Friday, October 7, 2011

Burlap Meets "Burrr Map"...

Directions To North Pole
The beginnings of my milk carton #5 for Linda's renowned
12 Tags of Christmas Challenge at
Here's her outstanding tag
Each challenge is about drawing inspiration from her tags and then creating ANY project that you want to based on what inspired you from her project.
Here's what I took from the tag
Linda's = Mine
*The Burlap flower = "Burr" & "Map" Snowmen, from burlap material, giving directions
*The gorgeous golden letters = The golden embossed conifer trees
*The golden vintage brads = hardware screws for sign posts
*Black stamped images = Black bold colors on the snowmen (made from electrical tape)
*The earthy tones = I used twigs from the yard for their arms
*Shiny bling - Stickles for berries, face, & buttons.  Mica Flakes for snow. Acrylic writer for snow.

5th Carton Assembled
The mom in her apron and bow in the hair

The daughter with her scarf and big bow

The son with his earmuffs and scarf

And dad with his top hat and scarf

Angle Shot
And so far, here they all are together...

Thanks so much Linda for a wonderful challenge.  I can't wait to watch the kiddos open these up the 12 days before Christmas.  You've certainly started a wonderful and fun tradition in our house!

Thank you so much for stopping by...
Have a fan-tabulous weekend!!!
Lisa xx

Challenges I would like to enter:
The Funkie Junkie - 12 Tags of Christmas #5


Shannon White said...

Wowzers Miss Lisa These are Fabulous! What an Adorable brr map Snow family you have created! And I just love the whole milk carton collection! What Gorgeous ornaments they will make! So Beautiful and creative! You always inspire me to try something new! 8-) Love visiting your blog! 8-)

Big Hugs to you my friend! 8-)

Chrissy said...

I just love the family of snowpeople very cute and so gorgeous. Love the use of the burlap and the gold trees...really lovely..I think this my favourite


Mitralee said...

You are making me excited for Christmas which is hard to do!

Lisa Jane said...

Oh Lisa .. these are just so cute!! I love the little snowman !
Lisa x

Unknown said...

Wow lisa this project is magical!!!! I absolutely love this and you did an excellent job!!!!!
Wow delightful!!!!

Margaret said...

Look at the snow on the BURLAP snow family!! Awesome! This just might be my new favorite! Her inspiration tag is wonderful too!
I'm going to offer again, that I can be adopted...

Linda Coughlin, the funkie junkie said...

OMG, Lisa, these are just too awesome! You are brilliant!!! This milk carton is the best yet. I love everything about it - the background and snow effect and the snow family made from white burlap - absolutely inspired! Your milk carton line up gets more incredible each week!

Thanks so much for joining in and promoting my challenge. I'm so thrilled to have you playing along!

Hope you are having a great weekend. We are having a washout here in Miami. It's been pouring all day and supposed to be more of the same tomorrow. Good day to stay inside the craft room!


Inkyfingers said...

This is a fabulous creation Lisa. So creative!

Scrumplescrunch said...

Lisa I don't know who is inspiring who within this Challenge!!!I receive as much inspiration from your work as I do from Linda's
Your originality in your projects are almost intimidating, you are able to think right outside the Box or carton as that maybe!
I love the idea of the family, I can imagine Linda is very impressed.
Your family are going to love this tradition,you have made it magical for them with so much fun leading up to the day.
There are not enough Hyperboles to convey my respect to your talent.
Spasmodically stunning and striking.

Anonymous said...

te heheheee this is fun! love it x