Thursday, March 27, 2014

Where the Twinkies Live....

 You've heard me mention her name many times before, but telling you about her once just isn't sufficient enough.  

I could literally spend all my time on my blog talking about OTHER bloggers.  I've met SO many people who have touched my life.  I could blabber on and on about their friendships, generosity, hilarious emails, texts, phone calls, surprise packages, prayers, laughter, inspirational ideas, support, talent and on and on. So if you're reading this and you've been one of those people in my life, I truly hope you know HOW much I appreciate YOU and ALL that you do. 
Not just for me, but for everyone in your life. 

The crafting community is truly one of the most wonderful places to spend your time and it's been one of the best experiences in my life to get to know you!! 
So, thank you from the bottom of my butt (because it's way bigger than my heart) for making me smile daily!

Now...about the Twinkies!
I don't know if you're aware, but the majority of them live in New York...or at least they did.
Here in the Midwest we heard about their incredible come back, but the stores were barren of them. I have a friend who I met blogging a long time back and among many things, she and I share a love for cream filled spongecake pastries!! 

Nothing says, "I'm a friend" like surprise boxes of Twinkies in your mailbox!!!  
We even shared a near orgasmic experience when we found a recipe for a Twinkie Cake on Pinterest.   
Okay, so next to loving that she's my junk food supplier, she also sent me 8 of these to help decorate our Easter tree!! 

How gorgeous are these??  
Here's the link to Mitra's blog where she describes all about the disco eggs.

On the tree..with their friends :)

Here's where I laid on the floor and literally shimmied under the tree to try and get a descent; which isn't really, picture of the ornaments without the blinding light, which is still obviously present in this photograph; which is weird because it's raining out, ah well....

And here's where I said,
 "Screw it..I'm done trying" and just shot a picture on the way back to the craft room.

Thank you SO much Mitra!!!
 They are beautiful and thank you to all that visit.
Biggest of hugs and happy crafting...
Lisa x 


SD pooja said...

What a lovely Ornament !! Your Easter tree looks AWESOME !!

Chrissy said...

Your Easter tree is stunning Lisa..what a fun thing to do leaving your tree up and love Mitra's Disco Easter egg all the decorations on your tree..


DesignerDiva said...

Well your little intro darn near bought a tear to my eye there Mrs!!!
Lovin' your latest clever creation but confused........ do you have your Christmas tree up already?????
Biggest hugs Laurie
PS I share your love of cream filled sponge cake!!!

Sandy said...

Oh Sugar -- maybe I should start saying OH Twinkie! Who doesn't love Twinkies and the fresher the better!
That little nest is so precious Lisa and could not be more perfect for you Easter Tree. Your tree looks like so much fun and will have years of memories!
Sandy xx

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

You are so right about the blogging and crafting community! Your Easter tree is fabulous and your twinkles sound delish!

Pia S said...

Love your Easter tree, Lisa! Not something I will attempt introducing in my household, I think hubby thinks it's enough having a Christmas tree once a year! But my tree is always up on December 1 at the latest (a fake one) and my sister, my mother and I get each other advent calendar gifts, we are all so Christmas crazy! I think I will scare him if I'm going to introduce an Easter tradition as well, lol:)

Karon said...

Well, I would just like to say, that you always make me smile, every time I come to take a peak at what you have been up to. Love this fabulous post, your tree looks amazing and in a very ethereal light :-) Beautiful ornament by Mitra and wonderful addition to your tree.

Patricia St Martin said...

You are in way TOO DEEP now lisa, and their is no way out, once a TWINKLES JUNKIE you will always be a TWINKLES JUNKIE. Your tree is wonderful, at least it changes during the year... I have a girlfriend that has 3 trees, one is a snowman tree, one is Santa tree and the other one is old fashion tree and she never takes them down. You are so right about the crafting people we are the best!
Hugs, Pat

Tracy said...

Fabulous Twinkie, erm I mean Twang! Hee hee. The tree looks amazing which of course I knew it would. Mitras gift works so perfectly with your scheme. Okay, I hope you have those brain cells working on what the next tree scheme will be. And you know what...Love you too! :-)

Paper Profusion said...

Awww - these are super gorgeous and I love your tree! and stars on mantle too! and your nails as well! I have never heard of these Twinkies but will have to investigate to see what I'm missing! Have a lovely weekend Lisa. Nicola x

Tammy said...

Yikes, have I ever missed a bunch of incredibly beautiful creations! I've looked through you posts and I am so envious of all you create and your patience, girl you are extraordinary! Thanks for your sweet thoughts!

P.S. Wish I could have been there to help you clean up after you decided to turn your craft room blue!

Margaret said...

Twinkies and Easter ornaments???!!! How awesome is that? I was just admiring her disco ball eggs on her blog before I came here!

And while we're gushing the compliments... You are quite the fountain of inspiration and generosity yourself! So glad we 'met'!

Mitralee said...

YOU are so welcome my friend! I was just checking out that twinkie recipe last night debating on that or cupcakes...the choices! They look fab on your tree!

Words and Pictures said...

Totally fabulous Easter decking for the tree... it's tough to know which is my favourite version! Sweet little egg basket from Mitra - and glad to hear you've refreshed your Twinkie supplies!
Alison x

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

The tree looks great! Mitra's gift ornaments are beautiful. Nice to have friends to share your talents with.