Saturday, August 18, 2012

What To Do When Your Boss Isn't Looking...

So, what would you do when you're boss wasn't looking?
1.)  Pin cool stuff on Pinterest
2.)  Try to beat your last highest score on FB Farkle game
3.)  Make your next purchase list for stamping supplies
4.) Gather your office supplies and make a CARD!
Well, today is your lucky day! Whether you're reading this from the comfort of your home or sitting at your desk somewhere tucked away in an office, start looking around for fun and funky ideas to create a card out of office supplies you see laying around everyday!
Because....our ever inventive and colossally creative Kim Price is hosting this week at
 and that's exactly what she's challenged us ALL to do! 
PLUS, she loves the color RED, so there needs to be LOTS of that included too.
Here's my card using eight different supplies found in an office
Chevron packing tape, paper clips, metal clips, staples, graph paper, date & word stamper, shipping tag and rubber bands.

Wanna see more?  You're gonna flip! The incredibly talented and totally out of the box teamies have REALLY outdone themselves (yet again) and you're going to be in shock when you see what they've all created using Office Supplies.
So come on over and join in the fun at
Thank you so much for stopping in and/or playing hookie from your job for a bit to visit me!
Hugs n' Happy Stamping to everyone of you.
Lisa xx


Shahrul Niza said...

Awww, Lisa naughty girl!. However, I LOVE your office supplies card, so fun & trendy!. Oh, I MUST have that rubber bands!! LOL. Clever, clever girl. Hugs.

Pia S said...

What a cool card, Lisa! So many different elements put together to make this fun card! Love how you've made the bow with rubber bands, and the stapled border is another great touch. You've got such a great eye for details!

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Lol awesome!! I would be just a tad more impressed if you actually did make this at work though ;) Love all of the are so creative missy! Love your work xx

Anonymous said...

Awesome card hunny you know how much I love staples and supplies I LOVE that you card is red and love that you used a clip too! Brilliant!

While my boss is and isn't looking I crochet, craft and play ALL day! haha! well some days anyway! but then I do work in a craft shop! thehehehe :0)

Annette said...

Hahaha Love this theme !!!!! Great card too, it is amazing that so many mundane supplies can be made into something so creatively beautiful. Love it.

Scrumplescrunch said...

Hi Q
Rubber bands!!!! Only you would use these to make a bow!
You do really have EVERYTHING on this card. You picked up on this theme Q and your brain went into overdrive, look at those staples? My eyes do not know where to look first; a cacophony for sure; but in a good way. It contradicts itself in so many ways, the softness and passion of your embossing and Red pallet, then the harshness of the hard elements and drama of the Black. But how well you connect everything... literally, as your sentiment so pointedly tells us.
Love this unique and crazy card Q... your imagination always surprises.

Lisa Jane said...

oh i have seen it all now lol.. only you could make such a fabulous creation using rubber bands and a paper clip.. must remember this when our admin assistant retires in a couple of months lol
Lisa x

Tracy said...

LOL Before I even took a peek at your card I knew it was going to be lots of fun with those theme requirements. You picked a great assortment of office goodies to use. Love the rubber band bows. hee hee You're too smart. Awesome card chick! Hugs! H

Patricia St Martin said...

Just crazy and fun. Maybe this time You do suprise me. I do have to say your rubber bands are just way funny and great job with the colors.

Shelby said...

Wow what an awesomely creative idea! Love love how you've done the bow and as an office supply hoarding freak, this card is just over the top great.


Holly Young said...

What a fun card! I especially love how you used the rubber bands. Great job on this challenge Lisa!

Margaret said...

OH MY WORD!!!!!! Love everything about this! The rubber band bow is genius and the row of staples at the bottom is so cool! I'm wishing I had such wonderful office supplies at work!! Just a thought...if you send this card to your boss, would they be thrilled with your creativity and thoughtfulness or ticked that you wasted perfectly good office supplies... Technically you wouldn't be 'stealing' the supplies!

Mitralee said...

LOVE this card, played along myself with a page..did you know that purple is the new red?

Lili said...

Great card! I love those bows made out of rubber bands and all the office supplies you put on your card. So creative!

Sandy said...

Really, really neat -- love all the texture and the design and of course the black and red are perfect. I see a lot of my friends following you now. I am gonna have to write to them and tell them I found you first in case they forget who to credit.