Saturday, March 10, 2012

MUSHY Stuff...

How the heck are ya? 
 I hope very well and ready to show some love for our next challenge over at
Because our theme for the next two weeks is....
I know we've all probably made enough Valentine cards to choke a horse here lately, but this kind of love doesn't have to be for that holiday.  
Just show us someone you love or something you love to use and explain it in your post.

Some inspiration for you to get the ideas rolling:
4 things I personally love are:  
1.) When it's the middle of the hottest part of summer and the sanitation man arrives to dispose of our waste and the empty trash can isn't filled with maggots.  LOVE when I don't have to scrub that nasty thing out.
2.)  When every article of clothing that comes out of the dryer is right side out and I don't have to spend an extra hour turning everything inside out.  That's almost euphoric love there.
3.)  That little hard chunk of chocolate heaven at the bottom of an ice cream drumstick. YUM!!
4.)  When something strikes me so funny that I literally bowl over and grab my stomach and tears flow from my eyes and I laugh so hard that I start to make the craziest giggle.  That sound sets my kids to laughing hysterically and then before you know it, we're all laying on the floor slapping our hands on the ground from hysterics.  
I love when I laugh so hard that tears roll down my leg.

Those are just a few things that I love, but hopefully they'll get you inspired to share something you just love with us!

This little cutie is Skelekinz -You Have My Heart from our Sponsor Bugaboo.
She didn't strike me as the lovey-dovey type, so instead of her professing oozing love all over the place, I made grunge letters that spelled "Mushy."  Often when I end a letter or a conversation on the phone with my kids, I tend to include the salutation of "and mushy stuff" implying, 'I love you, you're a great kid, so proud of you,' yada yada and so forth.

These are just $1 wood letters that I've inked with versamark using textured stamps from Tim Holtz and then covering them with clear embossing powder and heating.  Then I ran a black ink pad over them and wiped off the excess ink.  Thought it matched her appearance fairly well.

Here she is bathed in Copics.

So what do you say?  Will you join us over at
The Squirrel & The Fox for some creative fun and inspirational stamping? Think outside the box and have a blast with it.  Whatever you love, we'll love, but we won't know unless you share it with us!
Thank you also Bugaboo Stamps for letting us use your wonderful images and for offering up a fantastic prize to the winner.

 Mushy stuff...
Lisa xx


Chrissy said...

Great card the image and card shape, fabulous colouring and love the laughter tears where ever they come


Mary J said...

Such a COOL card Lisa! Totally love how you've used the colours and space!

Tracy said...

Hey I'll go along with that list! LOL I'll add one to the laundry theme though. I love it when my daughter doesn't leave crayons in her pocket from the daycare where she works so that I don't end up with tiger striped underwear! :-)
You put a lot of imagination into this card and it turned out great. Love the stamped wooden letter especially. :-)
Enjoy your weekend girl! Hugs!

Margaret said...

You have the most wonderful take on a love card that I have seen in a long time!! She is adorable and looks a little mushy herself! Fantastic letters!!

Your love list is awesome and I have to agree with most of them. I can't relate to the trash can thing, because we don't have trash pick up. So our trash is usually gone before it gets too yucky! I absolutely LOVE the hunk of chocolate in the drumstick! It's the best part of the cone!!! And I can't say I love when the tears roll down my leg ;), but the laughing part is wonderful!
I do share Tracy's love of catching the crayons before they go in the washer or worse, the dryer! Ruined several shirts this way...

Scrumplescrunch said...

Great Post Quirks.

First let me say your card over at Nicecrane was splendid, and the photo placed inside the bottle top just wonderful on your inked up BG.
It appears that you seem to have a fetish for images with missing body parts at the moment Q!
This little anomalistic girl with the one eye, would almost be impossible for any average person to work with, let alone make it 'Mushy' but again you have managed to create what could be monstrous into a delightful card.
The Heart Shape sets the tone, then it is the use of your Primary colour Palette, and last of all that word 'Mushy'; soft, warm, lovable and obscure, symbolises your card perfectly.
You have now inspired me to extend myself and unfold my wings(if I had some) and look beyond a card, let us see where it will take me,
I hope to enter this Challenge of love.

Unknown said...

Awww what a fun card ha ha love the image and gorgeous bright colours xxx

Karen said...

This is amazing!! :0)

Have something on my blog for you honey.xx

angelwhispers said...

Love the mushy card he colours are so perfect for such a different image! Chanelle xx

Unknown said...

Wow what a fantastic card!!!! I never saw anything like this before!!!!Wonderful creativity!!!! Love the colors and the image makes me smile!!!!! Wow Fabulous work again Lisa!!!!!

Unknown said...

Wow what a fantastic card!!!! I never saw anything like this before!!!!Wonderful creativity!!!! Love the colors and the image makes me smile!!!!! Wow Fabulous work again Lisa!!!!!

Mitralee said...

Used that ink technique of yours on something I'm making for you! I love your little grouchy girlie on your card! Adorable!!

Shelby said...

Isn't this just the little on the scary side of love! Your husband must be one lucky man:)!!! Love your creativity which as always just puts me to shame and the bright colors rules.


Annette Bowes said...

He He Lisa you are just so inspriational in many ways! This is just so mushy lol! With you on some of your personally love stuff lol! Just hard coping with the tears rolling down the leg, sign of having kids and getting older, thanks for the laughter, not too keen on the sanitation disposal lol! Good job you have a sense of humour! Take careX:)

Sandy said...

I happen to like mush - cornmeal must to be exact. Okay so I am mushy with a warped sense of humor and you - oh I know, you are talented and all that - but nothing beats a blow of mush when you are hungry!