Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Dare You To Resist Resisting...

Guess what? Guess what? Guess what? ...I'm so excited because today is my very first day to host at Our Creative Corner!  For this challenge I chose the theme resisting and it has to include wings somewhere on your project.  That's right, I said project.  It doesn't have to be a card, but it does need to describe the resisting technique and inlude some beautiful wings somewhere or everywhere on it.  For more details and to see the incredible talent of my teamies, please visit Our Creative Corner and share your creative ideas with us too.
Here is my card I've titled
Palindrome In Wings
Definition of a palindrome -
A type of word play in which a word, phrase, or sentence reads the same backward or forward.
The first palindromic sentence in English appeared in 1614.
Why am I givng you all this information?  Because it relates to the thought process I had when designing the three distinct phases of this emboss resisted (with Versarmark & clear Embossing powder) card.

Stage 1
Black and white to symbolize the origin of a thought
Stage 2
Light blue alluding to beginnings of a thought transforming to a dream
 Stage 3
The dream has taken flight and become a reality; full of color and ready to journey.
But why the palindrome then? 
"Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?"
For one, I was enticed by the phrase alone, cool is it that you can read it from right to left and it says the same thing backwards and three, a  thought that becomes a dream, only means a chance for another thought to take the same's never ending!
So that's the history of my little card. Hope you've enjoyed looking at it and we would really love to see your out of the box resisted ideas with wings as well!
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Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments you've all left recently...I appreciate them.
Hugs n' Happy Stamping...
Lisa xx


Words and Pictures said...

Hi Lisa, what a beautiful card, and what a fantastic read - I love your palindrome thoughts and the inspiration for the card was fascinating to hear about. Great inspiration for a lovely challenge, thank you... can't wait to play!!
Alison x

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Wow!!!! Lisa this is incredible! I don't know how to do any of this stuff so I am always in awe when I see you do it. I don't even KNOW what resisting IS! lol! Can you please teach me how to do all of amazing :) Hope you have been doing well! xx

Chrissy said...

Two beautiful comments on your incredible card and post, meanwhile I'm still trying to read that sentence backward..fantastic card Lisa, the butterfly is gorgeous, and I get it..3 steps, I get it...gorgeous.


Nicecrane Designs said...

So vibrant colors,,,,,so amazing card,,,,hurra for Lisa.

Paula-Scrap Addict said...

AHHHHmazing! You card gives me the "I'm not worthy"ies... seriously gorgeous!!! I love the rainbowness, all the layers & stamping & techniques & ok ok I'll stop but really do love it

LeAnne said...

Lisa, thanks for the great challenge, and I am blown away by your creative masterpiece! I am a "wordie", too, so the palindrome was an extra bonus! Cool!

Meihsia Liu said...

How lovely! I love the gorgeous background and beautiful butterfly. This is such a fun challenge and I love it! .. :)

Tracy said...

Gosh you've got my head spinning with all that deep thought Twang. Your process steps are awesome. No wonder you come up with such imaginative projects although I think you just buzz right up to the technicolor part. :-) Hugs!

Scrumplescrunch said...

Hello Q
Just the most thought provoking card that I have seen in awhile, and I am so pleased that I saw it here from you QUIRKS!
I have often communicated how I am so inspired with your work and how your imagination is so free from constraints, I wish I could be like this, I would be like a child with a goody bag!But unfortunately I have to many years under my belt to think differently now.
Your card has so much symbolism; forget the wonderful Palindrome, which is very clever of you ... what I see is the butterfly emerging to a new life; out of the dark into the light. You have explained yourself perfectly; we can only move forward if we have colour in our lives if we only see Black and White we are going nowhere.
Great Challenge and a great card.

Linda Coughlin, the funkie junkie said...

Sensational piece Lisa. I already loved it and then I read your creative thought process with the palindrome and now I realize how amazing is piece really is. I love art with meaning and this is a stunning example. love the color symbolism too!


Margaret said...

And just where were you when we were explaining palindromes to my oldest DD????? My brilliant insight was 'racecar, Dad, Mom, wow' and here you share this beautiful piece of poetry!

There is so much going on under the surface on your amazing card! The resist technique is so obvious on this, but blends in so well with the stages and symbolism.
LOVE the gorgeous butterfly taking flight and the perfect placement of the word journey!

Another brilliant mastermind creation, my genius friend! BTW-next time we're struggling w/ English and Lit, I'm sending her your way!!!

Lori said...

So enjoyed seeing each step of this beautiful card! Such a cool technique!

Unknown said...

I love this stunning card and all of the mental processes that were going on in that genius brain of yours L2! This is the cat's meow and kudos to you for hosting a fantastic challenge. Well done!!!

Unknown said...

Wow Lisa, thanks for sharing the journey behind this card, once again I am inspired to try something different! :) It's gorgeous!

Sandy said...

All I want to know is - Do you belong to Mensa? Are you listed in Who's Who in Brilliant Women of America ----- Are you for real!!!!!!
You constantly amaze me.

Clare Lloyd said...

Your card is gorgeous, love the urban vibe!

Lili said...

Stunning Lisa! I love the thought behind the art, and yours is spectacular! It is an extremely original card and I love it. Thanks for the fun challenge and for sharing your talent with all of us!
Hugs ;)