Thursday, January 19, 2012

You Say It Like It's A Bad Thing...

Thanks, Mom!
Tonight, my post is about women. 

I have met some truly amazing and inspiring ladies while doing this blog.  Unbelievable the stories and history and personal experiences that I've been told or read about.  I really find it so difficult to put into words the respect and admiration that I have for all of them.
Some of them will be reading this and know that I am speaking of them and others may know of someone who this rings true for as well.

Every one of you has such a unique and individual story to tell and many times that comes out in your creations.  
For your imagination, inspiration, words of wisdom, thought for the week, humorous antidotes, instruction and guidance, hilarious rants, sincere sentiments and your realness expressed in your own little personal blogs of the world,....
Thank you!

You have enriched my life even more and it's been a fabulous journey and I truly look forward to the future with you all.

That being said, I would like to share a short story of a very special woman in my life,
my mom.
42 years ago, at a very young age, she gave birth to a happy healthy, bouncing baby girl. should have seen her...she was just ADORABLE!!  The cutest little thing... Haha..okay fine, ...back to mom.
As a reward for being a young mother, the education system thought it would be best if she was expelled from High School. 

So, there she was 16, new mom, newly married and now what.....
The short of it;  she got her GED, she went to college, she got a degree in nursing, worked terribly odd and long hours, got divorced,  became a single parent, counted pennies, bought a beautiful home, remarried, divorced again, single parent, got her master's degree, remarried to a real keeper and now has the most amazing job.  She travels, give speeches, incredibly involved with the community and selflessly gives of her self to the needy, the elderly, animals of all kinds, and to her family.  
(Special note: When I got married I asked her to walk me down the aisle)

My incentive for today's project is because of her and how much she has taught me. Not just by words, but by her actions; even in the worst and hardest of times, she never gave up and I'm so proud of her.
I know that life threw some real curve balls at her and for most of her life, she put her dreams and passions and interests aside just to take care of me and provide a home for us.
Well, just last week she called and for the first time, she is going to do something just for her.
She is getting ready to open up her very own antique store!
This is something that she's wanted to do for years and I just couldn't be happier!
She's going to call it:
Bucket List Antiques!
Now if that isn't perfect, I don't know what is.

So Mom,
here's to you for all the "icky" things you had to do for so many years to make my life wonderful...
 As well as a little retro humor that I know you can appreciate in vintage Dick and Jane style...
Yes, I wrote this sentiment myself.
Can anyone else relate?
Plus 3 fun magnets to go on the fridge!

Me and my wonderful mom, Penny!

Never apologize for feeling like you could have been a better mom.  
You showed me what being a mother is all about.  It's about being human, not being perfect. It's about living life; whatever it brings.  It's about loving; with whatever means you have to show it.  It's about the journey and what an amazing one it's been with you!
I love you, Mom!!

Every time I hear this song, I think of my mom and how incredibly complex and amazing she is.  
Okay, enough sappy stuff now...
SONG TRIBUTE to all the kick ass women out there who completely ROCK and are always an inspiration to me!

Thank you also Pamela for these AMAZING images on all my projects above.
You can find them here at Free Vintage Digital Stamps.


Margaret said...

Oh WOW! Let me dry my eyes and blow my nose and I'll get down to the business of commenting on this AWESOME post!! OK, I'm better now!
Not personally knowing your mom, but knowing you (sort of, in a Blogland, sisterhood kind of way), I can only come to the conclusion that she is fabulous to have such an appreciative and loving daughter! She has quite the impressive living resume and I am so glad to hear that she is living her dream!

Your creations are wonderful and clever as always and I love the Penny card! I also don't think you could have found a better song! I never appreciated the lyrics to this when it first came out, but as a more 'mature' woman, I can definitely relate!

BTW- I love the picture! It is begging to be scrapbooked!!! (another new years resolution??) Also curious, does this mean today is your birthday or just walking down memory lane?

Lisa Minckler said...

Thank you Margaret. :) No, not my birthday, just happy that she's finally doing something she's always wanted to do. It just inspires me. :)
So what, that makes 3 resolutions now? LOL

Shelby said... always make me laugh! You are so damn witty! Way to go Dory Bird's mom...rock the antiques and have a blast doing it. Dory...seems like your mom did a fantastic job though maybe she should've let up on the lead based paint she used on your crib and your walls:)!! Great tribute to your mom, and I'm sure she'll just love it


Scrumplescrunch said...

Oh Quirks, what a truly delightful post, you have left nothing out there as regards your feelings towards the most important person (and always will be) in your life. When your Mum reads this she will be a little dewy-eyed, but also very very proud of you!
I wish her every success in her new adventure, and after reading her short history I am confident she will make this work, she has the advantage of having support this time around, perhaps the curve balls have levelled them selves out and only straight roads ahead from here on in.
You are a very special person Lisa, I am so thrilled to have found you, whatever your Mum did she should bottle it, as ones like you do not come around too often.
The photo of you both is wonderful, but I don't know who is who..... you look like sisters.
Love the Penny Card, and I can relate fully to the sentiment......
Have a most wonderful weekend.

Chrissy said...

Oh! Lisa...what a beautiful have an incredible way with words, and a true inspiration yourself.
Your Mum sounds like a wonderful strong lady and I wish her all the best with her new venture.
You sound like a very proud Mum and I were close and wish I still had her with glad you are with yours, and treasure every day that you have together..lovely photo and you do look like your card and can totally relate to the sentiment..


richardbreaks said...

This is such a lovely tribute. As a child of a 16yo mother myself, I can definitely attest to the craziness of the path that gets followed in a mother's life! PS-Dang, she is so young and beautiful!!

Maria Matter said...

aww, that made me cry...beautiful post Lisa...beautiful Mom too!

