Friday, November 4, 2011

Stamper's Quest Sneak Peek

The holidays are nearing us and over at 
the Artistic Guides have been busily creating 
card, gift, and project ideas for your inspiration.

For example, there's the 
Featured Section
 this month on what is your favorite
 "Go To Stamps?"
I chose humor and here's my card.
If you'd like the tutorial
click here
and check out all the artistic guide's creations.

There's also the section called the
Watering Hole
where each guide talks about something stamp related and creative.
Here's a Hedge Apple from my yard. 

And here are some leaves from my yard that I had a little embossing fun with

Click here if you'd like to see what I did with these for a fall project
and enjoy the other amazing crafts that will give you ideas for holiday gifts, cards and decorations.
Also under the Watering Hole section you can see my article on
Making Your Own Charms
Click here if you'd like to see the step by step tutorial

 Completed Card With Charm
It's all here at
Stamper's Quest
and sooooooo much more!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
We'd love for you to visit the free online magazine and find some inspiration for the holiday seasons....
there's something there for everyone and the holiday project ideas will continue to post throughout the next couple of months so be sure to check back again.

Happy stamping and crafting for the holidays!
Lisa xx


richardbreaks said...

Ok, that sentiment cracked me UP! Totally my kind of humor.

Those LEAVES!!!! I am LITERALLY running outside and shoving some thru my cuttlebug the second I am done writing this comment!! TOO COOL!!!!

Nati said...

very nice!
Nati from Brazil

Chrissy said...

Hee the you..and can you eat that Hedge apple??..looks like a brain...and those leaves!!!gorgeous...wonder if my neigbour would mind if I just reach a little bit further...she has neat leaves to play with..awesome..and love your are such a talented lass...


Ruby said...

Thanks for your funny message on my little boy throwing a tantrum card, yes definitely throw a tantrum and hiss as your back up plan lol. Love your card, really fun! That hedge apple is mad looking! Love seeing all your photo inspiration, very creative!

Anonymous said...

teheheheee!! that's the second time today you have had me in laughter thanks xx GREAT POST and card and leaves and LOOK at your apple! wow! hugs x

Unknown said...

What a fun sentiment, made me smile love your card and the cute image xxx

Mitralee said...

So I was telling my friend Lisa in real life about my bloggy friend Lisa that made this really cool card about butts....

Margaret said...

I am so glad you introduced me to Stampers Quest! (not that I really had time for another site, but what's one less load of laundry?!) The tutorials are awesome and everyone is so talented, just like you!! I am still in awe of those leaves...

Renkata said...

wow this is amazing.

Shelby said...

Hey that sentiment sounds familiar to my ass! Great sentiment and you are definitely a creative genius! I've only look as leaves as a PITA and more yard work!! I may have to take another look at those pesky things...Great job and thanks for the inspiration.