Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Recycled DIY Home Decor....

I had this weird idea.  Ready?
Rather than just spend countless hours pinning ideas on Pinterest...I'm actually gonna DO some of them! 
I know...wth...right? 
The filled cabinet up above actually has had doors but they only served to get in my way, so instead, they became picture frames.
Using my silhouette cutting machine, I designed the font styles and sizes and then adhered the vinyl letters to the wall.
I've since removed the side flourishes...that was completely experimental and they didn't make the cut, but the vinyl saying inside did.
There you have it..
1 pin down and 3,999 to go!

Hugs and Happy Doing Stuff...
Lisa x

Cute As a Button and They Live in a Shoe....

Buttons and Shoes, buttons and shoes, what to do with buttons and shoes?? Well, if they are icky old brown buttons, you can make these fabby little button holders using the latest
 Vintage Children Book Covers from Nicecrane Designs
Here is how the holders came to be....
Then the transformation of the buttons....                                                  

I could have kept going with the buttons, but I couldn't wait to get coloring these wonderful little bears from Ignacio's shop called, Easter Teddy Bears.
And they live in shoe. A vintage pink baby shoe....
Happy as can be and ready for Easter!
Again, all these adorable images can be found @
Thank you so much for your visit.
Hugs and Happy Crafting,
Lisa x

Friday, February 20, 2015

Fun With Dress Forms..

I thought I knew, but then I realized I had no idea, but I found out quickly; when I tried, that I had absolutely zero idea HOW much fun I would have working with these, but now I know; without a doubt,  I LOVE these dress forms!!!  
Here is how they started out. 
Various DP selected to decorate...a girl likes choices! 
and BAM....it's retro glam meets Grammy night.  
A design fit for the Gaga herself or even Ms. Perry 
I also decided on a little cleavage as well...
So maybe outlandish isn't your style? Would one of these strike your fancy?  
The possibilities, I have found, are truly, truly endless.  I felt I had so much freedom to create and design, it constituted wings for some of them too.
Sentiments are included with this set as well.

Excited yet??? 
I know! They are so much fun and addicting....
Run right over to
The Cutting Cafe and get you some. :)
Ya'll are the best!
Thanks so much for your visit.
Hugs n' Happy Crafting,
Lisa xx

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Pink Paradise of Flowery Love Sketch....

Oh my goodness, that's a title and a half, but it sums up my day making this card to meet 5 challenges.  I hope you like it.  It's sort of different for me...
Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge is all about A Piece of Paradise and creating a project that depicts where you find your bliss.  *WARNING - I'm gonna get sappy* My bliss is when I get to cuddle with my husband.  I think it stems from the fact that after years of him being deployed for long periods of time in the military, I finally get to keep him home and hold him and that makes me very happy!  So, for fun, I decided to do a play on their challenge title and make the base into puzzle pieces.
Creating the mixed media substrate with Distress Ink Paints, marker, texture paste and stencils, all mostly in pink because another challenge happening over at Mixed Media Monthly is all about Thinking Pink!  Each layer from the bottom to the top contains some specific elements of pink so that the theme resonates throughout.  
The next layer needed to be flowers. Not just any flowers, but handmade flowers.  This wonderful challenge is for Frilly and Funkie Challenge Blog where the theme is Winter Blooms.
Below you can see how I store my handmade flowers for such an occasion.  
Since the flowers were already waiting for me to use, I thought I'd pair them up with some fun little handmade leaves made from Washi tapes and later painted with Distress Paint.
Now, I really needed to pull the Piece of Paradise challenge from Simon Says together with another challenge at Mixed Media Card Challenge where the theme is Love.  So here's a fabulous mushy sentiment and a big red heart.  

                                                             Another close-up of the flower that has been coated in crackle glaze and the Washi taped leaves.   The placement of these items also met the criteria of another challenge at Cardabilities where they are showcasing this fabulous 117th sketch

And here is the final outcome....
My sappy little Pink Paradise of Flowery Love Sketched card to my hubby that says,
'You Complete Me'
Hugs and Happy Crafting to ya'll and thank you so much for your visit.
Lisa x

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Joyous Day of Gratitude....

Or, Happy Valentine's Day!
I made this to meet the criteria of a few challenges for the February holiday.
I followed, for the first time, the wonderful picture tutorial for the 12 Tags of 2015- February
Holy smokes! I had no idea he'd been cranking out tags for that many years...cripes.  I'm a bit behind, but hey...better late than never.  
Here's my gathering of stuff for that challenge....
Continuing to follow his techniques...
Wanted this little vintage boy on here to accentuate what is loved on this card; which is....
A play on words for "Eye Love You..."
 And a side glance from this little cutie!
I also selected the ephemera based on the current challenge happening over at Simon's Monday challenge where I got to pull my favorite Valentine colors together of Pink, Red, tans and rustic white as the balancing neutrals.  Also, but not least, I couldn't wait to join in another Craft Hoarder's Anonymous challenge where you have to include the world LOVE.  
And because I never know what to do with tags, I decided I would make a card base for this and now it makes me very happy!
Hugs and Happy Crafting,
Lisa xx

Friday, February 13, 2015

Clothing Optional.... (a DIY tutorial)

Yes, you read that right. Clothing is completely optional when it comes to this project.
 So take those pants off and let's get to work!
Actually, it's kinda cold here and we're expecting snow, so I'm gonna leave mine on, So, go ahead and stay warm, but grab that old pair you've been holding on to that you want to recycle because we're going to make gift baskets!
I made both of these yesterday in about 2 hours. 
Super simple, super easy and super fun!
Here are a couple examples of uses you could use these for....but oh the possibilities.
Directions to assemble:
It doesn't take much material, so I estimate you could make 3 baskets just out of one leg.
1.) Cut desired length
2.) Turning inside out, sew up one end shut to form the base
3.) Turning right side out, begin the decorating process.
I decided to sew on a measuring tape for a Crafty Basket, but it would work great for Father's Day too!
I've cut off belt loops and added them to the top as well as buttons and pockets; it's whatever you want to use.
4.) Next add Mod Podge Stiffy-Fabric Stiffener (found mine at Walmart in the paint section)
Simply poured it over the material (only on the outside) and used a sponge brush to rub it in.  
5.) Using a heat tool I applied heat to quicken drying and hardening; making sure to shape jeans into a basket shape of sorts.
These stiffen really quickly and hold desired shape perfectly!
Here you see I've added floral foam in the bottom to hold elements for the gift basket.
And here is the other that I made.
6.) Simply add a tag and some goodies and viola, you have a recycled and useful gift.
Or you can fill them up with fun stuff just for you!
Hope you've enjoyed this idea and will give it a go yourself. I'd love to see your ideas if you do.
Hugs to you all and have a wonderful weekend!
Lisa x