Monday, January 30, 2012

You Make Me Happy...

I swear it was right here a second ago...I just saw it!
If anyone finds out what happened to January, could you please let me know!
Oh and those 4 socks that went MIA in the wash; liked to find them too.
At least I can count on one thing sticking around and being a constant and that's the incredibly amazing and fantastical linky parties at
Joining us for this week's challenge is our Sponsor
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Drum roll please....
Tracey from 
A Crafty Fox 
who designed this hysterical card!
Love the design, but you REALLY should read this post to understand the images better and get a good giggle.
This card was a reminder for me that stamping is the art of creating VERY personal sentiments fit for just the recipient that you'll never find in a card store.
Great card Tracey!!

Here's another version of my card
I think I might be the last person on earth to purchase Tim Holtz products.  I've drooled over them forever, but finally spoiled myself at Christmas with a few fun products.  I've used the TH musical embossing folder here and thought that "You are my Sunshine" would be a fun card to make to complement the background.  
I attempted the vintage distressed look that Tim speaks of when using his inks.  So excited to try it, I completely jumped over the "spritz" with water and went right to bathe.  A bit smudgy, but it's what I get for waterlogging my card.
Threw on a few embellishments, drew and cut out the clouds on graph paper, stamped the U, and typed the rest of the sentiment on the PC.  

Ok, that's it for me on this front, but I'm so happy you stopped by.
Hope life is treating you well and your ideas and creativity are endless. :)
Please stop by MAKE IT MONDAY and say hi and share with us any creation, old or new, that you'd like to inspire us with.
We'd love to see them!!
Lisa xx


Mary J said...

Another original card by you honey - just lvoe your clouds!!! And how you used the snowflake punch too!!

have a wonderful week honey!

M xxxxx

Chrissy said...

Fabulous card Lisa, love the snowflake sun..and you have lost the socks FOREVER...the sock monster got them..he lives in the back of the washing machine, nasty little beggar...and great pick from last week, I read Tracey's post, so much fun..


Michelle said...

LOL, Oh Lisa I had a right old chuckle over Tracey's card!! And you are so right about it being the best part of card making when you can create something perfectly personalised for a loved one.

Your card this week is amazing!! I love how you have created the clouds on the graph paper, really effective and the sun with the snowflake punch, brilliant idea!!

I must set you straight though, you are not the last person to buy Tim Holtz products, that would be me, lol. I'm still at the drooling stage and thinking that I could never be so talented as to do any of his products justice.

Michelle :o)

Shirley-Anne said...

Lisa , your card is awesome .love the U and the music background .
And what a fun card from Tracey.

Lisa Jane said...

Oh Lisa... you are definitely a ray of sunshine in my life... especially today when i am feeling rough lol!
Your card is fabulous .. i love those little clouds !
Keep it up!
Lisa x

Aud said...

What a lovely card you have on the MIM blog but your cards on your blog are all lovely, lots of inking and layouts etc all great .Aud x

Anonymous said...

Hey hunny your totally ingenious! LOVE the distressing and it does not look muddy to me! you have had fun and there is no right or wrong way to play with TH products! every time you play with them you get something different! yay! LOVE your sun and the graph paper clouds too! and you know what! I am even gonna pop over to MIM and add my card there too! xx hugs me xx

Anonymous said...

Oh and Got so carried away! forgot to say! NO idea where the 4 socks are and Buggered if I know where the heck January went either really annoying I Was gonna do so much in January! TUT tehhehhee

Renkata said...

Very original and awesome card Lisa.

Leanne said...

WOW hun - this card is absolutely gorgeous!! I love it!

Leanne xxx

Irina said...

Lisa, the snowflake sun rays - how creative! Your imagination amazes me! Hugs,


Scrumplescrunch said...

Hello Q
I think this is the first card I have seen of yours that has no image, but the card still has a wonderful appeal, the earthy Bg is warm along with the subtle pink palette, and then your eyes read the word 'sunshine.'and you are correct in stating it compliments the Bg. There is definitely a smidgen of vintage about the card.
Perfect for a Man, wish I could do Man cards......

Mitralee said...

just for you I went and counted the clean socks in my laundry basket that are all missing their mates....16 poor socks...I suggested yesterday I might dump them all and start fresh...with new sad and homeless socks...I too am also missing most of January....but, the good news is that your card was able to lift my spirits! I was dwelling on missing socks, but now, I am happy! Happy to have someone who will be equally addicted to Tim Holtz! Although, one does wonder if Tim Holtz has socks missing their mates....

Lori said...

Love this! How brilliant are you - using the snowflake punch for the sun's rays?

Margaret said...

LOL at your pick of the week! That is awesome, especially since I've been there!)
Your card is too creative! The sun, the clouds, and the music note BG!! I think your bathed ink looks lovely!
I am guilty of drooling without purchase as well...I'm still a little intimidated by the shabby style...
As far as the missing month, not a clue! I just got caught up at work from last month, and here I go again! I'm impressed that you only have 4 missing socks! I actually have a little basket on my dryer for the mates I hope will turn up someday... Hugs to you MH!!

Tracey said...

Awww, feeling very lucky to be your pick of the week Lisa. Am glad my silly Valentine was able to give you a laugh.

Rose said...

Hi Lisa, your cards are gorgeous, I love the embossing and the sun in the corner!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comments, knitting is quite different to crochet, I've always knitted but recently been learning to crochet, it took me ages to get the hang of holding the yarn!

Rose x

Unknown said...

Wow and Wow these cards are spectacular and so classy!!!! Love the colors and the design!!!! You did a fabulous job with the tim Holtz!!!! Way to go on 2 stunning cards Lisa!!!!!

Jan Ltc said...

Love this I'm so pleased I saw it on MIm xx Jan

Nicecrane Designs said...

Wowwww, so creative,,,so different,,,,,love the way you use the U type.

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Hi Lisa. Great job on the card...this is so amazing! I love the papers used. Saw this on Make it Monday and saw your lovely comments on my blog :) You have some beautiful work, thanks for the inspiration! I am now your newest follower :)

*~řäđĥïķã~* said...

this is stunning, I love that pink clolor and how u used the letter "U" thanks for dropping by my blog and the wonderful comments. I am now following your blog right away :)