Sunday, April 1, 2012

You're A Banner Friend

Hello you wonderful people!
I have some sad and disturbing news to share with you....
I received an email notice from Blogger three days ago notifying me that my account with them was to be permanently deleted due to my "offensive" posts.  Apparently, someone in blogland doesn't care for my humor.  Regardless of the fact that they visit of their own free will, it is best for the reputation of blogger that I be banned permanently.  I was informed that my IP address would be tracked and any further attempts to create a new account would be thwarted as well.  After contacting "those in the know" I begged and pleaded that I at least be allowed to post a final farewell and allow my friends, family and followers the courtesy of knowing that I wasn't leaving of my own willingness.  I was granted permission to do so and I have until the end of the week to correspond and then I will no longer be visible in blogland.
So, with that being said, I would just like to say from the bottom of my heart.... 
I ain't going nowhere!
Hee hee...
I'm sorry, but I just couldn't resist the day of pranks.  I apologize if you were actually excited about my departing. 
I Heart You All!!!
Thank you Pamela for the wonderful April Fool's sign as well.  This image can be found here.

Since you're going to have put up with me (smiles!) then I'll get back to the serious business at hand and that is the ever FaNtAsTiC linky party that is going on over at
Our Sponsor for this week is the amazing
that will be providing the winner's prize!

If you're still with me on this post, I'll just briefly recap the highlights of my DT card for this week.  I've incorporated a couple techniques that I have seen from a few crafters out in blogland.  The first is the inked Houndstooth embossing folder, which comes from Sue aka Onion at Scrumplescrunch and the next is the metal bird who's concept came from Mitra over at Mitralee.  Wonderful crafters and always thinking out of the box!  The crocheted, and I use that term lightly, banner is my own creation design.  What the mind perceives and the body produces....are not always on the same page.  BUT, I had fun with the 15 attempts.  The one seen here is the last straw.  I'll need to be contacting my grandmother for pointers on this one.  The rest is self-explanitory so I'll move on to the best part of my post, my....
This fantastic card is made by Lisa S at Adventures In Paperland...if you want to see some incredible talent, check out her wonderful blog. This is her first circle card and what a fabulous one it is and look at the adorable eggs and bow and 3D chickadee.  So cute!
Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us at Make It Monday, Lisa :)

I thank you SOOOOOO very much for stopping and I congratulate you if you've actually read to the very last.  I hope this card has inspired you to join us for the linky party fun at
I'm off to devise more pranks to play on the family, so I bid you a fond adieu and hope that you have a splendid and fun filled day!
Hugs and Happy Stamping...
Lisa xx


Michelle said...

Hi Lisa

Oh you are horrid! You had me going there for a minute, LOL!

I kove your gorgeous card and that's no joke! Your crochet banner looks fantastic (certainly better than I could do). As always you have created interest and depth in your card and the newsprint looks fabulous.

Great choice for your pick this week, a lovely, happy Easter card.

Michelle :o)

Shelby said...

You're so full of it you actually crack yourself up:)!! That was pretty good though. Love all of the textures of this card and way to try new things!!


Rene said...

Never tease a hormonal pregnant lady! Bwahahaha!
Love your card...especially the banner! And your pick of the week is egg-tastic! ;D
Rene :D
P.S. April Fools! I'm not prego! :D

Sandy S said...

ooooooo you stinker! Thanks for the all the fun! :)

Sandy S

Great post BTW!


Scrumplescrunch said...

I knew immediately you were having us on, so typical, your humour puts a smile on each and every person who reads your posts Q,and it is always a delight to visit as you are the joie de vivre.
Your card with a touch of inspiration from no other than little old me is amazing, and I am crazy about your layers, but the one element that stands alone and makes this card sing is your banner... it also speaks to me in volumes that you are in serious need of some instruction if it was a crocheted effect you were wanting....I am not disliking the effect, in reality I think it is brilliant and I do actually love the unruliness it creates, it does appear that it is weather beaten..... possibly your intention. At least you acknowledge you are a little weak in this area of expertise, you will crack it with some practise.
A wonderful card Q.

Stampindamour said...

LOL! Lisa, ya crazy gal!!! Love your humor!! Good one! xo

-pamela :)

Chrissy said...

Well thankyou so much for the unscheduled hot flush you gave me...I really needed that adrenaline rush and hight temp at choked on my card,love your banner, fab idea, and very effective, great pick from last week, really adorable, lovely and bright...I'm all shakey


Tracy said...

