Saturday, February 6, 2016

Things That are Sweet! Brace yourself...

Hello, hello, hello!
It's time for another Cutting Cafe post and this week we're showcasing the adorable BIG EXPRESSIONS file.  I looked at all the words in the file (Hug, OMG, Lucky and Sweet.) I decided on the word SWEET.  
The versatility of this one word and the way the file is organized gives you so many options.
This card I printed part of the sentiment with my sketch pens on the Silhouette Cameo and then cut out the word Sweet and layered it up. Placing this all on a water color backdrop.
The second card I actually took each letter and 'welded' them together as one connected word and then decreased its size to make this.  I also only used a portion of the sentiment that comes with the file and printed that out with sketch pens on the Silhouette Cameo also.

Now this third card was fun because I decided to layer the SWEET with multiple colors.  Again I joined the letters close together and welded them into one piece and then cut out 5 different colors of the word.  The sentiment was also sketched on the cameo like the others.
Here's an above view so you can see the layering....

And lastly, here is the original format of the word that I cut out and then placed alternating DP behind each letter to decorate.  Again, the sentiment was sketched on my Cameo. However, the sentiments can also be sent to any home printer and printed that way too. That's how versatile and fabulous these cut and print files are. You don't have to have any electronic-fangled gadgets to make these!
So there you go! The possibilities are endless. I hope you've enjoyed seeing these and if you're interested in seeing all the other styles, please check out the BIG EXPRESSIONS here
And while you're there, say a big hello to Regina, the fabulous owner and our fearless leader at The Cutting Cafe and The Cutting Cafe Shop
ALSO, I felt bad that I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks, so I wanted to invite you all into a little sneak peek of my week and show you a few more things that are "sweet." LOL....don't laugh when you see my face!

I do not take ANY credit for these card designs as I've 'lifted' all the ideas from Pinterest and one particular one of bacon from Tammy.  Couldn't resist making these for Valentine's Day.  Do you like that fork with the pizza? It's Metal the stuff!
Aren't they sweet??? 

I've also been diligently working out every day of the week and not because I want to look all G I Jane this summer, BUT, because I like to eat! I have come to learn that it's a trade off. So, since I've been sweating like an oldie...I thought it would be fun to treat myself. I have decided to learn the art of making and decorating sugar cookies.  Here's my first batch.  
My friends and family that I've shared them with have not reported any food poisoning or stomach discomfort so I'm thinking I might just continue with it.
Here's the recipe I used for the dough and here's the recipe I used for the icing.
My goal is to get to this stage....
HAHAHA, but for now, I'm happy with circles and hearts.
Isn't that just SWEET? 
Then, my wonderful MISTER took me antiquing where I found this precious white shelf for the booth. I did a little arranging and organizing.
Doesn't it look all cozy and you know...sweet? 

And lastly,
Here's a very sweet face....
This is my daughter doing a close-up nostril shot on my phone.
She's finishing up cosmetology school and yesterday I was her client for seven hours while she did this to me.
and this...
I'm doing my best impersonation of a Beagle here.
and finally, when I had zero feeling left in my butt, she completed this thingy called a balayage. 
My hair...
Thank you, Britany! I love it and you're so SWEET for pampering your mom like that.
Well, that's been my week and I hope you've enjoyed the silliness and craftiness and sweetness all rolled into a productive week.
Biggest of hugs to you ALL and thanks so much for your visit. You all are SO SWEET too!
Lisa xx


Unknown said...

Oh my - where to start. LOVE your hair for sure Lisa!!! Congrat to Britany for putting her creativity to work on you! And your white shelves - so cute. And how I wish I was closer - my fav thing on Valentine's - heart shaped cookies. Alas - none here!! Your's look scrumptious and FUN!! Great job creating such artsy lusciously yummy cookies (yummy because I bet they are going fast!!!!).

And NOW... on to the "real" art.... love these SWEET cards. My favorite is the last one - orangish/tealish one! But they are all wonderful. Second fav would be the first one because I love the background. But then... the rainbow SWEET is incredible too. Can't really choose between the last three - they are all just FABULOUSLY LOVELY.

What a fun post. I feel like you gave me a big Valentine today Lisa. Loved seeing all your art, smelling your cookies and sneaking a peek into your day too. THANKS BUNCHES - I'm smiling. j.

