Saturday, February 11, 2012

Roses Are Red and Way Too Expensive...

Hello, hello, hello!
It's been a few days since my last post, but brace yourself, there's a boat load coming up!
I hope this weekend day finds you all well with wonderful plans or absolutely no plans; which can be a great thing!  
Picked my kids and some of  their friends up after the school dance last night and headed off to see The Woman In Black. This, after I had watched The Orphanage at home.  Loved the Orphanage, even if it had subtitles and there were parts of The Woman In Black that about had me jumping out of my skin.  Thought I braved it pretty well until I had to give some kids a ride home.  When I asked, "Where do you live?" and the response was, "Way out in the country, across the road from the cemetery" I vowed today would be nothing but comedies! 
So moving on to happy stuff like my card...
The Rose 
The petals and leaves have been paper pieced and layered in some spots. The rose is colored with Copics and pearls were added to the ribbon for a bit o' ooh-la-la. 
Well, it's nearly here.  The day o' love.  I cringe to think the amount of money that will be spent on store bought cards, but nevertheless, love will be professed and flowers will be displayed, chocolates will be devoured and bling will be blunged.  
I think that's sweet...
I'm from the country and I've always told my husband that I can't stand the thought of watching a bunch of money wither up and die in a vase of water.  As pretty as it is, I just don't see the logic in it.  I'd much rather spend the money and go out as a family.
Take for instance the year we celebrated redneck style.
I got online and bought front row tickets for all of us to go see the Monster Truck Jam.
Valentines Day in your blue jeans and a trash bag over your shirt, a crowd of drunk howlers behind you, Grave Digger roaring by and mud flying everywhere!
I know you're asking, well how did you top that romantic evening off?  
We finished it by going to Bass Pro for dinner and a side appetizer of alligator.
Now THAT is a Valentine's Day to remember!

However you choose to spend time with the one(s) you love, I hope you have a most excellent and rememberable one.

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Thanks so much for stopping in and be sure to look for your Valentine gift from me on the way out.  It's the scantily clad rugged man standing by the door delivering your singing-telegram and a holding a coupon for cook's night off! 

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Have a wonderful day...
Lisa xx


Stampindamour said...

Lisa - what a sweet card!

OMG! All the posting about food has made me hungry...time for a snack! xo

-pamela ;)

Scrumplescrunch said...

Ha! Your family will never get bored with you in their lives Q, you are a special one indeed and I only wish there were more like you....... Great Post.
This card you have made is one out of the Box, I am loving every thing about it, the striking Rose which oozes with love and passion, just delights the senses and stimulates the mind. The colour is so intense it has a certain element of promise!!!!!
Placing it on a rich Brown Bg connects it to the earth, so symbolically grounds you, but then you soften it up by placing a soft neutral ribbon, it is unexpected but it all works beautifully.
I am with you re Valentines Day, in NZ we do not celebrate to the degree of Americans, and I hope we never will, I tell my Rob I love him everyday, we don't need a special day, as all our days are special with each other.
Sounds schmaltzy but true.

Margaret said...

Loving the coloring and piecing on your rose, and the distressed edges on the base!
LOL at the chauffeuring story! Years ago(in high school!), several of us watched Children of the Corn at a friend's house. I had to drive home on a road w/ corn fields on both sides. I about peed my pants that night!!
I'm with you on the extravagance of V-day! We usually go out to eat as a family then watch movies at home, that's if DH isn't working! I only received roses once and that was because DD #1 was born on the 13th. I about killed him when I found out how much the flowers cost!

Tracy said...

First off before I forget to say, your card looks amazing! The layering is prettier than any paint job Grave Digger ever sported fir sure! :-)
Now....okay, these post are going to send me to the hospital with a busted gut. LOL
You big scardey cat! I can say that cause I never watch those horror movies and put all those thoughts in my head. hee hee Good thing I don't cause I'd have probably told those kids to get out and hoof it home! :-)
Your V-Day adventure is priceless! Did you clip off a piece of one of those mud splattered bags to keep as a souvenier? Maybe a bib from the restaurant for dinner ala alligator? Too funny!
Oh by the way, thanks for the V-day prezzie. Tall dark and handsome's a fresh one ain't he. MWAHAHAHA

Chrissy said...

Hi! Lisa...gorgeous the rose, so very pretty,and the o'ooh la-la-pearls are o'ooh-la-la lovely.
Valentines day...never had flowers or a card for Valentines in all my life...would rather tag along with you to the monster truck jam...but I'll skip the alligator thanks.....had that for


Marie-Louise said...

Marvellous card - the rose is great and set against the lovely background. I'm afraid my husband is sadly lacking in the romance/flowers/valentines department but he does take me out for dinner every Friday night so I'm not complaining.

Unknown said...

This is really elegant Lisa, and so pretty... my hubby loves to buy me flowers, but I'm like you, I just think it's a waste of money, and of course I don't tell him this as I see him so happy buying them and appreciate the thought :) xx

LaJanette said...

Great card Lisa!

I love your Valentine story, I too don't care to receive flowers, chocolate I am a sucker for though!

Hope you have an awesome day!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I would to receive what ever he thought of for me! lol! hmmmmm what if anything will he bring?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I would to receive what ever he thought of for me! lol! hmmmmm what if anything will he bring?

Betty said...

Wonderful card love the deep red of the rose and the pretty paper.
Have a lovely love day.
Betty x x