Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mother's Day Mason Jar Pocket Letter....

Hi there!!!
 Someone has put this month on fast forward because I cannot keep up!  If I figure out how to nail down time, I'll drop the hint here, but until then, take a deep breath and ride out this post with me...
Happy it's almost Mother's Day here in the U.S., next month, but like I said with the whole time spinning past me in a hurricane blur, it's better I get stuff done now.
This time around at The Cutting Cafe, we are showcasing the new and fabulous Clear Cardstock that Regina has here in her store.   The possibilities of  this product are truly endless, but I decided that I would make my first ever pocket letter.   I had a little (tons) of inspiration from a fellow DT and wonderful friend. See it here.

Here's the 'decorated side' and top section
The middle section....
The bottom section.
The great part about these decorations is that each image is its own shaker.  The recipient can remove them and place them in a baby book or a journal page or they can keep them right here in the protector, but I think it's just too much fun to have all the options.
All these shakers were made with the clear cardstock.
Now as per tradition, the objective with pocket letters is not only to have a theme, but to also come bearing gifts.  So, here are some of my gifts that I've included that are pre-made, handmade, bought, old, new, sparkly, pretty, and hopefully useful too.
All of this came to be just from making the very first mason jar ornament with clear cardstock from the Cutting Cafe Shop.  

All files used from The Cutting Cafe are as follows:
Cutting Cafe Crafting Supplies Store-
Clear Cardstock - Used to make shaker cards inside Mason Jars.
Cutting Cafe Cut File Store-
XOXO Word Shaped Card - Sign for the gift side
Mom Shaped Card Tops - Decoration for the gift side
Huge Cupcake - Decoration on the gift side
Sewing Machine Set - Spools used to hold Washi tape and Baker's Twine
Butterfly Treat Box Template - Used to layer for Decoration and Gift Side
Layered Stitched Hearts - Used hearts for shaker elements.
Garden Stand ups - Used tree and fence to decorate a silhouette image
Dress Shaped Card 2 - Used on Shaker card side

Big hugs and thank you so much for your visit.
Lisa xx


Regina Easter said...

now i know why time is flying were sitting there making some of the most AMAZING, ADORABLE, OUTSTANDING STUFF...oh my....someone is going to be super duper happy to get all of wow wow wow

Chrissy said...

WONDERFUL project Lisa..all those shakers and little gifts..fabulous fun and totally adorable..


Adventures in Paperland said...

Wow, Wow and Wow again!!! What a fun and stunning pocket letter L2! You are so artistic and creative and just plain wonderful. Love all of the files you used, I could look at the details on this forever. Thanks for the shout out and if it inspired you then that makes me over the moon happy. Please, please, please make more of these. You are a natural! PS If you join Pocket Letter Pals look me up, I'm White Rabbit over there. :) Cheers to a fantastic 1st pocket letter! xx

Paper Profusion said...

Gosh, this is awesome Lisa... A word I don't use lightly or often. Heaps of work, brilliant imagination and artistry went into this. Stunning make! The clear cardstock looks like a fab product. All yiur work for the cutting cafe is truly genius. Now if you figure out how to slow down this month do let me know. Nicola x

SewPaperPaint said...

These are fabulous and I'm so intrigued by the clear cardstock! Now quit worrying, because you are WAAAAY ahead of me with all these beauties for Mother's Day! Hugs, Autumn

Migdalia said...

They are all just GORGEOUS!! New follower! Super excited!!
Have a blessed day,
Crafting With Creative M

Mitralee said...

outstanding my friend! These are rockin' shakers and in this format truly a lovely gift! you always come up with the bestest of ideas!!! Hugs!

Tracy said...

Yet another trend I haven't found time for. Your bits and pieces have created the cutest pockets. Love that they're all shakers. Those are so much fun. Wonderful project Twang! Hugs!

Pia S said...

Wow. So many different looks made with jars and silhouettes, each beautiful in their own way but matching the rest of the pocket contents. Haven't had a go at this yet. But what a wonderful gift to receive in the mailbox!

Sandy said...

Forgive me for being a little late but I got side tracked. When I first opened your post I had to immediately go to Regina's and see what this clear card stock was all about. You know me - of course I had to buy. Then I had to go to the next place you sent me to see the pocket letter and then I completely got lost exploring that theme. Now I am back to tell you how much I love your pocket letter. Now I want to do one - what a great idea for Christmas and of course there is always Halloween!
Thanks Lisa, you certainly have inspired me!!
Sandy xx

Tracey said...

Wow Lisa....your pocket letters are amazing!! I have never made one but after seeing this post its def something I'd like to try. Love the shaker element on each. Absolutely Fabulous :)

Keen Crafter's Hand Made Goodies said...

Love this great project :)

Keen Crafter's Hand Made Goodies said...

Love this great project :)

Lori said...

Awesome! Love each pocket and such fun gifts. Truly brilliant!

Karon said...

Oh my goodness - this is so wonderful. Love all the silhouettes! TFS

butterfly said...

There's a fabulous retro look to your first ever pocket page... Every tiny detail is perfection! Loving the sound of the clear cardstock (saw it over at Lisa S's too) - thinking I may have to explore that one...
Alison x

Krista's Paper Cafe said...

This is the first I have heard of pocket letters. Fabulous mason jars! Each one is a treasure itself. I can see the fun you had! Beautiful work.
(Cutting Cafe D-Team Member)

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

wow! this project is amazing! hope time slows for you, but doesn't slow for you like it did me. i've been in a boot (torn ligament that won't heal!!) since the end of March. now i'm pretty much chair/couch/bed bound for 2 more weeks with hopes it will heal with no weight bearing.

Margaret said...

These are amazing!! I have been trying to resist jumping on board with the pocket letters, but they are just so darn adorable and look like so much fun!! Of course, at this point, I probably wouldn't get any of these made either... I'm stuck in the hurricane too!

Anonymous said...

WOWeeeee!!!! Awesome Lisa!

butterfly said...

Just popped by Lisa S which always makes me think of you... Hope all is well and that you're creatively busy!
Alison x

Dr Sonia S V said...

What an amazing creation each and every millimeter of it!
How are you my friend...hope all is well
Dr Sonia

butterfly said...

Just been reading about your pocket letter swap with the fabulous Simply Sandy - and wanted to send love and hugs to you. I miss your fabulous work and brilliantly wicked sense of humour - hope that life is treating you well.
Alison x

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