Saturday, June 1, 2013

Just Another Brick In The Wall....

I think Pink Floyd sang it best....
It happens.  We've all been there. 
The elusive crafty dead end, slump, rut, brick wall.  
But if you've been following the journey of Onion, Mitza Pitza and myself (Quirks), you'll know that we're like the Blue's Brothers on a mission from God. No, we're not putting the band back together, HOWEVER, we are challenging and inspiring each other by using a specific theme each week and then impatiently waiting to see what we've all done with it.  This week's challenge is our third and it's...
Create Project Using a Homemade Stencil!!!!
Here's mine.

Ohhhh boy, this needs a face lift STAT!
I'm no surgeon, but this is my patient.  Here's how I've transformed it.
Recycling a plastic lid from a previous purchase. 
This is the material for my homemade stencil;  very sturdy and easy to clean after.
Cutting off the sides to make a flat surface area
Selecting a specific mask overlay design from the Silhouette Studio, I chose a wavy brick pattern.
Clipping homemade stencil onto white cardstock. 
You can see here I'm in the middle of spreading Lightweight Spackling to surface area.
Here I've removed the stencil and allowing it to dry. 
You'll notice the lines from the putty knife; easily sanded off when spackling dries.
The very first picture, above, of the brick wall, is actually the backside of the journal book.
Here begins the transformation of the front.
White cardstock was used to form the brick background with an embossing folder and several shades of paint from the TH Distress Ink set.
Now, a torn centerpiece that will hold the sentiment is applied.
I also cut out an arched rock window shape on the Silhouette. Initially it was just going to be painted, but the surface area was too flat for my liking and I really wanted a stone appearance to mix with the brick.  Using Snow-Tex and TH Antique Linen and Wild Honey Distress Paint, I was able to create the raised, textured and aged stone color I was hoping for. 

Once the stones were dry I painted in and around them with various shades of paint to highlight them and then also painted the surface area for the sentiment; which was applied with Glossy Accents.
Remember the homemade wavy brick stencil?
Here it is!! 
I really wanted that to be the focal  point of the journal, so I've attached it to protrude out from the surface and spritzed it with vibrant Lemon Zest Dylusions ink spray.
Now, I realize that these aren't exactly the words of the Great OZ, but don't you think they apply just as well??
So, of course, raised in Kansas, I had no choice but to add the Wizard of Oz characters to the yellow brick road. ;)
And there you have it, a newly transformed old journal with an inspirational sentiment and quirky style.
So save that plastic and design your own stencils and get inky, sticky and creative!!

I'm so grateful for your visit and I hope you're just as excited as I am to see what the other ladies have created with this theme!!!
To visit Sue's (Onion) blog, click here.
To visit Mitra's (Mitza Pitza) blog, click here.

Hugs n' Happy Crafting,
Lisa xx


Jenny Marples said...

Now THAT'S what I call a transformation!!!! Lisa you have seriously hit a home run here - I thought the brick wall was fantastic, but the arch and Wizard of Oz characters make this truly outstanding. You really rocked this challenge hun. Hugs, Jenny x

Marie-Louise said...

Stunning - again. You never cease to amaze me. You have such a marvellous imagination. I think you can gather that I rather like this.

Karon said...

OK, now see, you have done it again - inspiration knows no bounds!! I love this and that wall is fabulous. Using your Silhouette to cut the stencil fabulous!! Have a most wonderful rest of your weekend.

richardbreaks said...

These projects of yours....There is just NO WORDS. I am so blown away by this. Honestly, this is magic.

Tammy said...

Wow, wow, wow! What can I say but wow! Absolutely another incredible creation! I wish I had 1/10 of your creativity! Wow!

Scrumplescrunch said...

Hello Q
I think I said last week that you would have a problem topping what you created with the Metal Challenge. But you have well and truly sailed over the top and found another level. Love, love the brick wall, I thought that was it! I should have known better, because as I scrolled down the page the astonishment I felt when seeing the finished cover in all it's glory was so unexpected that I was unprepared for the assault on my senses.... it is just magnificent how you have altered this Journal.
I would like to verbalise my thoughts by using many hyperboles where you are concerned re your Art Q, as I am feeling so proud of you at this moment, these Challenges that we have set ourselves have a real positive vibe on your imagination, I always knew you had more to give, I am truly in awe of what you are designing and presenting to us all.
It is a huge WOW from me.
I think I need to put more emotion in my work.

Tracy said...

