Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Feng Was SO Not Shui... Until Now!

My yin couldn't even stand to look at my yang and it had been that way for over a year in my craft room.  Sure, I'd craft in here, but I never really felt it was cozy or "me."  Then, one fine day, Regina from The Cutting Cafe, assigned this set to use for an upcoming project and OMG...happy dance, my entire craft room came together. Crazy how one piece can bring harmony and I'm so happy it did! First I'll share this awesome holder and then I'll share my happy crafty place.

I love the rustic country, antique, metal, crackled look, so that's exactly what I set out to make with this cut file.  It started with a roll of metal tape.  After the outside pieces were cut on my silhouette cameo with standard white cardstock, I covered them with tape.  The inside pieces of this holder were simply embossed, painted, distressed and sanded. I wanted to achieve three distinct looks in one.  
Here's a close-up so you can see the faux metal on the outside. I achieved this by painting gray paint directly over the metal tape. Secondly, I randomly blotched with rust, cream and black paints until the patina I liked was achieved. A little sanding with a nail file was done too. 
The third look is the rustic country, so I used sheet music to fit that bill!
An old wire was twisted and attached to make the perfect hanger for all three holders.
This file even come with labels. I kept my titles fairly general...
And here it is with the tab dividers as well.
I had so much fun with this file and thanks to this piece, I now have a wonderful craft room that fits my style just perfectly.

And now, welcome to my craftroom aka tiniest bedroom, where things now make sense and the muse is happy!
I should explain first, I'm a hoarder collector of things hand-me-down, thrift stored, abandoned on the side of the road, and cheap.  Now, that's all good and well, but the problem was trying to get it all to mesh and feel like a craft space that worked in the tiniest bedroom of the house and feel cozy. And by cozy, I don't mean cramped...

So here's what I did.  If it was ugly but functional, it got painted.  If it had cutesy on it, it got sanded off, if it was just a cool piece, it found a purpose.

The ladder was a yard sale find for cheap and I painted it black (it was hunter green before). The tins sitting on it were from the Dollar Store and were silver with flowers etched in. I took a hand sander to them and sanded off the painted flowers and then painted them white and made my own stencils to label them. They say "This & That" "Wingdings" "Good Stuff" and "What Nots" now. The night stand that is under the ladder was from eons ago and that was also green (what's with the green?) and as you can see, I've painted it black and added new hardware.  The piece holding various rolls of paper and wrapping is our old mailbox.  The antique cabinet is the very special hand-me-down from my mom.
Now looking to the left a little more, here's my desk.
Sitting on the top shelf of my desk, next to my basket of materials holder, is that precious and inspiring folder holder from The Cutting Cafe
YEAH, feng shui at last!!
The desk against the wall I found at the Salvation Army (Which I just typed incorrectly as Salivation; even though I did salivate when I saw they only wanted $10 for it.)  I
I LOOOVE the big huge corner desks that you see in ads, but I couldn't justify spending all that money if I already had a desk and a table, SO, I somehow managed to corner it fairly well and now I have double the work space. 
And turning to the left side of the room.  
The black armoire (which used to be...can you guess the color? Yep, green) and the cream cubicle piece that I found on the street one trash day.  The container holding my ink pads is an old cassette holder and then just some fun stuff that the kids made me and things that make me happy to decorate with.
The closet
Plastic shoe organizer on the inside of the right door is a great way to hold your cards when you need a place to store them.
And that's that... my hodgepodge studio.  
I've just loved having you in my craft room for a visit. I hope you've enjoyed yourself.

All DT projects are posted at The Cutting Cafe Blog on the 7th and 21st of each month. We'd love for you to visit and be sure to leave a comment for Regina. She selects one lucky person to receive 3 FREE files of their choice!

Hugs and Happy Organizing,
Lisa x


Regina Easter said...

Lisa my friend I just love you to pieces...we have never even met in person but you are by far one of my favorite crafty people....I am in awe at what you did with the file project....genius my on to the room....I simply love welcoming ...I am getting ready to have a cup of coffee and I could just sit in your space and soak up the your style....hugs

Chrissy said...

Hi! Lisa...what a wonderful and classy room you have to play tidy and love all your finds with the furniture and the re vamp of everything..your file folder box holder with the tab dividers is perfect and will be handy for organising stuff and things.
I do wish sometimes that I had a space with more walls instead of windows as my stuff has to stay low, but it works okay.


Jane said...

What a great craft room Lisa, everything in its place,brilliant. Great file folder and so useful too. The year is racing by......hugs xx

Jenny Marples said...

Loving the look round your gorgeous craft room! SO tidy and organised and I love how you've upcycled so many 'throw away' items. The treatment you've given your new file system is fantastic; that altered metal foil looks incredible now you've 'aged' it and treating the interiors differently gives it a real upmarket look. So many clever ideas - I'll have your gorgeous space in my mind constantly now as I strive to upgrade my room. Will have to show you round too!!! Enjoy your wonderful room. Jenny xxx

Sandy said...

