M with a distress ink marker to individualize them. 
When that dried, a light coating of watered down gesso was then painted over the top of  it all.
Instead of using cardstock for 'wordy' labels, I decided to stamp onto this material that I found in a flea market.
Handmade flowers, flourishes, and assorted frames and M's of various textures and types, along with "M" words for the wall hanging.
Some stamping, washi tape, wooden arrows and a little fraying....
Bottle cap mom, buttons and more arrows.
flowers and bling and more distress inking.
And there you have it!
Thank you so much for your visit.
Hope you enjoyed this and can join along in their challenge. The DT samples are mind blowing!
Hugs and Happy Crafting,
Lisa x

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Barbara Streisand Easter Basket....

If you read the post title, you're probably thinking, "What???" or If you're much younger than me, you're probably saying, "Who?" Well, regardless, it was her AND her song that got stuck in my head while creating this cute little Easter Basket from The Cutting Cafe.  
"Misty water-colored memories of the way we were...."  

Only because I decided to water color with the Distress Markers to decorate the eggs, do I, two days later, still have this song stuck in my head, and now so do you.  You're welcome or sorry; either one. 
Thank you so much for the wonderful visit.
Hugs and Happy Crafting to you,
Lisa x

The Cutting Cafe

Monday, March 9, 2015

I'll Do It For Bacon.....

Hi there and welcome back!
When I ran across this little silver piggy bank for one dollar, I couldn't quite refuse. I figured he'd come in handy for something.  Little did I know he'd become a motivational speaker!
I lathered this little hog up in gesso and got to work covering him with sheet music.
Random and various shape stamps (hexagon, dots and splatters) were covered in Versamark, then stamped to his 'hide' and covered in clear embossing powder. 
Now that I think of it, it makes him look like he's working up a sweat flying...and reasonably so!
Then Old Paper DI was applied for aging.  
After I finished making the bifocals for his face, I realized the uncanny similarity between my bit o' flying bacon and this guy from Banshee. 
Here are the stamped wings that I made and then overlaid another sentiment stamp in white.
"Spread your wings and fly"
Perfect sentiment for a pig on the go...
This is one of the TH Custom Fasteners or 'brads' that I used as a button for his bowtie and those are his washi tape covered hooves.
Because that is a lucky number in our home....
Trying out the new remnant rubs that were travel and ticket related 
as he's obviously 'in flight'.
And now, I have no excuse to delay anything I was avoiding or putting aside for another day, because... 
he flew!
Oops....I almost forgot. At the last minute I realized his face was still kind of bland so I cut a piece of  cardstock and made him some black bangs. LOL!
This will sit in my studio and keep me inspired and motivated.
I hope you like him too.
This little buddy of mine was designed specifically for these three challenges that I would like to enter:
1.) Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge - B is for ( all my B's are highlighted in the post)
2.) The Mirror Crack'd - Wings (no cards allowed)
3.) Mixed Media Monthly Challenge - Birds of a Feather (So inspired by the incredible textures and sentiments)

Thank you so much for your visit.
Big hugs and Happy Crafting to you,
Lisa x

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Keep Calm and Shamrock On...

Top of the mornin' to ya, ye lovely people!
It's a celebration of green over at The Cutting Cafe and so I thought it apropos to make a project that encompassed all my favorite St. Patrick's Day elements. 
My husband's birthday is on the 18th so we celebrate essentially 2 days in a row.
There is the traditional green shake from McDonald's; which is why I thought the fry box was perfect.  Secondly; there is the color green, and in our home, if you aren't wearing an article of clothing that contains green, you WILL have the crap pinched out of you.  Thirdly, there's the clovers which just bring good luck and lastly, there are gold nuggets (Reese's Pieces) and Peppermint Patties ('Cause well, it sounds fitting for the holiday) with sentiments of luck that will be eaten right after the yearly meal of Corned Beef and cabbage.....YUM!
Come over and visit for your holiday and every day needs at
Thanks so much for your visit and
Hugs and Happy Crafting,
Lisa x