Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What Clint Eastwood Said...

Remember that famous phrase in Dirty Harry? 
"You gotta ask yourself one question. 'Do I feel lucky?' Well? Do you, punk?"
And my answer would be a resounding YES because I have made this fun little lucky leprechaun centerpiece from the files at The Cutting Cafe, that is mounted to an old spindle.
If you'd like to build one too, here's how:
First off you will start with a Top Hat.  
The black strap and buckle were hand cut and the buckle was embossed with aged old embossing enamel. The additional baubles for decoration were made using the Christmas Ornament file.

Of course in order to be lucky, you're going to need the luck so you'll want to use the
Lucky Big Expression file.  I used my Silhouette machine to weld the letters together which is why mine would look different from the original file.
The Lucky Big Expression file also comes with clovers, so you'll use them too.
No top hat for a leprechaun is complete without a few flowers, so I enjoyed using one of my favorite flower files, Paper Flower.  I used this to make open petal flowers, but there is a wonderful video on this link that shows how to make folded roses also.
You won't catch a leprechaun running around without his dapper bow tie, so you'll want to use the one that comes with the Top Hat File.
And last but not least, your lucky little leprechaun needs some cute legs so to create them I used the Witch Legs Shaped Card Set.
And there you have yourself a lucky little centerpiece to ring in St.Patrick's Day with.
Hope you've enjoyed your visit with me. 
Big hugs,
Lisa xx


richardbreaks said...

Lisa, I love it from his top to his toes! Such a clever idea! You must've tried to catch him, because he vanished and left his clothes behind!

Tammy said...

Absolutely fantastic and so clever! May the luck of the Irish be with you!

Dr Sonia S V said...

what a unique and gorgeous project Lisa and I had to smile reading your post heading...I guess you are a Clint eastwood fan like me!!
Dr Sonia

Regina Easter said...

i am a serious TALKER....but this has left me SPEECHLESS............

Regina Easter said...

by the way in my travels mr. eastwood was staying not to far from us in the hotel....BUT i missed him coming out of the elevator .

Sandy said...

From his shoes to the shamrock decorating his hat - "I see you under there Mr. Leprechaun' is a wonderful and beautifully made St. Patrick's Day decoration.
Sandy xx

Mitralee said...

Hot diggety dog this is awesome-sauce! Loved it when you teased me with a text ages and ages ago! I have that top hat on my list again! Can't wait!

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Clint is one of my favs!!! I totally see his snide crooked grin while he says it!!! LOL!!! This project is crazy cute...just love it! PINNED!

Karon said...

So love this - full of fun. Punk ;-)

experiments in paper said...

Ha!! Love your clever little leprechaun!! I'm behind in visits.... but will be catching up soon I hope! xxx Lynn

Pia S said...

Oh, the amount of detail, how fabulous! This is no 'one in a million' piece, that's for sure...

SewPaperPaint said...

UNBELIEVABLY cool and clever! Wow, you are so multi talented. Do hope to see some of your furniture projects too! Love doing that myself as well. Hugs and thanks so much for the comment love - you're the best! I really wish this cool project was sitting on my bookshelf! ;0

Adventures in Paperland said...

I know every leprechaun's fave holiday is over but I wanted to drop by and tell you how much I love this project. It's fantabulous L2 and I love the way you mix and match Regina's cool files. xx

Eloise R. Riley said...

your card is just so lovely! I love the contrast and the pops of color! I'm a new follower! Smadav 2020

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