Regina Easter said...

Okay so today was like visiting a part of a show staring Mrs lisa....first stop doing more then one project ....I can't stinking them DON'T REALLY STOP LOL
next all those heart day cards are too the paint brush one...and how awesome that your daughter is taking that....super fab.
And lastly girlfriend your hair came out beautiful.....hugs

McCrafty's Cards said...

That is a very fancy new hair Do Lisa, your daughter is very talented like her Mum, the first cards well what can I say they are all Sweet! I love the frying pan, the pizza and the plugs he he great fun makes
Kevin xx

butterfly said...

Sweet is the word for the whole post... I've read the whole thing with a big soppy grin on my face - especially when I got to your makeover! Ahhhh...

Fabulous card designs throughout - and those sugar cookies are looking scrumptious. I don't think you should aim for the teddy bears though - nobody could possibly ever take a bite out one of those - and that would be a waste!!
Alison xx

Tammy said...

Welcome to the world of having a hair stylist daughter! I suggest that you book your appointments with her now and make several! From the looks of her results, she's is going to be extremely booked! Congrats to her! Now about your cards, OMGoodness, more absolute incredibleness! You creativity and imagination are never ending and so very fabulous! I love visiting just to see what you've been up to, cookies was a surprise, just remember its all about taste and I'm sure they are delicious, practice does make perfect. Lastly, sweet husband to take you antiquing, great find. Oh and thanks for the shout out, I am honored!

Tracey said...

Hey Lisa...You have been so creative, Love your SWEET cards! Hmmm hard to pick a favorite...the multi colored layering looked fabulous! Thanks for sharing the recipe for the cookies, definitely going to try it. How cool are the cards you lifted from Pinterest, so fun! And Oh I have to say ' I can relate to the work out thing...I've started this week too, I would like to look like GI Jane, but if thats going to happen! Beautiful hair too!

experiments in paper said...

What a great post, Lisa....I'm grinning ear to ear! Love your Cutting Cafe ideas, and those valentine cards are a hoot! Your hair is gorgeous!! And good for you working out - maybe you'll inspire me in more ways than one, lol!! xxx Lynn

Mitralee said...

YOU are a rock star! So is the bottom of your hair lighter than the top? I was getting that impression...really want to try that myself but I have the attention span of a gnat...So pretty! DIG YOUR HAIR, that shelf (OMG) and your cards are so awesome! Love that you made a bunch for us to see many different ways to use Regina's file! HUGS THERE GIRL!

Karon said...

Fabulous post - loving all the cards - SWEET! Your daughter is very clever and your hair looks beautiful! TFS

Pia S said...

Seeing the first card I thought this was very CAS and very different from your usual style. Them I saw the next, and the next, and the next and.. You get my point. Again, I'm speechless. You have that effect in me. Wowzers! And the pizza card, just have to give this one a special mention, beyond cool!

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

This sure is a SWEET post!!! LOVE of sweetness everywhere! LOVE all the cards...all of them!!! LOVE the daughter! Sounds like ours are alike! Your hair looks fabulous!!! How fun to be pampered!

Tracy said...

Hmmm??? I'm not sure which of us is luckier. The one with the cosmetology daughter who practices on mom or the one with the nurse daughter who practices on mom. LOL Giant sentiments are so hot right now so these big words are fantastic. I also love the Lisa touches you put on all the mushy cards. :-)

Chrissy said...

Fantastic selection of cards the power point one..and the paint one..and look at all your cookies..those I could munch on but not sure if I could bite the Teddies head off but I'm sure you will reach your goal and we will see Teddies soon..just not headless ones, that would disturb your fabulous shelf too..great nostril shot and your hair looks gorgeous...that about covers it..always a pleasure..


Adventures in Paperland said...

Love all of the fun inspiration here L2 and she did an awesome job on your hair. It looks amazing!

Samra said...

All the cards are absolutely fantastic! I have to admit that the one with power outlets is my fave...Your cookies look fantastic and looks like you'll be at the teddy bear stage in no time!! And your hair looks fabulous!!! Big BRAVO goes to your daughter's expertise!
Wonderful post my dear!

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