Fabulous makes...Run Penny Run, too funny!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Lisa Jane said...

oh what a beautiful post ... your Mum sounds like an amazing lady who has an amazing daughter!
She will love all those projects .. they are humorous but filled with love
Lisa x

Annika said...

Wow Lisa, you did an amazing job putting all your feelings into such beautiful words. You gave me goose-bumbs! Treasure that love!

X Annika

Sandy said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Mom - no wonder you have such a wonderful sense of the ridiculous! You are one funny and talented lady and I feel so lucky to have found you!! Your Mom is soooooo cute but so are you. Best wishes for her new antique store. She is one courageous lady. Love your cards, especially the one about Penny -

Lynn B. said...

Wow! Thank you for allowing us, your readers, in to see your relationship with such a wonderful woman! I've always known she must be special because she raised such a brilliant, creative, funny daughter, but this just adds to my image of her in my mind.

Your cards are absolutely marvelous! I love every one of them, but I have to admit to a special fondness for the Sally card. Awesome!

Please tell your mother that I stopped and said a prayer for her success in her new venture. I'm sure she'll do a fantastic job with her business just as she has with the rest of her life.

All my best to both of you! You are a genuine treasure, Lisa!

Mitralee said...

Seriously dude.

Firstly, you are older than me, giggle!

Secondly, that song bought back MAAAANNNNNYYYY memories.

Thirdly, I love this post. EVERY little bit of it!

I hope someday I'll get one written 'bout me from my daughter...or something similar.

And FOURTH: I LOVE your sense of humor!!!

Mitralee said...

oh and P.S.

YOUR MOM ROCKS! I can tell. Please tell her thanks from me for making you because you are awesome.

Unknown said...

You brought tears to my eyes Lisa, what an amazing woman and you are so lucky to have her... and your projects are stunning as always. Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs xxx

Mary J said...

Oh Lisa, I had tears streaming down my face by the time I even got to the masters degree! What an amazing woman - achieved so much and brought up kids! She is a special woman and has done a brilliant job in bringing you up - cos you're very special too! Thx for bringing such laughter in my life - even though I haven't even met you!!!!

Your makes are so wonderful - so professional! A talented lady like your mum!!


Anonymous said...

Lisa you so amaze me your creative writing even the post about you getting eaten by your bed had me in tears but this post well!!!!!!! HIP Hip HORAY! for you and 3 more for your FAN_BLINLING _Tastic Mommy! Great read but even greater being the amazing mom she is and giving you such a fab act to follow! way to go girls! LOVE your creations too! hugs me x

Unknown said...


thanks for stopping by my blog, and taking the time to leave a comment on my post.

I stopped by to say thank you but as I read this post I decided to become a new follower. I to have a lot to thank my Mom for and your story reminded me of this. Mom's are wonderful and inspiring; by the sounds of it you have yourself a good one.

Can't wait to see what you do next,


Marie-Louise said...

Absolutely marvellous - all of it. How very proud your Mom must feel to have a grateful daughter who appreciates all her hard work. I wish your Mom every success in her new business.

Mynn xx said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! :) So glad to have found another Kansan! New follower--this post is amazing and I love your creations! Good luck to your fabulous mom in her new venture!

Stampindamour said...

Lisa - OMG! Girlfriend! This is so darn creative and your posting was beautifully written and so heartfelt! {applause!}

You have such an awesome sense of humor and I admire your fantastic creations that reflect your unique wittiness - Simply FABULOUS!!!

I am "feelin' the love" for your retro creation! {Thanks for posting the FVDS link!} I'll post this on FB and Pinterest. xo

-pamela :)

Marie-Louise said...

Just to say Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. The ribbon is sooooo easy. Here is a tutorial if this link does not work it is on You tube and is the double bow tutorial by jak heath. Another very easy one is on the Video Tutorials on and she does a chocolate box bow. Marie-Louise

Leanne said...

Oh Lisa, this actually bought a tear to my eye reading it - what an amazing post about your mum. She does sound like a truly amazing lady.

Good luck to her with her new shop - will we get to see pictures?

Leanne xx

Lisa Minckler said...

Absolutely, I will post pictures!!! :D
Thank you Leanne.

Michelle said...

What a wonderful post Lisa, your Mum sounds like an amazing woman. I wish her all the best with her store (what a fantastic name!).

Very inspirational story.

Michelle :o)

Unknown said...

Yes indeed, I missed something. What a marvelous way to let your Mom know how proud you are of her. Your post has evoked so much emotion for me right now. I love the fact that there is a sisterhood in this blogland that we all find ourself in. In the real world people seem disconnected but here you can find some peace and treasure what is important and good in life. What a lucky mom and what an even luckier daughter. A very big high five to your mom for mastering the adversity in her life and what joy to know that she has found personal happiness. It's good to know that she is young enough to enjoy this new stage in her life and that you guys have so much to look forward to. I am also glad that you shared the picture with us and I know you've already heard that you favor your Mom which is a good thing because she is beautiful.
As for the crafty goodies on this post I love all of it and the graphics are too funny. Just love 'em and they provided a much needed laugh.
Big hugs to you, my friend, and best of luck to your mom in her new adventure!

Tracey said...

What a wonderful post Lisa. You brought tears to my eyes. I can see (hear!) why you are so very proud of your Mum, she sounds like an amazing lady. Am sure you take after her.

Lucia said...

This is simply AMAZING Lisa!
You know what? I decided i will get a tattoo - and it's gonna be my mom's favourite flower :-D
long life to every mom! :)))

Hanneke said...

Thank you for sharing this. I love how strong your mom was, even at age 16. She sounds like an amazing woman and I love how you talk (well, write lol) about her. I love my mom too and admire her for all she has done for me and my sister. Hugs, Hanneke