Wow Twang, you gave that notebook a serious facelift and it looks amazing. I LOVEEEEE all the texture you've added. There's just so much to enjoy about this. Pink Floyd has nothin' on you girl! Hug! Hick

Greta said...


Chrissy said...

INCREDIBLE!! I love those bricks and brick wall Lisa, just the colours and the Wizard of Oz characters..everytime I see you pop up on my reader it gets me singing....:"We're off to see the Wizard the wonderful wizard of Oz"...because your projects are always so are the Wizard of alteration projects..


Unknown said...

What a spectacular transformation Lisa! Its mind boggling the amount of talent you have! This was a pleasure and I certainly will be back, I am a new follower... The other Lisa bragged, I mean told me about you and your amazing work, nice to meet you!

Lisa Jane said...

oh my word... where do you get the ideas.. this is absolutely breathtaking .. i love it!
Lisa x

Pia S said...

WOW!!!! At first I only saw the brick wall pattern and thought it looked really cool. Then, as I scrolled further down, I discovered the rest and loved it even more! Talk about transformation! Great job, Lisa!

Mitralee said...

YOU always rock brick! SERIOUSLY COOL! LOVE IT! I am also stoked for the 4th! Have crazy ideas rolling around my head. For some reason purple keeps coming to mind..not sure why.

I have never cut cardboard or plastic on my Silly. I see that I need to get brave! I have always babied the Silly! The printer does not get babied however...

I really love how you added the characters. This is super cool with the sentiment too!

Kelly said...

Oh Lisa!! Love the stencils, please, please can I have one!!! How smart, I do not have a silhouette but with all your creations you keep making from it I may splurge one day. I love the brick and how you colored it and used it. Love the cover of your book.
I need to see your 'partners in creations'. Fabulous work Lisa!
Hugs, Kelly

butterfly said...

What a fabulous, fabulous make, Lisa - these challenges seem to be stimulating some super-charged Mojo button in all of you - amazing!
Alison xx

Margaret said...

Oh, good grief! Heeeelloooo Mojo!! I just came from Mitra's blog and was attempting to put my thoughts into words and then I came here... My brain is mush!
Your bricks are fabulous and I can just see you diving into this! Love the Oz twist too!! I absolutely can not wait to see what is next!!

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Patricia St Martin said...

I'm trying to think of the right words and I almost do not know what to say...other than you did it again, the brick background and the arch is so creative and I love the colors being from Kansas the OZ part is perfect and the sentiment I love.
Hugs, Patricia

krcmasterpiece said...

AWESOME! Love the homemade stencil. Love the sentiment & love the Wizard of Oz characters. Love it all!

Billie A said...

Awesome fun project. I love the way this came out. Great choice of colors and love the texture. Wonderful project.

Anonymous said...

Oh how clever! Lisa you're so clever LOVE the texture and design! hugs me xx

Sandy said...

Very interesting Lisa -- The overall make turned out really great with your clever ideas. I cannot think of a better cover for a journal this this!!

Meihsia Liu said...

Oh my, Lisa, this project is totally amazing! Love the beautiful bricks background and all the characters are fantastic! You are really a genius. ^_^

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

This is amazing!!! These bricks rock and the whole WofO scene is amazing!!! So fun and original! YOu are on creative fire! Love this!!!!PINNING!

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa , I got your message and got the feeling you are ecstatic over google plus, LOL
Unfortunately I don't have a fix but I will leave my blog address in case you may want to drop by sometime, I will also leave my email in case that would be easier... it is not as good as hitting the reply button but at least it is some sort of solution... have a great day!

Hope this helps!

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

I have no words. My jaw has been on the floor for the last five minutes and not I busy spitting out the dust bunnies that have rolled into it. You continuously amaze me as to the depths of your talent.


Lori said...

No, no wait! I thought the brick background was awesome, but the brick arch is even awesomer (I know not a word)! Got to get me some Snow-tex. This is just wonderful!

Shahrul Niza said...

THAT is one HAPPY patient!!! :) Ohh, soooo want to touch the cover!!. I LOVE the exposed bricks, the rougher the better. Then, I LOVE the arch even more!!. So many gret things going on here :). Stunning transformation, Lisa!. HUGS.

Unknown said...

Love the sheer brilliance of this L2! The arched window is fantastic and the Wizard of Oz characters are perfect. Thanks for sharing your creative process. :) Hugs L1

Jeanne J. said...

Yes you are on a mission from God - this looks like lots of work - but so worth it because you got every single detail just right - the texture is amazing!!! Did you say dry toast and a whole chicken fried?