Thursday, November 1, 2012

Autumn's Last Leaf

Welcome back friendly crafters! It's officially the first of November and kicking off another month at Heck Of a Challenge we have the theme 50 Shades of Autumn.  I encourage you drop in and see the most creative makes from my teammates...they've really done an incredible job again of capturing one of the most gorgeous seasons in the year!
As for me, welllllll, the jury is still out on this one.  I enlisted the help of my grandmother on this one.  It went something like this...Pick up the phone, dial her number, she answers and I yell..."HELLLLLLLP!" So being the sweetheart she is, she popped on Skype and helped me out with shading, fading, leaf placement and coming to terms with the negative VOID space.  She and my mother are the painters in the family, me...not so much. BUT, I did try my hand at it and the experience was, was an experience.  So THANK YOU Grandma for all your advice and constructive tutoring.  I may not be thrilled with the outcome, but the experience and time spent with you was wonderful!
Anyhow, here is my offering for the 50 Shades of Autumn. I've tried to capture Autumn's Last Leaf.  As gorgeous as a multicolored tree looks in the fall, I'm equally as captivated by one last leaf hanging to a limb as well. 
If you choose to leave a comment, you don't have to "fluff" it. I'll GLADLY take constructive criticism and tips. Eventually I would like to be able to master the look and feel of real bark, so any help is welcome.
I thank you for your visit and your time.
Lisa xx
Recycled canvas that was artwork hanging in my daughter's room.

Gesso and acrylic paint base with twisted cardstock makeshift branch
Supplies used: Gesso, acrylic paints, versamark, gold, black and opaque embossing powder, clear crackle.
Have a wonderful day!


Lady E said...

I love your idea! Colours are amazing! great texture too ;-)

Sonia said...

Another fabulous piece of art dearest Lisa^_^
Very creative idea^_^

McCrafty's Cards said...

This is brilliant Lisa, I like the colours
Kevin xx

Tammy said...

I love it Lisa! You are so lucky to have your grandma!

Alex H. said...

Oh this is amazing! I really love it. I'm really impressed by this piece of art! Maybe I would have painted more shadows on the right side of the trunk to show its roundness and to give it more depth but as I said before.. I love it!
;-) Alex H.

DesignerDiva said...

OMG LIsa you are sooooooooo creative! This is beautiful and captures the season perfectly!
Hugs Laurie xx

Shelby said...

This turned out so cool and just love the rich colors of fall you've used. Great work Grandma:)


Chrissy said...

How can I give constructive advice when I dont know one end of an artist brush from the other...but I do know what I like, and this is fabulous Lisa..I could reach out and flick that leaf off...fabulous.


Mitralee said...

Super duper cool!

I'd offer some time in our woods with us cutting wood if you wanted to study bark but I'd avoid that if I were you, it's resembles sweaty work!

Is your Gramma available for my latest project that is gathering dust on my craft table....the green color I painted it is just not working for me... ;-(

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lisa, this is just too cool!! I, too, love to wait on that "last leaf" to fall and I think you "captured" it beautifully!
Thanks, too, for the love left on my blog...

Scrumplescrunch said...

Hello Q
You know that feeling when something excites you and you lick your lips, and at the same time a sound escapes from the vocal chords...... Mmmmmmm.
Well that is what happened when I saw this piece of Art. The design is amazingly tactile and complicated.
Your palette certainly typifies an earthy setting; more country than city, more warm than cool tones, the mix of Tan, Brown and Yellow ochre is reminiscent of Autumn leaves. You have lifted the palette by applying the Gesso to create a contrast, It may benefit from a touch of Red ochre to complete the feeling of rustic wholesomeness.
Painting half of your canvas to resemble a tree which juxtaposes a negative space will appeal to many an artistic eye, but as you know Q, my designers eye has real issues with leaving any space on a project, so I would not be able to live with it I would have to cover the canvas completely, as my mind always says more, more, more and we all know that less is always better... I have not mastered the art of knowing when to pull back.
I admire your Artistic soul that you allow another to dictate terms on a design...I could not do that!
This is my observation, take it with a pinch of salt, it still is an amazing piece of work.
Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the same can be said of art. It is how something speaks to us, on a personal level, that makes some beautiful or a piece of art. I love the concept behind this piece and I personally think you've done (with Grandma's help) an amazing job tranferring it to your canvas. Those are my thoughts...

Tracy said...

I'm not about to criticize anyone's painting skills. I think it looks cool. I also think you caught what you were trying to convey very well with the construction. It wouldn't have been the same if it was flat. How cool that you can call your artsy Grannie for help. :-) Great job T!

Kelly said...

Ok here is some fluff, I like the tree, great idea and the colors are soft and easy on the eye. The best part is the negative space to enhance the tree, without the negative space, I would not have know it was a tree and branch. From my point of view, I would buy this, hang it in my foyer, maybe do a set of these, this is my style Lisa. I love what you and your grandma came up with!
Just my opinion.

Shahrul Niza said...

Lisa, in my mind I could see a little bird perched on that branch!. The bark is unbelievably real, the colors & texture is great. Even the leaf looked real, maybe it IS :). You have a cool Grandma!!. Hugs.

Words and Pictures said...

Absolutely stunning, Lisa! You may have summoned some help, but between you you have created something utterly wonderful... rustic, dimensional, textured, beautiful!
Alison x

Holly Young said...

I love this Lisa! Your whole story and the resulting product remind me so much of the short story by O'Henry "The Last Leaf". You should look it up and read it if you don't know it!

Margaret said...

Having next to zero painting experience, I couldn't even begin to give any advice or critique. I can tell you that the tree bark gives the impression of being real and full of texture and I LOVE the branch coming off the canvas with the lone leaf. I also think this would make a wonderful 'you just got adopted' gift. wink! wink! Just not sure how easy it would be to ship!

Sandy said...

Okay - so now I know your secret. Your talent is in your genes. What a great grandmother and mother you have. The tree is fantastic - yeah right, (catch the sarcasm?) me give you advice. Excuse me while I cover my mouth and laugh. By the way, the bark is gorgeous and your leaf looks real.

Jeanne J. said...

This one looks like it was tricky - I hate negative space too (obviously!) You made this work and it looks natural! Great way to capture the last leaf!

Lori said...

Yeah, grandma and Lisa! Looks very cool!

Bettina L. said...

Oh this is beautiful Lisa. If any could pull that one off it certainly is you. Love how you've used acrylic paints and gesso on this. Really gives a great autumn look. Have a lovely day. Hugs Bettina xx

Anonymous said...

So different and so clever! this is awesome! never seen anything like it before!! great job hunny xx