Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just Add More Butter...

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Craft Us Crazy 
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Inspirational Photo
Hello you wonderful crafty people! 
Puzzled by the title of this post?  As you can see, there are no photos of food here, but I'll explain.  Below is the picture that Craft Us Crazy is using for their current challenge and what a challenge it was for me.  That's a good thing!  When I first saw this bedroom set, I thought it was completely over the top, but the longer I looked at it, it started to make more sense.  The boldness of the bedspread and curtains, the subtle scored lines in the white headboard, the soft pink hues of the paint on the walls, the bold blue spurts of color in the pillow and whatever that wonky shaped thing is on the nightstand, it all really works together. It's fun, youthful, unrestrained and it just makes you smile.
That's great for a bedroom, but a card???
I began the card with only a large white scalloped base and then my mojo slammed on the brakes. (Dang washing machine just beeped at right back; does laundry ever end?)..........

Okay! I'm back, 15 loads done and only 40 more to go. Blah! If you've followed my blog for a while, you've probably noticed that I mention my disdain for this particular domestic task quite often.  It would hands down have to be my least favorite chore.  A funny side note story to laundry. It has become a conversation starter when friends come over and see my laundry room and they always ask the same question. "Ummm, Can I ask why you have a picture of Jesus hanging above your washer and dryer?"  And my reply is always, "Well, I love that picture and the inspiration that I receive daily from looking at it.  I figure, why not hang it somewhere where I'll see it ALL the time and where am I usually at? In the laundry room! And who better to give me strength than him in the place that I need it the most!"
Just incase you hadn't figured it out....
I abhor doing laundry!

Now, back to the card.
This wonderful little dragonfly image is from our Sponsor, Robyn's Fetish and is called It's a Dragonfly Day. I colored this with a combination of Copics; of which I never write down, I apologize. 
So I have the blank white base and this image and that's all I had.  I had to start somewhere, so I decided to tackle the craziest element of the photo first, those multicolored stripes.
Miraculously, I had a fabulous little book of papers that I received from Audrey in a blog candy and so essentially, credit goes to her for saving the day!  The striped paper comes from the 6x6 Paper Pad, Country Drive, from Echo Park.  
After placing on the paper, things just went nuts!  
Just add more butter? Here's the reason for that.  With the groovy paper atop the base and the image, things were starting to look a bit better, but not great.  I really wanted to grasp the feel of the photo; however, I wasn't close, yet. That's when I realized that the television in the living room was playing The Food Network Channel and one of my favorite cooks is Paula Dean.  Talk about over the top, she's a riot, ya'll!  It seemed as though fate had intervened and right then Paula said, "Ya know what, ya'll? When I'm cooking and I like something I'm making, but I don't quite LOVE it yet...I add more butter!"  DING, DING, DING...the light went on in my head and the metaphorical measuring cups came out.
This card will NEVER fit into an envelope, lets just say that.  There is so much  oleo on this thing and now I just LOVE it!
I've scored lines around the main image to represent the head board and decorative wall, added a pink banner for the painted walls and the topping of lard was the blue yarn pom pom I made to represent the pillow and that still unknown object on the nightstand.
So, that's my crazy journey to make one card. 
Find inspiration all around you and if you can't find it, put some there!

We would truly LOVE to see what you create with this weeks inspirational photo over at  
With our wonderful Sponsor

 Heart attack on a card...
 That's all for me ya' to do to that one thing again....

Hugest of hugs and Happy Stamping!
Lisa xx

Challenges I would like to enter this card into:

Our Creative Corner - Over The Edge
Sugar Creek Hollow - Inspired By A Photo
Crafting For All Seasons - 21; Shaped Cards


Scrumplescrunch said...

Oh WOW Q, what a fantastic 'Over the edge card'.
I want to first congratulate you on your win at OCC last week, it was a great choice.
I have been a little distracted this week with all the contractors coming and going, and the early starts, I am feeling rather jaded and apathetic about card-making, but thankfully I have a break for a week until they return to fit the kitchen bench, and hopefully I can regain some passion and enthusiasm soon.
Forgive me then, if I do not enter into my usual detailed endorsement of your wonderful work, just know that I love it and Thank you so very much for supporting us at OCC, we really are so pleased to see your work.

Mary J said...

He he he!! I hate laundry too, except I do find ironing quite relaxing!!

Brilliant card - I LOVE it Lisa! Fab take on the bedding and the colouring just fabulous!!!

Lisa Jane said...

oh lol.. i hate housework of any kind... it should be banned .. or maybe we could start a support group!
Love this card - the image is so pretty - and that pom pom is just fabuloso!!
You can make a box to send it in... my address is .... lol
Lisa x

Anne said...

I think this is a fantastic little card.. love the inspiration you got from that little photo.. Thank you for your comment on my Monster Weights card... did you know that if you play the Hambo Hoedown challenges with one of thier images and email them a photo --they will send you a new image for the next week.. they have a couple of different freebies you can start with..

