Monday, August 18, 2014

Insert Foot in Butt Planner (of sorts) ...

Need a pretty way to give yourself a swift kick in the butt? 
Well guess what...I have just the thing for you!  
Here is my latest project to do that very thing for me!
My personal inspirational planner from The Planner Set.

Every file you can imagine is in this planner and it's all located at 

The possibilities are endless.  You could use this file to create gifts for friends and family as Regina has included a full year calendar for 2015.  There's birthday, holiday, important numbers, grocery lists, to do lists, vacant journaling pages, everything you need to get organized and motivated or help someone else do the same!

I've created a "get fit" journal for the rest of this year that details what exercises I need to do daily and along with that, what craft projects I need to complete through the remainder of the year.
It really couldn't be more simple!
If I only BELIEVE and stick to it.

You won't want to miss out on the fun with this file and you can see it all here at The Cutting Cafe.
Thanks so much for your time and visit.
Hugs and happy crafting,
Lisa xx


McCrafty's Cards said...

I love this Lisa, It is fabulous, I hope you are keeping well.
Kevin xx

richardbreaks said...

Wow, Lisa, I love this! A planner. Plans....what a concept. Like NOT just flying by the seat of your pants. Huh. I'll have to try that one day, maybe. But I'd have have to plan that, so.....

This is so fresh and wonderful. Super good stuff!

SD pooja said...

Ohh This is so lovely !I loved the banner n silhouette on front a lot !

Pia S said...

You'll need to tell us if it works. If it does I'll make one too!
Love the design with banners and realizing what this book is for I'd say there's no better word than 'believe' to cover this front....

Chrissy said...

Fabulous project Lisa and such a good the banner on the front..I believe everyday..just wish I believed in what I believe in, then I could believe it!!
Hope you are well and happy..


Regina Easter said...

i seriously think i need one of these FOR SURE........this is a great idea for getting fit and the perfect cover rock...hugs

Sandy said...

Wonderful Lisa - now the only thing I see you need to add is HAllOWEEN!!
A year is not complete without Halloween.
Sandy xx

bumblebee creations said...

super fun way to give yourself that boost that we all need to give ourselves from time to time!!

Tammy said...

Click your red shoes together Dorothy and make it happen! Sweet way to motive yourself! Great planner!

Tracy said...

You know no one can pass up a post titles like this Twang. I recently realized that if I was going to get anything accomplished I was going to have to use a planner so I jumped on the bandwagon. I have to say it's working pretty darned well, but it's not near as cute as yours. Maybe when I get things down a bit more pat I can switch to something cutesie. Great job! Hick

Mitralee said...

Had a good little laugh at your blog post title! Getting fit, if only we all had hot personal trainers...and then a chef and someone to buy the right stuff....Love the little book! I am picking on you today on my blog just a smidge! (stalker! LOL) Hugs!


Unknown said...

I need this kind of planner too. :) Love the cover and that sweet little banner L2. Another fabulous project!!! xx

Mary J said...

You always make me giggle Lisa! And this is gorgeous - eclectic originality at its best!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

great job and great idea!

Tina Goodwin said...

I need a planner like this too! I love the cover. BELIEVE is perfect for a get fit planner.

Keri’s Kreativity said...

I LOVE what you did and the Believe is just too perfect!! Great Job!!

Jeri said...

Well, pat yourself on the back, girlfriend! Making this fitness journal is a great way to motivate yourself to keep those fitness goals. Precisely the reason I should make one, too. I know I should, if my dreams. LOL
Hugs, Jeri

Leslie said...

Beautiful work!

Julie Odil said...

Great idea to make a "Get Fit" planner. But yeah. The sticking with it, well....

Angeline Choo said...

Lisa, this is WAY cute! LOVE your cover. All the best in your "get fit" plans! :) We all know it's not a bed of roses... but you can do it! :)

Margaret said...

Oh how I've missed you and your wonderful blog! Just glancing at the post titles is bringing a smile to my face!
Your planner is fantastic and might just motivate you to use it!! Just don't get so organized that you leave the rest of us behind!

Jenny Marples said...

Now that's a planner that looks such fun I'd want to look inside. Love it. Jenny x

Jeanne J. said...

No way this pretty little planner is yours Lisa - there aren't enough pages in it!

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