Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Bestiest of the Bestest...

Fun With Crayons???
Little peek at my DT card for
I'm thrilled to announce the 3rd challenge at the still very new and
Today's challenge is...
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Bestiest of the Bestest
When I saw this challenge, I just knew that I wanted to make a girly card that "looked" like it was finger painted by a little kid for her BFF.
BUT, not wanting to get elbow deep in paint I had the brilliant idea of "googling" techniques using crayons.  
OMG...what a mistake that was!
I found this REALLY easy technique and it looked wonderful.
Here's how you do it...
1.) Get out your iron and heat it up
2.) Once warm, take crayon of choice and draw (literally draw) ON your iron
3.) Place iron onto the cardstock in desired spot
4.) Iron will begin to hiss and steam out a waterfall of colors you've never imagined
5.) Iron will then begin to stink to the high heavens, fumes of which I'm certain, should not be inhaled
6.) At this time, frantically unplug your iron and run screaming- mad through the house to the front door.
7.)  Place iron on the front porch while it's still erupting rainbows of color...neighbors WILL stare.
8.) Slam front door and giggle
9.)  Just so inquiring minds really have something to talk about, retreat to your recycling bin and grab empty wine bottles and place them outside next to the iron.  
If they're going to talk....make it good!
10.) Return to your crafting table and state quite vociferously "NEXT!"

Sentiments were typed on the PC

Inside of Card
Added a little button that fit perfectly with the card and sentiment.

I refused to be defeated so I considered alternative heat sources...
1.) oven - no!
2.) stove top - uh uh!
3.) Solar energy - takes too long
4.) Talking to it with my hot air - LOL..didn't really consider this
5.) Heating tool - BRILLIANT
After making the BFF card, I played around with some other techniques and came up with this.  
I really love the textures that crayons give and it really does look and feel like you've finger painted!

Silly Crayon Doodle One

Crayon Doodle Two

Scenery Doodle Three

Phew...what a day, but the final result was a great deal of fun,
good laughs and fond memories and a trip to replace the iron.
Thanks so much for stopping by...I love to read your comments. :D
The Squirrel & The Fox

Challenges I would like to enter:
Little Miss Muffet Challenges - #20 Girly Girl
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The Stamping Boutique - Someone Special


Unknown said...

Cool technique and frankly I could card less what my neighbors think. :D Now let me see where my crayons are...
Thanks for the inspiration as always!!

Scrumplescrunch said...

I began reading this post with great anticipation thinking, Yea, a new technique....googling, great and looks like fun too. But as I progressed through the post I felt myself thinking this girl is crazy. Who in their right mind would draw with crayons on an iron and turn it on!!!!! OMG I know who Lisa M! I had this picture of you with said iron hissing and spitting god knows what, not to mention the smell!
However did you make a creation from such a disaster is beyond me. The card of course Lisa is unique not only in the technique but in the design, I love, and I mean this sincerely how you have shown us your free spirit, your drawing of littler girl and boy is so basic and just as you said 'looks as though it has been finger painted by a kid'.
What a laugh, but I may pass on this new Technique of yours if that is okay, even though it looks like fun. It could become expensive replacing an iron each time!!!!
Thanks for your lovely comments too.
Huge Smiles:)

Chrissy said...

I'm quite sure you're mad...that must be why the attraction, the quick god!!..we could be long lost sisters...Hee..Hee..what a crazy post...
I was reading too, and thinking..heat the iron, then scribble with crayons!!!???...on a hot iron...duh Chrissy!!You know that wee voice at the back of your brain saying...put the crayon on the paper and wax paper on top then iron..still not getting it...THEN...the penny dropped.

Great post..really had me...adorable card too [ thats how I really draw, so can relate very well..]love doodle number I need to lie down...


Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa I really love coming to your blog you really do have me in stitches some times!! tehhehee! I can just see you screaming through the house with your iron! teehheee.... ( you could purchase an encaustic art iron? the heat is not as fearse... By the way... Don't iron anything white with your other iron te heheheee!!

Hunny your results are AWESOME!!! thanks for the fun post and the inspiration to try new things!!

hugs me x

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow ... these are fabulous .. what great techniques.
I have a friend who does encaustic art with an iron .. and she produces the most amazing fantasy scenes
Lisa x

Stephanie aka Nerdette said...

LOL! Oh my gosh, I had visions of Bridget Jones dashing around mad trying to figure out where to put the colour spitting iron, while the smoke detector was blaring in the background. Such fun! Your descriptions had me tearing up with laughter.

Great outcome though. Love the BBF card.

Thanks so much for the laugh and for joining our Girly Girl Challenge at Little Miss Muffet Stamps.

Barbara Sproatmeyer (LM2) said...

Fabulous and great results too! This looks like so much fun I almost had to go out a buy an iron. Gasp! but luckily you provided me with a much safer alternative - after all, what will my husband think if he catches me with an iron?!

Barbara Sproatmeyer (LM2) said...

P.S. Thanks for joining the Little Miss Muffet Challenge this round! :D

Margaret said...

OK, I knew you were upset over the recent passing of your Big Shot, but taking your duress out on the household appliances may not be the best outlet... :D I really wish I was your neighbor!!! I love the way your mind works and that anything is possible in the name of art! LOVE what you have created with this wonderfully crazy endeavor! BTW-I found a preschool art project using a griddle/warming plate on the lowest setting. Just put the paper on the griddle and draw w/ crayons!

Lynn B. said...

You crack me up, Girl! I love your description of running through the house with the iron. Ha, ha, ha! Your results are awesome. I'm sorry it cost you an iron. I avoid irons myself because I no longer have enough control over my small muscle movements to be safe. Gave it up after the umpteenth burn. (I'm aware that my time as a card maker is limited by my illness. I'm simply trying to enjoy it while I can and not think too hard about the future. I admire your outside-the-box thinking! Wonderful card and doodles!

Trina said...

I love it! The card looks great, and you helped start my day off with a chuckle!

Miranda said...

great card Lisa, and a much nicier way to use an iron ....

thanks for joining our challenge this week
Miranda TSB DT

Sandy S said...

Thanks Lisa! such fun! Good luck & thanks for playing with us at The Stamping Boutique!

Sandy :)

Shirley said...

Your card is way too cute and the sentiment is just perfect! TFS the crayon doodles too!

Julia said...

So sweet! Thanks for joining us at The Stamping Boutique. Hugs, Julia - DT