Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bling Your Ring-a-ling...

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy....
I am jumping up and down about the new challenge happening over at
Are you ready for this? You sure? Okay, here it is...
I know, right!!  How freakin' cool is that?
Plus, there's a totally groovy tutorial from our very own hysterically funny and talented, Carol!
....could it get any better than that? 

 Okay, so let's get right down to business...here's what I decided to do for this challenge.  I blinged my ring, with paper no less.  My phone is purple, and I do love purple, but the other day I was rummaging through a drawer and found the plastic case to my blackberry and I almost pitched it! GASP...I know, you'd think I'd of learned by now to save, save, save...but I was in one of those cyclone cleaning modes, luckily I had a moment of clarity and put it back.  SO glad I did.  When I read this challenge was coming up I couldn't wait to start this project.  I'm not proud, I would have dumpster dived trying to retrieve this, but what a relief I didn't have to.

Here's what I did.  
Measuring the plastic case, I approximated a rectangle of 3.25" (8.3 cm)  x 4.25" (10.8 cm)
Opened up Microsoft Word and inserted a background paper, here I've used a free wood grain paper from Stamp TV, and then sized it down to the above measurements.
Inserted these free vintage pictures that I love from Graphics Fairy (retro ladies talking) and Free Vintage Digital Stamps (pointing hand) and the female hand with phone (unknown origin) over the wood grain paper.  Lastly, inserted the talking bubble shapes and wrote the convo inside of them.
Printed and cut the image out and rounded the corners with a punch.
 Placed the picture inside of the plastic case and with a pencil, traced where the openings needed to be cut for the button access and then cut the openings. (Don't look too closely, they aren't the cleanest cuts.)
Popped that bad boy back in there and viola! Le new decorated phone case.
 For just a bit more appeal, I printed out a second page of the image and then removed the plastic cover on the front of the phone, traced it and cut out a little bling for the front as well.
The image is a picture I took at the mall, while shopping for Converse for my son.  We compared a baby shoe to his current shoe...size 13!  Sniff, sniff....they grow up too fast.
Thank you to our extremely generous Sponsors for hosting the prizes for this challenge.
 $25.00 to spend in their store...WOW!
 4 stamps of their choice...WOOHOO!
(clicking images will take you to their stores)
 Here is the image I created and free for the taking if you're interested.
Thank you SO much for stopping by and I do hope you've been inspired by this cell phone vintage revamp.  We'd sure love to see what you create that is NOT a card too.  Stop in and enter your 'WOW...that's AMAZING" creation with us at Top Tip Tuesday.

Hugs and Happy Creating...
Lisa xx


Chrissy said...

You are so amazing what you come up with Lisa...I'm still searching for something to do..already wrecked 2 candles and set fire to the bench, so that idea has gone out the window with the fireman.

Fabulous revamped phone case and phone..looks awesome...fabulous.


Dr Sonia S V said...

How creative this is!!


Flutterby Trina said...

I LOVE this, so have to try it! x

Pia S said...

WOW - love the idea AND the inished product!

Shelby said...

I think you've outdone yourself with your creativity on this one! How freakin awesome to design your phone cover...see I wouldn't have had a moment of clarity because thinking the cover could be something other than plain and boring and thus worth pitching wouldn't have crossed my mind! Oh I wanted to respond directly to your comment on the inspirational sayings, but your settings have changed, so now I just have to put it here for the whole world to read:)!! I say you should go with sayings such as "It's another shit day in Suck City" or how about "why fly with the eagles when you'll just get sucked into the jet engines?"!!


Lisa Jane said...

oh this is megamazing! What a brilliant,amazing genius idea !! I will be on the look out for a clear iphone cover now that i can alter!
Think you will have started a trend now
Lisa x

Scrumplescrunch said...

Hello Q
You appear to have a cult following! I have just read the comments, and when you put together 'setting a bench on fire' 'Suck City' 'megamazing' and 'jet engines' one would question the sanity of it all.
How odd is a creation such as you have made here, cause such a reaction that such words are written to describe and connect to the project. You are sending everyone crazy with these imaginative avocations you keep delivering Quirks.
Wonderful inspiring work no doubt whatsoever, and what an absolute 'HOOT' this phone case is! You have 'nailed' this Challenge. Ha

Unknown said...

Holy Smoke, you are one little creative genius. LOVE this L2!! WooHoo and thanks for the detailed instructions. ;)
As for the two shoe sizes-you are breakin' my heart. They do grow up too fast, wish I could have starched my son when he was little. :D

Tracy said...

Totally cool idea! Great mix of images chick. You really girlified it. :-) Wonder if they make a plastic cover for my phone?????? Hugs!

Dawn said...

This is so brilliant! I just love it!

Hugs, Dawn

Marjorie said...

Wow!! What can I say..you are so, so talented, you should be off some where designing for some top company, earning mega money!!!
Wish I had just 1% of your creativity, you are amazing hun...stunning project!!
Biggest hugs,

Unknown said...

Fabulous Lisa Well done Hugs Elaine

Anonymous said...

Oh you clever bugger! this is so fun and sooo clever what a brilliant idea! great job hunny! hugs me xx

Sandy said...

So very cute! So glad you did not have to dive in a dump!!!

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

Woooow, what a fantastic idea! Love the transformation of your phone and...blimey, I am just speechless! Saw your project on TTT and just HAD to come over and have a closer lool ;)

Ps. I’m celebrating my 2nd Blogaversary and have a sweet little candy for grabs ;-). Hope you will join my celebrations and good luck!

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

ps2. It meant to say 'look' not 'lool' ;)

Cosy Life by Elly said...

Wow Lisa..this is really great!I love it very,very much.
Dear greatings Elly

Margaret said...

Bling your ring... I think you can totally market this!! And it's so much more tasteful than bedazzling!! Love that you put a personal touch on something you use daily!
BTW- I have meant to comment two different times on the new look on your blog and got so 'wowed' by your creations that I kept forgetting! DUH! Anyway... I love the new vintage storybook characters!!