Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's ALL the sun's fault....

 Yesterday while sweeping leaves out of the garage, something shiny caught my eye and totally distracted me from being domesticated. The sun hit it perfectly and it was a sign that I needed to get crafty! 

This is how I found it at the thrift store for $2.00
I'm not a fan of polishing silver, so immediately it needed to be disguised with my ever faithful base of Gesso.

 Once the Gesso was dried I used the Stampin' Up! distressing kit to sand off the ornate raised areas of the tray.
Second addiction applied....crackle!
 Then acrylic blue paint.                   
After the baby blue paint dried, I etched in the cracks with a dauber using TH Vintage Photo DI.
Decided on the design to cut out from the Silhouette; Spring border, 4 layered frame and bow, then glued on a locket button.

When everything was in place, a layer of stickles was applied to give more texture to certain elements. After drying, the entire surface area was then covered in Gesso again.

Small rolled roses and some pre-made white roses were added with Silhouette cut leaves added in the mix.  The gorgeous vintage key and  sentiment come from Prairie Fairy Designs and you can find them here

Just for the element of  'coolness' I left the bottom of the tray in its original state.
So there you have it.
  Any reason NOT to clean and now it's a cute little thingy-ma-bob for holding what-nots!  

Thank you for your visit today and I sure do hope something shiny finds its way to you too. :) 
Hugs n' Happy Crafting,
Lisa xx

Challenges I would like to share with:
Simon Says Stamp & Show - Anything Goes


Marie-Louise said...

Oh wow Lisa this is fantastic.

Meihsia Liu said...

Oh... this is such a gorgeous creation, Lisa. Love the beautiful Silhouette diecuts and your handmade flowers.

Have a wonderful weekend ^_^

Dr Sonia S V said...

WOW what a wonderful transformation
Dr Sonia
Cards Crafts School Projects

Chrissy said...

Gosh, that tray came out so beautiful Lisa, and simply love the Spring border with all the flowers, so gorgeous..and a much better idea than sweeping the garage, just open both doors and pray for for


lalkygirl said...

Wow Lisa what an amazing project how it turned out nd no more polishing..whoop woop
Love the silhouette die cutting ,gorgeous
Have a great weekend
Tracey x

Annie said...

Wow Lisa....what a fabulous make and such a bargain too !!!!.

THanks for the 'how to' on this project its very inspiring.

CRafty hugs

Annie x

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow .... this is amazing.. who would have thought it ... that shiny platter to this.. !!
Lisa x

Jenny Marples said...

Seriously adore how you've transformed this tray! Hubby would love a place like this for all the bits he emptied from his pockets and then couldn't find again - but then he'd have to get past me bagging it first! Hugs, Jenny x

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

I was seriously looking at this seriously thinking...oh no don't ruin the silver! But oh my's fabulous! Way to go and take a risk! I love the shabbiness of it! MOST EXCELLENT! The flowers are icing on the cake! Thank you for sharing with our anything goes challenge this week at Simon Says Stamp & joke!!!

Unknown said...

WOW WOW WOW! I absolutely love what you did with that silver tray I mean I want to go out and find one to try this I just love it! And of course I love how you used my images too lisa! Just gorgeous!


Scrumplescrunch said...

What have you done!!!
I am thinking at this moment how could you possibly paint over this tray and live with yourself.
I am looking critically at the end result, but I cannot find any negatives, the action is dramatic there is no doubt in my mind, I thought I was a person who stepped outside of the square, and liberal in my thinking, but you have blown this thought right out of the window and into cyber space, because you are way ahead of me when it comes to visionary and conceptual artistry.
I do like the result very much and I can concur that polishing Silver is a pastime that is not for the populous, what is perplexing to me is knowing what has been painted.
My reaction is understandable of course, when you realise that I believe Silver to be a precious metal, and however it is used; jewellery, ornamental, currency, it is to be thought of as something of value and pleasing to the eye.
I am now looking at my Silver Tea service in a very different light!!! And I don't know if this is a good thought or not!
I will be pondering on this all day.

Tammy said...

It is absolutely AMAZING what you can do! Fabulous results!

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Lisa this is STUNNING!!!!! Such a gorgeous job - I think you have totally done such a great work - the flowers and layers are stunning but I can't take my eye off how you have painted up the silver! Very shabby chic and it looks amazing :)

Candy C said...

Lisa...your "thingy-ma-bob" is gorgeous! I can't believe how you transformed that silver tray into such a very cool, shabby chic-ish beauty. I love the new finish on the tray and I also love the die cut and the rolled roses that you used to embellish! Very cool project! Thanks for sharing with us at Simon Says Stamp and Show. <3 Candy

Tracy said...

Woah! How you got from a silver dish to this lovely is awesome Twang. We can never have enough thing-a-ma-bobs to hold all our thing-a-ma-jigs. LOL. Love this cool project! Hick

Unknown said...

O wow Lisa this is fabulous, you are so creative, love what you did with this simple tray :) xx wishing you a lovely weekend xx

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Love the creation. You always come up with the neatest ideas.


Karon said...

Gorgeous! I love what you have done to this precious! Damn Sun, fancy it making you interrupt your cleaning like that LOL!! Have a great Sunday, go start cleaning again, maybe you will spot something else:-)

Sandy said...

How very clever you are my dear! We all need a thingy-ma-bob to hold your doo hickeys and our thing-a-ma- jigs. Not to mention our play pretties!

Kelly said...

Well I will be shopping differently at our spring garage sales! I love how your tray turned out, I need to have you over and help teach me to experiment on my stuff. Your artistic adventures always turn out, love this one.
Hugs Kelly

Shelby said...

Now this is one very cool altered item! I love how this turned out and the blue is gorgeous and all of the rolled flowers look perfect. Uh did you get the garage done? :)


Mary J said...

OMG, I can't believe you created that, Lisa! I love how you transformed it from an old fashioned thing my grandma might have owned to something shabby chic and trendy!

Shahrul Niza said...

OMG!!. You are crazy genius!. Actually, painting it distressed like that is far better than leave it shiny :). I totally LOVE LOVE it, so gorgeous. HUGS.

butterfly said...

Completely gorgeous transformation... perfect shabby chic! I'm getting behind on visiting these days, but so glad I caught this - wowowow!!
Alison xx

Unknown said...

I have missed your creativity L2. :) This is brilliant and I'm not a fan of polishing silver either. I love this gorgeous tray and the die cuts are so pretty.
A huge thumbs up!!! Hugs me xx

Patricia St Martin said...

Lisa, I must say this has turned out quite stunning. I personally do not know if I could do this to a silver platter but to a silver plated one, no problem. Love that frame and the flowers, the Spring Border is so beautiful and love the stickles. Hugs, Pat

Lori said...

I often use your method of avoiding house (or should I say outside)work - there is always something more important to do. I'd say the avoidance was well worth it! Love how you went after that tray and turned it into a masterpiece!

Mitralee said...

Dude! I see those all the time at the second hand store, never came up with gessoing them. ROCK ON! Looks amazing! I guess you could always learn to love tarnish if you don't wanna polish. ;-) Love the flowers and frills you added, super cool!

Jeanne J. said...

This looks so vintage - well maybe it is because you picked it up at a sale, but wow - simply stunning! I love the gesso and the blue patina - the beautiful roses and glitter. A treasure found - wish I had your vision to find beauty everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous hunny so beautiful! love it hugs me xx

Margaret said...

Oh, this is so amazing! I love the new finish on the dish, and all of those flowers are gorgeous!
Once again wishing I could take a peek at that creative brain in action and admiring the fact that the 'crafting powers that be' called you away from the mundane sweeping!