Saturday, July 21, 2012

What Not To Stamp Card Makeover Challenge

Hello everyone and welcome back!
Have you ever looked back on your older cards and thought to yourself, "What was I thinking??" "How in the world did I EVER think that was cute?" or just straight up said, "What crap!"  Well, guess what? At Our Creative Corner, we are having a challenge that makes you do this very thing...critique yourself based on an old card you've designed and then do a makeover!  How fun is this???  This fabulous challenge is hosted by our very own creative Lori Rider
There are 2 details that you must follow..
1.)  Show your original card and pick one or two things you like about the card and then
2.) Create a makeover based on that choice. 
For more detailed instructions, please click here.

Here is my makeover card where I chose to keep the lattice work and expound from the original card.
 Here is the original card I created

One thing I have enjoyed learning is that stamping does not always need to be symmetrical.  As you can see here, I've got like items in like places.  The lattice work here, I do like, but I've learned that just because I have lattice, it doesn't necessarily HAVE to be a garden theme.  Lattice can be used as a textural accent instead and lend to the depth of a card, no matter what the theme is.  In my makeover card, I've incorporated the framed lattice but as an accent piece of interest and not merely there to determine the theme.  I've definitely learned that I enjoy building onto something and layering and experimenting with various shapes and lines. 
I hope you enjoy this makeover and that it inspires you to join our challenge.  Of course, you won't want to miss the other incredible makeovers from the team're going to be amazed!

Inside of the makeover card to finish the musical song from the front.

You all are really the best and I thank you so much for your time and awesome comments!
Hugs n' Happy Stamping...
Lisa xx


Scrumplescrunch said...

Hi Quirks
I agree with everything you stated re the symmetrical viewpoint, but I will also say that it is not always easy to design cock-eyed and an off-balance design; the adept and intuitive card-makers, like yourself appear to make it look easy.
Your original lattice card is not so terrible, but your make-over has far more appeal because of the layering and different elements in texture and dimension. There is so much to like about this card; the sentiment placement and design is engaging, all the different shapes you have going on could confuse but you have succeeded in maintaining a flow; first you see the lattice then the sentiment- flourish-flower, then my eye wanders down to the twine because you have used red accents to connect, the angle of your music completes the view to create the balance and equates with the framed lattice so well.
A unique and lovely card.

Lisa Jane said...

oh i could cringe when i look at my older cards .. but like you say its good to see what we have learnt and how we have changed our styles.
Love the lattice and the little letters on the flags
Have a great weekend
Lisa x

Dr Sonia S V said...

Lisa I even deleted some older creations from my blog recently as I felt they were embarrassingly immature!! But your old card is so elegant!! The new one is of course a stunner!!


Words and Pictures said...

Amazing to see an artist re-evaluating and allowing old work to re-grow. A great read as well as a great project - thank you so much!
Alison x

Linda Coughlin, the funkie junkie said...

Ooh, how wonderful, Lisa! What s wonderful way to use the latticework. Its bright white looks wonderful against the frame and I low the way you have incorporated the music. Super work on this fun challenge!

Have a great weekend.


Unknown said...

Hi Lisa, What a stunning remake of your original card! I just love the lattice work you have done here.

Meihsia Liu said...

Great makeover, Lisa. There are so many new and fabulous elements on the new card make it so gorgeous! .. :)

Sandy said...

I really enjoyed your make over card. And wow! What a difference a day makes. Your new card has spice and appeal that the old one lacks. I hope I grow as much as you have. I loved Linda's redo too. Ya'll are so talented.

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Super cool lattice design!!! I am totally digging your remake! Love the sentiment design here!!!

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Oh what a great idea! LOL My old cards are just too would get a right giggle if you saw them! I still love your original card though...the lattice is very cool...but I really do love how you have a knack of putting together interesting embellies and layouts. Your new card is just spectacular! :D

Unknown said...

What an awesome challenge! I love both cards both your makeover card reflects how much you've grown as a card maker. You always inspire and Sue is right, you make it look easy peasy!

Shelby said...

Cool use of the lattice! I actually can't believe there was a time in your crafting career where you actually were symmetrical and actually used things as they were intended:)!! i'm still in a bit of shock. But as you know, I love love love your style.


Hazel said...

You asked about the Kanban frame I used on a card - it's actually a mat that forms a frame - foil embossed around all the edges - it's old so I don't know whether they still do them x

Lori said...

What a fun makeover! The new card is so elegant!

Margaret said...

It is amazing how we change over the years! Although I think I critique myself more now than before!!
LOVE the friend card! You have such a great way of placing things and still keeping the card in balance overall. The flower is wonderful and I love the sheet of music at the bottom! I have to say that your before card is not all that bad! Quite elegant!

Jenny Marples said...

LOVE that lattice work. It's something I've been meaning to try forever. You pay so much attention to the details Lisa - some people would be happy with the inside of your card as the main image! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Hugs, Buttons x

Anonymous said...

Now this is just TO clever! what a brilliant idea! hugs me xx

Lili said...

What a beautiful card, Lisa! I love how you used your lattice work in the makeover card. I also like all the details and different texture you added. The original card is a nice card but it looks like it needs a focal point.