Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dude, Man, Guy Card...

I love when my kids come home from school and tell me about their days and all the things that happened.  On a rare occasion, I actually hear what they learned.  One particular day my son and daughter were telling me about a new kid that just moved here.  They described him as really nice and sort of a surfer type.  The first day it was pretty cool the way he would address someone he wanted to talk to,  but after about two weeks of hearing, "Dude, Man, Guy" at the beginning of each sentence, it started to drive them a bit bonkers.  
"Dude, Man, Guy...guess what? Guess what?"  "Dude, Man, Guy.... hey wait up!"  "Dude, Man, Guy, why you walking so fast?"  "Dude, Man, Guy....hey where you guys going?"  You get the idea.    It's a small town, so the other kids have sort of broke him in now and let him know that we don't live by the beach and we never see waves and he won't be hanging 1o anytime soon, so it's okay to call them by their names.  This kid is really sweet, but it's now become a catch phrase for us when we refer to something masculine.
So, here's my Dude, Man, Guy card.
 This is Frederic chillin' in a hammock and he's part of the DT collection over at
Make It Monday
Where we are having our 76th open linky party!!
So come on over and see the amazing DT inspiration and share with us any of your projects, old or new!
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Before you go though, I'd like to share with you this amazing inspiration, my....

PICK OF THE WEEK...(I cheated, there's 3!)
There's like a mega overflow of talent every week and picking just one is just too difficult! I'd rather do laundry endlessly than narrow it down to a single choice.  So, since it's the month of love, I'm gonna love on 3 people.  
Check 'em out!
Pick #1
Tracy MacDonald at
I Wanna Build a Memory
 Pick #2
Mansi at
Creative Vision By Mansi
 Pick #3
Irene at
i-Create Cards & Crafts

Excuse me while I wipe the drool up real quick....
See what I mean?  Amazing talent.  I'm blown away.
Thank you ladies for sharing your incredible skills!!

I'm like totally stoked that you dudes came by man.  Mahalo for the visit brah and don't forget to chillax over at Make It Monday with the bodacious gnarly challenge.  It's gonna be da mamie to the max!!!
Lisa xxx


Scrumplescrunch said...

Hello Q
This is one great Dude, Man, Guy card! You have kept the design to a minimum re embellishments so the main focus is on the image and colour work, and because you have done this so very very well it is so works.
I respect and admire all who make Man cards as I am so tragic in this area, and this is no exaggeration, I am all up for Challenging myself but Man cards are a bridge too far......
You always throw a curve ball my way when I least expect it and come up with a creation that is just plain engaging; Frederic is amazing.

Unknown said...

Great card Dude!


Maire Gamber said...

Wow! Lour DT crd is a FAB DUDE!. Your background coordinates perfect with the texture of the trees! Love the story!

All the cards are just drop dead gorgeous! Wow! Make It Monday is fantastic!

Marie XX

Shirley-Anne said...

AWESOME! Another funny and interesting post from you Lisa M.
Love the image and your colouring for your cool dude card.
Your 3 picks from last week are splendid examples of the talent that gets shared with us each week.

Chrissy said...

WOW!! man that is sooo cool dude, you know what I'm it man, you rock..awesome colouring..

Love your picks from last week too,


richardbreaks said...

Dude....rockin' card. Totally gnarly. Bringin' "gnarly" back. Rock it!

Karen said...

Hehehe I love reading your posts so very much hun and this is another one that has me smiling. :0)
Love your card with a passion!
Love your pick of the weeks too (and there was me feeling greedy going with two! LOL.)
Hugs to you.

Stampindamour said...

All FABULOUS!!! xo

-pamela :)

Margaret said... the card! Are those eyelets I see?! I forgot I had those!!! This is a great guy card and I love the manly wood grain and twine! Your picks of the week are amazing and definitely pick worthy!!
Every time I hear 'dude' I think of The Big Lebowski... I think I may have to rename you 'The Dude'! Thanks for another fun and entertaining post!!
BTW-Journey was probably a pretty accurate guess!

Tracy said...

Awesome dude, man, guy card Lisa! You know, I live by the ocean and nobody down here talks like that. Must be a west or east coast thing. :-)
Love all the rustic goodness on this card. VERY guy!
Thanks so much for the pick of the week. You're a sweetheart! Hugs!

Mary J said...

Gorgeous picks Lisa! ANd your card is amazing - look at that amazing colouring!! Gorgeous as usual!

Teresa Arsenault said...

This card rocks, Lisa. I love the twine and how the background looks like a tree trunk. Very cool.

Michelle said...

Like, totally gnarlatious dude!!

And your picks this week are rad man!

Michelle :o)

Marjorie said...

I came bye to see your MIM card, and got so engrossed in your lovely posts, I forgot to leave you a little love on your MIM's lovely, love how you have matched the paper with the are clever he! he! Love your picks of the week too,
I love the one by Tracy..such a gorgeous image, and design..the other two are just as hard to choose..I can see your dilemma lol!!
Biggest hugs,

Tamie said...

Fantastic Dude, Man card! I love, the colors you used and the way you colored it. So glad I saw it over at MIM and thanks so much for your beautiful comment on my blog. You are wonder. Have an amazing day :)