Friday, December 2, 2011

Snowman Hugs

Doodled by Lisa

I was thinking about my daughter when I drew this picture and how she's going to miss her dad at Christmas.  She's a daddy's girl and I thought how cute it would be to have a military snowman and a little girl hugging it.  
However, not everyone has a family member serving overseas for the holidays and so I just went with the general idea of a little girl hugging the snowman.
But, now you know the origin of the image. :)

This image is free to use and I will include it in the Doodled by Lisa link on my sidebar. 
If you wish to make cards and sell them with the image,
please refer to the link for Terms of Use.

Happy Holidays!
Lisa xx


Sandy said...

Oh Lisa this is so cute - you can tell it is drawn with love!

Josie Cox said...

I have a tear in my eye as I saw this and then I read you were thinking about your daughter as you were drawing this image. It is so precious. Thanks and a big hug. Josie

Chrissy said...

[gulp] cute and so moving..I took this one Lisa, and will love to play with it...maybe over the weekend, when my eyes have dried out....lovely touching image.


Scrumplescrunch said...

You know Lisa, I am so happy that I have you as a blog friend, this little image you have made for your daughter is so heart wrenching, only mums would understand how your daughter will feel when her Dad is not there, I know this will mean so much to her.
Thank you so very much for the epistle you wrote re my Tag, I was rolling with laughter this morning. I just loved, I am serious, just loved being labelled an 'Onion'. Waiting patiently for your carton!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Hi Lisa :) You were on my blog a couple days ago and commented on the DP I used on my card The design paper is from Basic Grey. It was open stock from AC Moore. Its called "two scoops/ice cream parlor/tsc-1058. Hope this helps.

Tracey said...

Oh, oh, oh, how darling! That you drew this thinking of your daughter missing her Dad gave me tears. Wishing you and your family the biggest of hugs right now.

Margaret said...

Wow! Didn't know I would need a kleenex for this post!! Can't relate to your family's situation, but I do know that your family is incredibly strong and supportive of each other! You are such a talented artist and your doodles are so amazing! Sending lots of love and prayers to your family!!

Shirley said...

How cute and fun! Heartwarming, Lisa!

1CardCreator said...

Thanks for the sweet image Lisa, looks fab. I'll keep your DH in my prayers.