Jani said...

Your shaped card is fab!
Thanks for joining us at CFAS!
Jani x

Lori said...

Your card turned out wonderful! LOVE that sweet little pompom... Laundry - bleh!

deb said...

What a cute card! Love the lil' dragonfly!
You always do great work!!
About the laundry/Jesus's it working for ya? haha Just teasing!
Thanks for sharing!


Lynn B. said...

Love the card! Thank you SO much for taking us through your process in creating this card. I often make cards this way. I thought it was because I'm an idiot! But if YOU do it that way every once in awhile, then I can relax and stop being so hard on myself. Hee, hee.
I wish I was 20 yrs. younger, able- bodied and lived next door to you. I'd trade laundry detail for paper crafting lessons. When I was able-bodied, laundry was my favorite chore, especially when the weather was nice enough to hang things out on the clothes line. I do admire your idea of putting the picture of Jesus in the laundry room to remind you to draw on God's grace even when doing such a loathesome chore.
Hugs, hugs, hugs!

Sandy said...

First let me say - your card is so creative and I love the colors. As usual your creation is grand. Is that too big of a word for such a cute card? Now what I want to know is - when did worms start flying? Isn't that the cutest little dog - he is probably trying to get away from that worm!!!

Tracy said...

Now that glimpse into your creative process was quite an eye opener! LOL From now on you can use another PD quote. "ALWAYS a stick of butter!" LOL
I can't even come up with a response to the picture of Jesus in your laundry room. snicker snicker He does promise to always be there for us, but I honestly don't think I've ever met anyone who needed his help in the laundry room. LMBO
On to your card. I absolutely love the way you colored that image. The shading is fantastic. I do believe that you managed to incorporate every major element in that inspiration photo Lisa. Give yourself a pat on the back. I'm so proud you didn't let that wonky thing kick your butt. LOL Hugs!

Unknown said...

Today's post is why I love your blog. Your hands-on approach to life and crafting always gets my attention and cracks me up. We must be kindred spirits because I'd rather eat dirt than do the laundry. He he he!
Now for your creative expression-what an adorable card! I love the colors, dp, the banner and shaped cards are always so much fun. I'm really enjoying where your crafty trail is leading and the range of your work. Another home run!
Big Hugs,

Linda Coughlin, the funkie junkie said...

I must say, you did an amazing job with your photo inspiration card. It seems like you managed to hit every element in the photo. Love that SMILE banner you created and how perfect for our over the edge challenge! I'm so happy to see you playing the Our Creative Corner challenges the past few weeks!

And now to make you jealous - my DH retired last July and VOLUNTARILY decided to take over the laundry duties. I haven't done laundry in 9 months - LOL.

Have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

This is so fun Lisa, I love the colours and shape of your card and those banners around the image are so creative. .. You asked me about the cherry on my card :D that was ready coloured for me. Lovely isn't it he he and thank you for your nice comment on my card. Hugs xx

Tui Nathan said...

This card is just adorable ... your detailing is superb and I love the over the edge "smile" .... simply stunning!
So glad to have you with us again at Our creative Corner!!!

Unknown said...

Wow lisa what a spectacular design!!!! Wow you did a stunning job on this card!!!! I absolutely love it!!!!!! Wow!!!!!

angelwhispers said...

What a just perfect card so spot on with the theme and I love the images and banner just so lush!!!!

I think you have placed the picture so perfectly to gain his inspiration daily where you need help most Love Chanelle xxxx

Sharon Wheet said...

what a clever card shape! and the colors are so soft and pretty. I love the images you added and colored. very pretty!
thank you for playing along with us @ OCC

Shelby said...

Do you think you can slow down in creating all of these wonderful designs? I take a few days to slack around and now I'm the big old loser who never comments! Fantastic card as always. Love how you've done the bunting and the ribbon together! I'll take laundry every day of the week (oh wait I already do)...the purr of the machines, the smell of the laundry detergent and the fabric softer and most importantly the lock on the door so no one can bother me!!!


Margaret said...

Oh...where to begin commenting on this fantabulous post....
First of all, I am in total agreement on the inspiration pic! Sensory overload there!! But you know me and my white space! You did an amazing job of drawing inspiration from the photo and yet your card is not overwhelming. Just the right amount of 'Oh! Wow!' to make it awesome!! I love the blue pompom and it's inspiration (wonky-hehehe)!
As far as the laundry...I hate to admit to you that usually I don't mind doing this task. I know...I know... But when it's waist high after a long week, I'm wishing Jesus would perform a miracle for me as well!! Dishes are a completely different matter!
And as for Paula Deen, how can you not love someone who uses butter, licks her fingers, and talks around a big bite of dessert!! My kinda lady!
Super big hugs, my wonderfully crafty friend!