Monday, April 18, 2011

You Made Me Ink Meets Mojo and Marilyn

Monday's don't have to be sadness due to the loss of the weekend and the dread of a new work week because at Mojo Monday, you can begin the week with a wonderful sketch that will encourage and inspire you to get through the day and head right home to stamp and create!  
 Well, them and coffee ;)

I chose to use the Inspiration Image on my blog along with Mojo's sketch. 
Here's the sketch and link.

Here's the image from my blog

Here's the trio's outcome...

It's different, but sometimes, different is a good thing!

Happy Monday


Scrumplescrunch said...

Well done Lisa for going outside the square, I am all for different, but you know this is a fabulous card.

Maire Gamber said...

I really like this. You did a great job.... and yes... different is a very good thing!

Alice said...

so fun! this is fabulous, Lisa!