Thursday, January 26, 2012

Whoops...Date Night!!!

It's Friday night and you've just come home from work.  Your special someone walks through the door and finds you staring blankly into the freezer.

Did you forget to thaw something out or was this maneuver intentional?  

 You maintain your position, being ever cautious to not over exaggerate the pitiful expression of indecision on your face.   You emit a lightly audible exhale....
Then you wait.
By your third shifting of the body into even more pathetic stances and the exhaling having increased in volume,
He finally says,
"Hey...why don't we just go out to dinner!"
At which point you profess his genius insight and spontaneity and place this card in his hand.

What he didn't know is that you rolled out of bed on Monday, certain the last place you wanted to be after a long day on Friday, was at the stove.
So, you've made reservations at your favorite restaurant and pre-ordered the movie tickets on line and then made him a date night card!!

Using the wonderful images over at

 Absolutely wonderful vintage images that can be used for so many occasions.
Stop by and see what Ignacio has new in his store today too!!

So happy you stopped by.
Have a great day and remember, it's ALMOST Friday!!
Lisa xx


Hanneke said...

Haha, so funny. Love this card, such sweet ducklings. Hugs, Hanneke

Unknown said...

Hehehe, love how you add a story to go along with your crafty project. This is a cute image and I need to check these folks out. BTW, love that big bow!!!

Lisa Jane said...

oh lol.. love your story.. and what a fab idea for the card .. that image is brilliant
Lisa x

Mary J said...

He he he!!!! My husband would never have got a hint like that!!

What a fab card, totally beautiful!

Scrumplescrunch said...

Hello Q
Your humorous idiosyncratic wit is so engaging and captivates your reader wonderfully with your narrative posts, and I seriously think you should become a writer.
Have you thought about this at any stage? Because plainly you have talent and you should recognise and discover what you have.
Your card is delightfully illustrated my friend.

Marie-Louise said...

Brilliant - I love it.

Sandy S said...

Love it Lisa! I can just see it all transpiring! BRILLIANT! :) LOL my DH would offer to make is specials... Kraft Dinner or Guacamole dip... LOL
I'm now planning my Friday... :)

Sandy S

Nicecrane Designs said...

Woww,wowww,,,,horraayyyy for Lisa,,,.Love the funny card and the story,,,,,so cute, so unique,,,,thanks a million Lisa

richardbreaks said...

THIS is an idea I plan to use OFTEN!!! LOL!!
Thanks for the tip, Lisa!
This card couldn't be more adorable. I love me some ducklings!

Elaine Stark said...

Love the story and the card. I wonder if I could pull this off tonight!!!! Elaine

Margaret said...

I was laughing as I read this thinking how many times I've used this (not the date night-I'm nowhere near that organized!)hoping that I won't have to cook! Now I think I need to do this w/ the whole date night thing just to throw DH off balance! Can't have him figuring out how my mind works!!
I love how you took the sweet ducklings image to a completely different place and even had the story line to go with it! Fantastic coloring and LOVE the bow!!

Shelby said...

You do this too? Works every time doesn't it and they still haven't figured it out! Great design and amazing creativity and wit!


Mitralee said...

Miss Lisa from Kansas! Love it! Great job as always.

You ready to teach me some copics from a very long way off? I am now the proud owner of one. As in, one marker! :-)

'Lil package heading your way. Hubby stuffed it in the mailbox with money this morning.