Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Take Deep Breaths And Make A Card...

I don't know what inspires you to make cards; whether it's perusing blogs, magazines, sketches, photographs, music, etc.  The possibilities are pretty much endless.

This DT card I made for Top Tip Tuesday's Challenge was inspired by a young teenage girl in my home who recently had her phone taken hostage.  Said child, whom I love and adore, and yes, I continued to remind myself of this by stating with deep breaths, "I love her, I love her, I love her..." so as not to completely erupt; until a certain bedroom no longer looked like an F-5 tornado had wreaked total havoc in her little quadrant of the world.
I used to go to the movies for entertainment, but since becoming the mother of two teenagers, I've discovered there's quite a bit of amusement in watching the reactions of your kid's faces when you inform them that they've had certain electronic privileges removed.  Have you seen the horror movies where the unsuspecting vampire is exposed to sunlight and instantly they start to wither, smolder and contort in excruciating pain? 
Yep, that's my kids.

I'm happy to announce that her bedroom is spotless and has remained so.  She's only been granted brief visitations with her phone, but after a good amount of time I'm sure they'll be happily reunited.  
Here is a piece of furniture she found while cleaning up and this is my card inspiration.
My daughter and I did a revamp on her armoire.  There was a shelf inside, but we took that out, painted the backboard, and put up a pretty floral contact paper on the sides.  The doors were taken down and she painted the insides with chalkboard paint and then put the knobs back on backwards.  They're pretty and she wanted to see them.
I really love the colors she chose and I don't know if it was the ambiance of this piece or the fact that her room was spotless, but I was inspired.
So what do you do with a butt-load of left over contact paper?

You make a card with it!
The back
 Sticking with the colors of her room and joining it with the challenge at 
Top Tip Tuesday
which is...
and using the wonderful tutorial from our very talented and witty Elaine on her
Flap Opening Card, I made this.

Front left
Front right
 I also wanted to incorporate this cute little bear from one of our sponsors called
Lenny Notes 4, from Stamp Fairy.

My mom and step-father are celebrating their 20th in March and so I thought I'd get an early start making their card.  
Hope you've enjoyed the nutty anecdote of a day in the life of Lisa and the card it inspired and you'll find your way over to 
TOP TIP TUESDAY for our 2 week challenge!
Also, don't forget, mid-way through we have our new,
Caught Our Eye winner as well.
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Hugs and Happy Stamping and Deep Breaths,
Lisa xx


Chrissy said...

So gorgeous Lisa. I love this card and all its bits of beautifulness...Lenny inside looks fabulous, gorgeous colouring..
I boshed my card...couldn't follow the simple instructions and made it wrong..lol...wont stand up...


richardbreaks said...

This card just goes on and on! I am WICKED impressed!!! All of those wonderful tiny elements....too awesome. LURVE!

Scrumplescrunch said...

Hello Q
I know exactly how you feel, escaping to a place where you can just chill out and as you say 'Take a deep Breath'.
There was quite a bit of heavy breathing at my place on Monday too, but it is all sorted now and my kitchen is back to normal.
And if you can create during this time of chaos and upset, it is amazing how everything is not as bad as it first seemed. And like me Q you have made a beautiful card, but unlike me yours is a masterpiece, where as mine is far less creative. I am sure your Mum and Step-dad will adore what you have made, only you will know the circumstances...... there are so many elements and each section so different, it just symbolises how you were feeling at the time.
Roll with it Q, teenagers are always trying to usurp independence, which is a good thing in one way I guess, but they have a habit of losing sight of how their behaviour impinges on other people, and if it happens to be the wrong time of the month then we are all doomed!!!!!

Lynn B. said...

OMGosh, Lisa! You can even make teen angst funny! How do you do it?! Love the card. It's truly a masterpiece. And I love you too! You add so much to my life. Thank you!

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow this is a stunner - i just love all the different elements
Lisa x

Angela said...

What a lovely card you made Lisa.... awesome details!!!

Sandy said...

You are so funny and very good writer. I sure remember having teenagers and now my teenagers have their own teenagers. Quite amusing. Your new card is wonderful - hey! Is that a naked fairy? I do like this card a lot!

Unknown said...

Hey hey,

I'm glad you made this card I have a frame I wanted to do something similar to, but I was stumped about how to put the ribbon, and you have just given me a great idea.



Margaret said...

Only you could take a dramatic teen angst moment and turn it into a magical, mystical, gorgeous card!!!
I thoroughly enjoyed your post today and applaud your ability to keep your sense of humor! After numerous attempts to get my children to clean their room and keep it that way, I have decided that they will come home one day soon and find only clothing in their room. One will be traumatized by the disappearance of books & toys, and the other will just melt at her 'stuff' being removed. Oh, joy!

Marjorie said...

Hi hun, Love your post..you always have me smiling, Your card is stunning as always..and such a mix of different images..Your Mum and step-father are just going to love this :0)
Biggest hugs,

Stampindamour said...

Lisa - LOL!! Love your witty postings!! {I always say "butt-load" too!} You are the queen of dimensional chunky embellishments!! Darling card! xo

-pamela ;)

Babs said...

Love your card Lisa and what you did with your daughter's armoire, it's fabulous! I really enjoyed reading your post, very entertaining. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.
Luv, Babs xo

Annette Bowes said...

You are one very talented lady Lisa, your mum and stepdad are going to loooove it!!!! Love all the beautiful detail and the fairies are magical! Fantastic job with your daughter'ss armoire! He he you did make giggle I too have two teenagers only just! My youngest (boy) is so much more tidier than is sister, it took us a day once removing all posters and trying to find floor space! She is isn't to electronics or phones so I have to ban books lol! Not school ones though lol! Though different story for Morgan, your description of your kids sounds perfect lol! Been taking deep breaths to! Thank you for making me laugh! Brightened up my day, better go and make tea lol! Else I will have a grumpy family, take careX:)

Unknown said...

Ok, first-my jaw dropped on this one. Contact paper??? Who knew it could look this beautiful. You are an artist!!!
The project for your daughter's room is awesome as well and love how it turned out. I'm in awe of the sheer genius behind it and looks like your flair for the arts has rubbed off on her, lucky girl!
Inspired & Amazed,

Nicecrane Designs said...

cute cute, cute cute and moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....LOVE IT lISA,,,,,i REALLY LOVE THAT LITTLE BE3AR.