Saturday, June 22, 2013

Counting Chevron Sheep....

Fabric Chevron Card 1
(Chevron pattern created using triangles layered on top of each other)
Besides knowing that I get to sleep in, Saturdays now have another fun highlight for's getting to see and share the creations from Sue (Onion), Mitza Pitza (Mitra) and myself.  This Saturday's challenge was to sew a Chevron pattern on a card or project.  
The first card kept me up.  I kept mulling it over in my head, thinking I didn't much care for it. So I tried to ignore it and count sheep to go back to sleep.  Soon enough, little wooly chevron sheep were jumping the fence and running willy nilly into the pasture.
 That was it...I flew out of bed and created another cardstock chevron pattern with machine stitching.  
Not sure what it is about this one that I like better, but it was sufficient enough to let me sleep!

Scrap Cardstock Chevron Card 2
(Chevron pattern created using strips of scrap paper)

I thought it was a terrific way to use up scraps of paper too.  
I can't wait to see what my crafty buddies have come up with this time around. Hopefully they were able to sleep without being inundated with colorful trendy moxy fab sheep in their dreams.

Click here to see Sue's creations
Click here to see Mitra's creations 

Hugs n' Happy Crafting,
Lisa xx


Scrumplescrunch said...

Hello Q
I like both!
The initial creation has a natural fibre feel to it and the first thing you are urging to do is touch the element of the material; it is so tactile and I love it, so this ticks the right boxes for me.
Your second is more structured and contemporary, which is something I normally would not relate to where you are concerned, so this was indeed a huge surprise, another string to your bow it seems.
It has such clean lines, but you go a step further, by adding the buttons and twine and this makes it interesting.
So for me both cards are wonderful as both are so different.

Mary J said...

These are both brilliant, Lisa! I love chevrons! My fave is the second card - fab use of the patterned paper!

Tammy said...

Both cards are brilliant! But there is something about Chevron Card 2 that is outstanding, maybe the white background?

Jenny Marples said...

Immediate reactions? I love the fabric on the first one and the design of the second one, but that's purely personal. Isn't it a pain when you can't walk away from a project without your head whirring? Glad you finally got some sleep! Hugs, Jenny x

DesignerDiva said...

Your creativity knows no bounds Mrs!! Once again these are stunning pieces of work. I love all the texture and the second one is indeed a WOW!
hugs Laurie xx

Annie said...

Brilliant Chevron makes Lisa. Hope you and the family are well. Sending hugs from Scotland x

Annie xx

Karon said...

Both are fabulous. Love the fabrics on the first and the use of layered triangles. Great second card, very CAS and love the papers! TFS

Sonia said...

Just wonderful creation my dear friend^_^
Beautiful image and lovely embellishments^_^
Happy Sunday and big hug,

butterfly said...

Both very cool - I love the shabby textured feel of the fabric version, and the chic sharp papers look amazing with the zigzag stitching - brilliant!
Alison x

Bettina L. said...

Oh this is an intriging pattern Lisa. I've never seen anything like that before. Love the zigzag details with the added buttona and twine to it. Particularly love the second one. Great use og DP and textiles. Have a lovely evening. Big hugs Bettina xx

Mitralee said...

This is my third trip to your blog! I keep thinking you guys are so SMART! I totally get looking at your card and start thinking about cutting paper! That is true inspiration! Love them both. The first is soft like sleeping and the second just makes me happy!

Margaret said...

Both of these are wonderful! I love the texture on the first card, and the bold colors and patterns on the second! Two completely different styles, and both equally fabulous!!

Heading off on a camping trip w/ the fam...calling for rain every day...wish me luck!

Shahrul Niza said...

How adorable is that chevron hills landscape!! LOVE that it has elements of roughness (from the denim) and the softness (from the linen), yes ... wonderful dreaming! HUGS.

Tracy said...

Two distinctly different looks here my friend. All the texture on the first one just makes you want to touch it and the design of the second makes my eyes happy. You did good! :-)

Jeanne J. said...

I love them both! The fabric has so much texture but the paper is so crisp and clean. Bet you're glad you got it out of your system! Mission accomplished!

ike said...

Oh coooooool !!! - how's about a TuT on the chevron making ???? :-D

IKE xxxxxxxxxx

Sandy said...

My favorite is the fabric card - has such a homespun feel to it and I do love home!

Pia S said...

I love how you show projects with the same basic idea that turn out totally different! Your first card is a great idea for using some of those fabric scraps and the second in is ideal for paper scraps. Great stitching and color combinations!

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Oh how cool! While both are great, I'm drawn to the second. I think it is the contrast of the colours against all that white. Probably because I can never achieve the CAS look without it feeling so unfinished if that makes sense to you. I love it when I see all the white space on other people's creations but am never satisfied with my own. However, that is usually the way isn't it. Just so you know I'm casing this one too! Love the addition of the buttons.