Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Silhouetted Pumpkin Avenue

Pop Up Pumpkin Patch
I created this for Top Tip Tuesday's challenge
Bettina's Pop Up Card Tutorial
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Stitchy Bear's very own Pumpkin Avenue
Side view of pop up card
Supplies Used:
Polka dot ribbon was recycled from an old gift bag
Plaid bow is a strip of scrap material gathered in the center and an orange gem added for accent
Silhouette cat, raven on a branch and b&w pumpkins from PC clipart
Fence Post punch from Fiskar
I added 7 orange gems to balance the color of the image and then glued moss down around the pumpkins for more layering.
Image was colored with Derwent Watercolor Pencils

Thanks for stopping by :D
Lisa xx


Chrissy said...

This is superb Lisa...love the Halloween scene, fabulous details...love the cute image and colouring...awesome..


Bettina L. said...

Wohoho...This is superb Lisa. Love that Halloween stage. Wish I could get such superb ideas;) She looks awsome on that pumpkin and love those pumpkins in black and white as well. Hugs Bettina

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow another amazing Halloween project!
Lisa x

Karen said...

Another fabulous creation honey. I always love stopping by your blog! :0)
Hope you're having a good week.
Hugs to you - Karen.xx

Scrumplescrunch said...

Hello Lisa
I am not wearing my Crown at the moment, I took it off when I clicked into your Blog and saw what you had made, I could not justify and feel I was worthy of the commission !!!!!!!
I may replace it as long as you do not make any more outstanding creations within the next few days!
I do not like Halloween, call me miserable if you want but to me celebrating a festival of the dead, is ghoulish and I associate it with darkness and not any sort of new beginning, perhaps that is the Celt in me as we were the first to recognise Hallows day as a festival to celebrate the end of the light half of the year. This commercialisation of the day is odd, and I cannot see it's significance.
Your children however will know nothing of the history and would not care all they know is that on this day it is fun, receiving treats, dressing up and seeing your decorations including this one which they will love to bits.
Perhaps I am getting old.......

Curt in Indy said...

This is remarkable! I love the pumpkin patch. The detail in this is just amazing! Awesome work! Best, Curt

Unknown said...

Wow what an amazing project again Lisa!!!! wow this is gorgeous and I love it!!!! way to go again!!!! Love your projects!!!!

Mitralee said...

Pretty cool pumpkins! You are inspiring!!!! Any plans on moving to Potsdam NY?

Chrissy said...

Well, my friend, I could go into a very lengthy detailed discription as to how I put challenges together....but I wont....lets just say, when I'm finished browsing and commenting and writing down challenges, I then look over what I have and put all anything goes into a pile...girly stuff, halloween and boys together into their piles and sketches in the box, cause I'm not too bright with those...my intentions are good, but very easily led onto a different path...lol..
I now pre cut my paper into strips for writng on, saves a bit of time...working well, ad when card is made, I even put all the slips of papers inside the card, and it sits there till I post...see, I told you it wouldn't take long..lol...


Annika said...

Wow this looks amazing Lisa! What a beautiful 3-d scene. My compliments, must have been a lot of work. Thanks for your supersweeet comment on my blog! Always makes my day ;)


Margaret said...

Awesome! Love the orange pearls! Really draws the eye to the entire card! Fabulous image!!

Kim Dellow said...

Wow it is fabulous! A wonderful Halloween make. Kim

Annika said...

Hello Lisa,

So nice you became follower of my blog! You've got yourself a new follower also ;)
Hope we can share some nice ideas and comments :)

Hugs Annika

Ina G said...

You never cease to amaze me how talented you are. All your craft work is so inspiring and always look forwrd to you new creations. We don't celebrate halloween here in Oz but what you have made here is truly AWSOME. Love it!!!

Unknown said...

I love how you rock out awesome 3D projects, Lisa. I am MIA this week but still want to make those adorable pumpkins and cool Halloween card you made earlier in the month and I'm adding this to my "To Do" list as well. Love it!

Shirley said...

I love 3D and yours is outstanding! Love every detail right down to the fence!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! so love all the ellements of your card.. Scene! what a fabby fun spooky patch! LOVe it... hugs me x

Laura Evangeline said...

Beautiful work!

Shelby said...

Had to pop around and say hey and thanks for you great comments...made me laugh! Anyhoo, this is a fantastic project...love the die cut gate and the moss (very creative) and I love love love the color washing you did with the pencils...looks so cool.


Clarissa Schupp said...

Hey Lisa,

I come from MIM to say "Hello", love the things you design.

hugs Clarissa xx