Thursday, April 21, 2011

BFF Stampin' Corner Challenge 8 (Sentimental Journey)

This weeks BFF Challenge was decided by me and I thought it would be fun to combine two other random blog challenges as our own challenge.
I picked Lily Pad's How To video on Movement and Dimensions.

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The other blog challenge is from Papertake for Spots and Stripes.

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As I began designing in my head, the concept for my card, I kept humming this one particular song, and then it all clicked.
Here's a little background...
When I was very little, my grandfather nicknamed me Bird because he said that every time they fed me, I would get so excited and flap my arms.   It reminded him of a bird; hence, today I'm 41 and still called Bird.  I spent a great deal of time with my grandparents growing up and was exposed to a lot of 1940 and 50's music.  I absolutely LOVE those eras of music!
My grandfather passed away many years ago, when I was only a teenager, but I still think of him all the time and go back to the memories that he made for me.  I am so fortunate to still have my grandmother with me and since she reads this blog frequently...

Here's to you Grandma and Grandpa,
Thank you for all your love and support.
Thank you for all the culture and experiences.
Thank you for the guidance and encouragement.
Thank you for the best memories a granddaughter could have.

I love you both so very much!!!

 Sentimental Journey (the song I was humming)

My card...

And here is, my BFF, Jennifer's beautiful card!


Maire Gamber said...

This is so beautiful... the card, the sentiment and your story......
I am speechless!

Jennifer said...

With some tears, I love your card!! :) We love you too Grandma and Grandpa!! :)

Debs said...

Beautiful card - love the post too.
Thanks for sharing it with us at PTW this week.
Good luck