Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Here's the Story of a Lovely Lady....

Who was creating these very lovely kits
all of them have amazing themes, like the picture.
See the youngest one in curls...
Okay! There's absolutely no place for me to fit in a man named Brady here, so I guess that's all the humming of Brady Bunch I can do; however, the fun goes on!

My very talented friend has been making these kits for awhile and I've been ogling them from my peripheral for some time, but alas I was too afraid to buy one because I don't have the knack for assembling what I think of as true "retro flair."  
Guess what???  That didn't matter!!  She takes ALL the guess work out of it and creates a kit jam packed with more creative fun than you can imagine AND she even includes step by step directions as to how she assembles them.

I was THRILLED when Lori asked me to try one of them just to see how easy and fun it was. I couldn't believe the amazing way she packages her kits so carefully and they arrive safely and ready to play with.

So without further ado, please let me introduce you to Lori and her amazing handmade Choux Box Kits!!
Isn't she so stinking CUTE??!!!!
If you already know Lori, then you are already aware of her blog, Choux Paper Art. If you're aware of her blog, then you know she is in the rare echelon of crafters I like to call, Paper Whisperers.   

Alright, so here are the items that I received in her Embellished Envelope w/ Agnes Richardson Kids Kit.  I couldn't wait to assemble it so I forgot to count, but I believe there were roughly 26 items included just for this one kit. 
As I mentioned before, Lori gives you step by step instructions for assembling her kits and until I can truly feel 'confident' about knowing what looks 'retro' and keeping with the theme, I pretty much followed the instructions to a T.
One difference I added to her envelope was that I cut out a window on the front side of it and added a velum backing and then slid the Agnes Richardson Kids inside. On the outside of the velum window I added my own handmade witch hat. I was inspired by the little black cat and so went in sort of a Halloween direction. Still, the essence of the retro theme kept my girls cute and not scary.
I also added an orange bow for some more festivity. 
A close up...
The decorated tag and accompanying envelope that have me smiling from ear to ear.
  I was 100% satisfied with the outcome and the kit absolutely delivered on teaching me how to achieve this desired look and feel in paper crafting.  
She even adds embellishments for you to attach to the back of envelopes....how thorough is that!!
Just so you can see another sample of Lori's work, here is a photograph from one of her posts.  Aren't these stinking ADORABLE??  
This is the type of quality you can receive from the Choux Box Kits.
And just because I am in love with her blog and want to brag on her, she also has these wonderful free images she includes on so many of her regular blog posts...she's just that sweet!!

Okay, okay..just so you know. I was not paid, nor persuaded, nor tortured in a back room under a swinging lamp, until I complied, I just wanted to share with you a fabulous paper crafter and friend, who is truly making the world a more beautiful place with each piece of paper she touches AND she wants to share them with YOU!
Here's the catch....THERE IS NONE.
The Choux Box Kit Club is the easiest club you could ever join. Here's the rules:
No dues, No Minimums, Just FUN!
Please click here to find out how to receive more information on types of kits and prices.

Thank you So much for your time and visit.
I appreciate you immensely.
Biggest of hugs,
Lisa x
Happy Crafting!!


Chrissy said...

Apart from the fact I now have the Brady Bunch song going around in my head, [and singing it in an American voice]..I love your sweet retro project..the little girls are so sweet and love how much stuff you get in the kit. The cut out window you made is a great idea and love all the little details...fabulous Lisa.


Tammy said...

Oh how adorable "Mrs. Brady", ha! The girls remind me of the valentines back in my grandmother's day, choke!

Dr Sonia S V said...

Such super cute images and love how you gave such a sweet shout out to your friend
Dr Sonia
Cards Crafts Kids Projects

Lori said...

Oh, Lisa - can you see me blushing from way over there? I LOVE the window and how you created the tag with the kids to fit in it and I absolutely adore the witch's hat! So glad you enjoyed the kit. Thank you for all of your oh so sweet words (just going to deflate my head a little). Have a fabulous rest of your week!

SD pooja said...

Such a cute adorable card !

Marjorie said...

Oh! Lisa such a lovely post, and your makes are simply gorgeous.. love these little girlies.. they really are lovely kits...
Hope you are well hunnie, sorry I haven't been for a visit but lifes a bit hectic at the moment....
Take care,
Marjorie xx

Samra said...

Wow Lisa you truly made magic come to life here!!! Love the kit and it looks so much fun!

Margaret said...

How stinkin' cute is this?! Cuter than Marsha Brady! Jan would totally agree with me on this!!
I think you did a fantastic job with the kit and I love that the tag pulls out leaving the adorable witchy hat magically floating in the window.

Another fantastically marvelous creation, SIB!

Pia S said...

A beautiful showcase of this kit, I love the retro style, but for some reason it doesn't show in my cardmaking. Feeling really inspired now though,,, Great work, Lisa!

Marie-Louise said...

Such a super card Lisa.

Karon said...

You did an amazing job. I love how you did the window in the envelope! Love Lori's work too - so original and unique way of crafting. TFS

Unknown said...

You did an amazing job with the elements in this kit L2! What do you mean you don't have the knack??? Are you kidding me lol, you were born to do this. PS I consider YOU a Paper Whisperer. :-)

Jeanne J. said...

You're not fooling me Lisa. I dont think there is anything you "CANT" do. Retro? Bahhh.. You totally rocked this as always!

butterfly said...

Adorable work with a really fun looking kit - it's such fun.
Alison xx