Great studio Lisa and I know you are tickled with your new file holder.
You have always been such a creative recycle artist. I often wondered how you had so much time to go treasure hunting. Two of my grand daughters will get things out of their Mother's recycle bin to make craft projects with. Nicole has even been known to collect litter from the beach to make her "art". Brilliant idea with the mail box.
My craft room is in our smallest bedroom too and the closet in there is not nearly as nice as your closet. It is a lot smaller.
Now I don't want you to panic but Halloween is close - like really close. Don't tell me you can't make anything scary cause I know that you can!!!!
Sandy xx

butterfly said...

Oh I do love a craft space tour! Wonderful to get a peek inside your beautifully remodelled room - you've worked wonders altering all the various pieces of furniture to create a warm, welcoming, inspiring workspace. All the storage is fab - from your fabulous distressed musical file folders (love that curly wire on the top), to the Salivatory desk (what a steal!) to the wonderful cream cubicle (you found it on the street? I need to move to a different neighbourhood), to having those big built-in cupboard doors which you can close all the mess behind if you need to in a hurry!

Brilliant! Now it's time to enjoy yourself in there...
Alison xx

Jeanne J. said...

OMG! I love peeking into your new magical place. I love thinking of you surrounded by so many neat things - I wish I had an eye for repurposing the way you do. Every single thing is custom and unique to you Lisa. I know I will be stopping back again to peek around more. Lots of clever ideas and wondrous things (one of your buckets should say that.. wondrous)! Your little piece of heaven on earth! Now if you can find everything when you start making!

McCrafty's Cards said...

Lisa my dear you are a girl after my own heart, i am a collector of all sorts of things and I love to get round all the local cheap shops and charity shops and finding a bargain, your files are fabulous but I think you may need a few more for more stuff and things, wonderful project and wonderful roon
Kevin xx

Tammy said...

Oh can I just come to your house and sit in your craft room? Damn girl, its terrific. Each little nook and formerly green cranny is so well organized. Just a little piece of heaven right down the hall! Your dividers are a terrific addition and add just the perfect touch!

Sarah said...

What a fabulous crafty space Lisa...can I come and stay!!? Love those holders!! xx

Paper Profusion said...

I LOVE your room Lisa, it is so happy, calm and inspiring. Yep you have it all just so and under control over there! I'd love a corner unit too and your duo desk is brilliant. Especially love all your labels and those empty frames are cool. Wish I could visit to peek around more but it was lovely doing a twirl with you! You have definitely given me the heave ho to try and get my own space in much nicer ship shape order. Love your fabby files too. Happy weekend! Nicola x

Anonymous said...

Wow Girl You Rocked the lot!
LOVE the Stuff and things organiser but I LOVE love love your new finished crafty space well done bringing it all together and LOVE the ladder and your Moms sideboard looks just awesome there too! hugs and LOVE me!

PS you ok for me visiting next week?
tehehhee Mwah!

Tracy said...

It's total zen Twang! I'm going to have to start searching the sides of the roads for all these treasures you keep finding. I would love to have your little crafty space. Hugs!
P.S. I think the mouse and elephant worked together at the circus so they're kosher. LOL

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

It's so clean...I hate you! Not really, but I'm jealous! My space is the most undone it's ever been. Actually, the whole house is. I just can't seem to get it all done right now. I LOVE your new organization for your magazines and papers too! Great alteration!!! Your space is just beautiful and functional...I LOVE it!!!

Mitralee said...

I LOVE IT!!!! OMG! I am so happy you have a space that is so comfortable! Super pretty! And the black...makes me happy! All so pretty! I need to have a little heart to heart with my room soon myself...A little too much work has happened in there lately and not enough glitter...and then there is the dusting to attend to! Really love what you made for THE CUTTING CAFE! I love that you have all three of them together! And made the tabs! Hugs!

Ina G said...

OMG Lisa that talent just keeps on ooooooooozing our of your fingers. Love love love your latest project and that craft room is just sooooo inviting. Can I come and play? Love coming over to check out your oooozings lol

Samra said...

What a wonderful make Lisa, and your studio is oh so pretty and organized! Love it!

Karon said...

Firstly - I love that organiser - where's yours cause that one is already in the post to me - isn't it?! I love love your eclectic craft room - it is beautiful! TFS and have a great week.

Pia S said...

A very decorative and practical project, something we all could need. Looking great!

Doris E said...

You are great, I love the way you decorated the file box and i really love how the wire looks.

Angeline Choo said...

Loved how you made the boxes together!! And your crafty room looks so beautiful :)

Adventures in Paperland said...

I love it all L2, the file folder boxes are awesome and your craft room is fantabulous girl. I'm with Anita, a little jealous because it's so clean lol. You are the upcycle queen!!! :)

Ruthie Lopez said...

OMG!!! what a great project!! Love it!!! your scraproom well so perfect!!! I so love it!!!

Margaret said...

I'm having massive room envy right now... What a fun and inspiring place to create! I'm thinking all of that hunter green may have come from my first home! That was quite the color in the 90's! I love the organizer that started all of this (stuff and things-hehe!), and the corner desk is such a great idea. I was hoping to come across a good deal when the time comes to set up my room, but I think I like your idea better. That way I can rearrange in the future without being tied to a large piece of furniture!