Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Aspartame and Tuna Cans Birdhouse....

Oh boy have I missed you!
Remember how I said I lost my voice? Well, seems coughing up a lung causes one to be exhausted and I spent an entire week just sleeping; however, I am back up and running.
I'm sooooooo excited to tell you that we (The Technicolor Trio of Tempting Treats; yes, that's our moniker) are together again this year to showcase several projects we've challenged each other to make.
So, without further adieu, I present you with my project A.

Aspartame and Tuna Cans Birdhouse
We (Sue - Onion and Mitra - Mitza Pitza and myself Quirks) all pitched in a total of 24 ideas. We grouped the ideas into sets of 4 that will total 6 projects all together.

Here's what I started out with.
Project A entailed 4 details:

 *Ways to use numbers and letters
* Spoons
*Ruler art
Glued and Gesso'd
The spoons were cut and glued to the can. 
 My attempt at making an inverted pine cone structure with them.
The little house needed to be sturdy with bricks, so metal embossed tape it is.
The process completed and painted with Distress Inks

While the painting, gluing, and designing was going on, I popped 2 clay sculpey birds in the oven to bake until I could paint them and rest them in their new home.

Using numbers and letters. I devised their address as being "established 2014"

All little houses need little windows to look out of.

Here they are again all ready to hang by their ruler hoop.
Just need to figure out the very best place for it.

So there you have it. 3 friends, 4 elements and all kinds of fun!
Now I know you want to pop over to Onion and Mitza's blogs to see what they came up with, so I'll let you go now, but THANK YOU SOOOO much for your visit and now that I am feeling human again, I cannot wait to visit you too.
Biggest of hugs to you and Happy Crafting,
Lisa xx

Saturday, April 19, 2014

This, That, Grad and No More Snot Rag....

Hello, Hello, Hello and Happy almost Easter!
Just wanted to pop a few cards up that I've made over the last 2 days. It's a compilation of several themes, but thought some of them might be inspiring if you're in need of some more ideas.

Here is my commissioned card for a 65th Anniversary.
Another commissioned card for a 50th.
Gold Anniversary

You're Sweet
I'm not that brave at making sympathy cards because I never know if they should be bland or over the top pretty... but here's what I came up with.
Sympathy  Card
I just read the musical paper and not sure what corn and beans have to do with sending sympathy, but....

Also, while my voice was out, the Hubster and I celebrated our anniversary and he got a nice QUIET day (he says 'best gift ever' ) and this card! 

Also, have several graduation ceremonies getting ready to take place for my friends, so I thought of this idea as the money holder for my good friend's son.

Graduation Money Holder
The base is a 3D graduation cap box and I've covered the bottom in Washi key tape. The top is a 3D hot air balloon that is attached with wire down through the lid of the hat. The graduate is holding on to the balloon and going forward.  A homemade tassel, year, and Dr. Seuss sentiment added.  
When you grab the balloon and pull, it pulls the lid off the hat and the 'green' gift will be inside.  
Centerpiece, keepsake and gift all in one.

Well, it's time to go take more Mucinex (I'm feeling SO MUCH better now) and I'll be back later with a fun group project announcement.
Hope you all are doing well and thank you so much for stopping by to visit me.
HUGE hugs and happy crafting,
Lisa xx

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Red Cross, Laryngitis, and Santa's Landing Pad...

Hi, Hello, Howdy!
It's now day 4 that I'm experiencing total loss of my voice.
 Spring has sprung and something came in like a lion and out like a lamb or in like a lamb and out like a lion; well, whatever it was, it went out with my voice. My favorite tag phrase has been, "I'm only gonna whisper this once!"  It's horrible when you try so hard to squeak out a sentence and all you get is, "What?" I hate repeating myself, but the family is having fun calling me the new Godfather with my scratchy barely audible attempts at communicating. All I need is a cat and a swivel chair and I think I could give Marlon Brando a run for his money!
OH..before that, our town was declared a state of emergency and Red Cross came in to help with the flooding!  It's been so fun, I tell ya. 

Well, so... before all that, I made this very VERY fun and cool Configuration Box from the latest cut file from The Cutting Cafe!
The concept is going to be Santa sitting in his configuration box airplane as he's just landed and dispersed the presents and toys below.  Thought it would make a cute vintage centerpiece at Christmas. 
I'm just sorry that I don't have it completed, but I promise to share the photographs when it's all done!
Regina has created the best configuration layouts and diagrams for easiest assembly.  The airplane was created by joining two of the boxes together and then I used my cutting machine to design the wings accordingly in size and add on plane like embellishments.

We'd love for you to stop by the Cutting Cafe blog and leave a comment.  Each week Regina randomly selects a person to win 3 cut files from her store, just for stopping in and leaving a message!
Thanks SO much for your visit and now that I'm feeling up to par, I will be around to visit you all soon!
HUGE Hugs and Happy Crafting,
Lisa xx

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Updated Frame...

Hello and welcome back!
I get the feeling that Regina never sleeps over at The Cutting Cafe, because she is constantly revealing new items in her shop!
 Here's the set I've decided to use titled,
Bible Easter Verses, inside a re-purposed frame I'd made earlier here.

You'll find this and many more wonderful Easter files at 

Hugs and Happy Crafting,
Lisa x