Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vintage...It's Not Just For Yesteryears...

Well, GASP! It's official, I am old.  Okay, maybe not "prop me under a tree and leave me be" old, but old enough that I cringed every time I walked by a department store window yesterday and saw the display dummies dressed in my old clothes!!!  I could of sworn I burned those awful outfits, but someone somewhere has pulled them from the fiery pit and salvaged them for sale!  They also want to charge double appendages to buy them as well. I'm sorry, but they were hideous then and they are hideous now
It's a sad and mortifying day when one's daughter retorts to their chagrin on the current status of fashion with, "Mom, get a grip...vintage is back in!"  OMG.......
Mental diary entry:
"Dear self, on this date you have officially shed any trace of youthfulness.  You will now, and forever more, be classified as vintage.  Secondly, you have obviously procreated the devil's spawn and she is exactly in your likeness.  Lord help us all!"
Sooooo, after much debate and "in her defense" persuasion from my husband, I allowed her to return home with us from the mall.  I even astonished myself when I heard the words echo through my head, but resisted uttering them..."Look here Miss Thang, I brought you into this world and ...." Well, you know the rest. 
Honestly, I don't think we were even 1/4th the way home yet and already laughing about how much history repeats itself and I know for a fact I regretfully quoted the same thing to my dear mother. Through this little experience I realized how wonderful vintage items are and how much I treasure learning and seeing items from my families past; which is why our little shopping adventure inspired me to create a few projects that meld the past with the now...and here they are.

Kiddie Land DSL II
Our Village DSL Card

Our Village DSL
If you're enticed by these images that have remained priceless and adorable throught history, you can find them here at

May you always be forever young in your heart....
Hugs n' Happy Stamping,
Lisa xx


Nicecrane Designs said...

Wowww Lisa. love them.....your Xmas Ornament is soooo funny to watch,,, and so different,,,, I love the funny face in my pict, and all over your creativity using it. And your second creation si really stunning,,OMG, I love each detail here. so vintage, so so elegant,,,,and why not?????? my friend Vintage is fashion Lisa hahaha....go ahead,,,,,horayyy for Vintage and all over for Lisa.

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

hehehe that's too funny lisa!! I have decided I am never throwing anything out just in case it comes back in fashion bahaha!! My kids will either love me or hate me ;) LOVE all of these cards...you have such a knack for adding the perfect details...great work! :)

Marie-Louise said...

Great ornament and absolutely brilliant Our Village DSL card. Love the fabulous Nicecrane Designs - pity I am no good at colouring.

Shelby said...

You old hag! However, I'm right there with you as I think Good God why do these kids want to wear clothes from the 70s and 80s...polyester sucked then and it still does!! However your ornament is over the top gorgeous and just love your attention to detail. Your card is scrumptious in it's layering and elements you've used. I really love the butterfly!!


Jeanne J. said...

Boy Lisa - If I could turn that quote into a stamp I might be rich! Love it! You're devil spawn! Are you sure you and I weren't besties in the 80's? Love your creations - you can mix up the old and the new and anything else you want all day long and it looks fab!

Mitralee said...

School shopping horrors! I have my own tale to post about that. Mine resulted in a large glass of wine being poured when I got home. SIGH.

I spotted those projects at Nice Crane the other day, his images ROCK!!!! Love what you've done with them!

Chrissy said...

And that my Friend, is why I am always in fashion, as I dont throw anything out, I mean to, just don't get round to it, and maybe, just maybe, I will wear it again, if it still fits..and not too old to come back into fashion..lol..

Fabulous card, love the image, she is a real lady, wonder when that fashion will come back...and love the Christmas decoration, love his expression, fabulous as always.


Nikbee said...

Gorgeous projects. I love the card.
I have kept some of my favourite clothes when I was younger and maybe my daughters will want to wear them as 'vintage' when they get a bit older. What a scary thought.
Nikki x

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa, wow very original, love this Christmas stuff. Looks retro and quirky, really like it! Hugs Frea

Holly Young said...

I had to laugh at your story. If you hadn't burned your clothes and still had them in a box somewhere and pulled them out to give to your daughter because they are now "in" she probably wouldn't want to be caught dead in them, but see them in a store window and they can't wait to shell out the bucks! LOL!
I adore your first ornament - it's so sweet! The red and white snowflakes are perfect!

Scrumplescrunch said...

Hello Q
Ha.. YES we have all been through those shopping trips, but you are just beginning with your little girl, you have only scratched the pimple...In the next few years it is going to haemorrhage!!!!
To your delightful creations, that are no less than a WOW... especially the ornament which is full of interesting elements and dangly bits that create such movement and interest to the on-looker, a cornucopia delight in my eyes.
Your second creation is Shabby/Vintage and the surprise is in the opening of the card, to observe the image and elements that come together so beautifully.
You are so very clever in your designs Q.

Mary J said...

You gotta teach me how to do detail, Lisa! Fabulous papers and love the texture!

Maire Gamber said...

wowzer Lisa! Your cards are stunning! I love our coloring, my friend! You rock!
Marie XX

Tracy said...

Gosh I love reading your posts! You have an incredible way with words girl. Your humor is worthy of being penned down or used in movies and television. :-) I love your vintage projects and despite your devil spawn's taunts you are far from vintage. LOL I do sympathize with you on the what goes around comes back to bite you in the butt experiences with children though. hee hee have a great one Twang!

Lori said...

A "wow" jumped out of my mouth when I saw the ornament and then another "wow" for the card! LOVE them both! (Okay, I remember when I saw my first wrinkle and I said, "Oh, no...I'm old!" and Lauren said "Of, course you are!")

Unknown said...

Love your vintage ornament and the nostalgia it brings to mind. Super creative project and your vintage card is beautifully colored. Fantastic job on both of these!!!
Teens are so much fun, aren't they? I had a similar conversation with my DD recently which is uncanny. :D

Margaret said...

Wow! You've been working from both ends of the creative spectrum again! Love the whimsical design of the ornament and the 'vintage' elegance of the card! -Just be glad that's not your dress she's wearing!!

We had a similar situation while shoe shopping. I made the mistake of commenting on the bright neon colors on the tennis shoes my girls were wanting and DH reminded me of the pink pair I had when we were dating! Of course now it's not referred to as neon, it's safety green, yellow, orange... I just might have to see if those shoes are still in my parents' storage. I could be so stylish!!

Sandy said...

Lisa you will know you are old when you say " Mirror, mirror on the wall. I am my Mother after all!" I love those Kiddie Land thingies - and yes it is vintage - like from when I was born and you were still a star up in heaven.