Now that was lower than a polecat's belly Twang. :-) You got me! LOL The whole time I was reading I was trying to think of some other way you could have a blog. You stinker! LMBO. I was a sucker for April Fool's jokes today. My bestie got me too.
Don't you get any crochet lessons from Gramma! Then I'll be the only one who crochets like this. :-) I love all the fun techniques you used. Your card is fantastic!
Now that my heart rate is back to normal I'll wish you a week that's happy as a flea on a hound dog. Hugs to ya Twang!

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Lisa this is super amazing! I really love the details in your cards...Saw this over at Make it Monday :D

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Oh you trickster!

Your card is lovely!!! So many wonderful details to look upon!

Shirley-Anne said...

LISA stinker!!
I was getting hot under the collar there, right up to where you set us straight! I was ready to get a petition started , pleading your case .
Love your project for today .So much texture to enjoy .
Your pick from last weeks entries is a super Easter card

Margaret said...

You are so BAD!! Knowing my past experience with blogger, I was just 'a bit miffed' and then got to thinking...They didn't email me ahead of time, they just pulled the plug... Then I remembered what day it was! So naughty of you! (big smiles)
Your card is AWESOME!! Love your banner border with the pretty pearls and all of the yummy layers and textures!
How awesome that Lisa was your pick of the week! She did a fabulous job!!
Your family has my sympathies as I'm sure they endured endless pranks today!
Big Hugs to you and so glad you'll be staying in blogland!!

nnalorac said...

Love a bit of fun Lisa, first line got me thinking, the rest, she's having us on. Great card, love all the layers and textures you have given this card. A real interesting card I say. Love your sweet pick of the week, gorgeous colours and image. Carolxx
p.s. Thank you for your lovely comment earlier, a lovely feeling that someone has taken the time to say I inspire them, thank you so much, made my day.xx

Unknown said...

WELL, ain't you somethin' missy! You nearly scared me to death and I was getting up in arms about your situation and then blam, I've been PUNK'D! he he he - very good L2, sooooo mischievious. (Yet I can't stop LOL!)
Love your card and is that banner crocheted? Mercy! I'm going to have to learn to sew, crochet, make handmade paper flowers, slop the hogs, feed the goats, .... (Seriously, I can't stop laughing!!)
Down to biz-I love your card and all of the versatility in each and every creation you post. I hope to tackle your pansy tutorial this week so wish me luck and thank you for the honor you bestowed on me with POTW, I {heart} you!!!
Big Hugs and sooo glad your stickin' around. :-)

Mary J said...

LOL, you offensive - never!!! I didn't believe that from the word go, you are tooo lovely!

Your card is so gorgeous Lisa - totally luscious! Cute POTW too!!

M x

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

I visited to thank you for your comment on my T shirt and have a look through your blog, firstly, you're a girl after my own heart with that prank of yours, I did laugh. Secondly love what you do, great style.

Jeanne J. said...

You are a little stinker!!! I was reading your blog thinking what the heck is wrong with people??? How can they do this????? You totally got me! And then you had that beautiful card and I got even madder that I wouldn't be seeing anymore of them...... Thank Goodness it was all just a bad dream!!!!!! There's no place like home... there's no place like home!!!!!!! SOMEBODY WAKE ME UP!!!

Mandy said...

Great joke Lisa,must admit made me think then the bit about you being offensive knew it couldn't be true....Fabulous card I love it and the banner at the top such a great idea...
Mandy x

Marjo said...

LOL Lisa! Hey, I think your banner looks fantabulous! Hope your having a fabtastic week!

hugs, Marjo

3s said...

Haha, this was great, you SO had me!! This is my first visit here (and a BIG thank you btw, for your super sweet comments on my blog, you made my day! :)) and I was like "Noooo, how awful" when I read the first lines. LOL

Monica said...

What a lovely shabby chic card this is... love the leaves and the flower and that crochet banner is so unusual with the pearls at the bottom.
Thanks for the sincere compliments... made my day.

Monica xxx

downrightcrafty said...

that was so nasty I was getting outraged, ready to post one of those see this to the world things

but so pleased you are staying and wow love the rope work and the rose on that gorgeous card too, so much to look at
Hugs Kate x

angelwhispers said...

My God Lisa you really are so funny and I really was sucked in!!!!

I really was so sad how could they do this to you!! Yah Yah

Love the card anyway just just of fabulous detail!! Look forward to your next post!!! lol Chanelle xxx

Lori said...

You're a hoot! I kept thinking "what offensive stuff is she talking about?" Ha! Beautiful card - LOVE the trim at the top...

Sandy said...

I'm new to blogger and you really had me there :)
So funny had to read to it to hubby..

Im a new follower love your cards I have trouble with this style of cards so will be a constant viewer..

Unknown said...

ha ha that was funny Lisa, you really had me there naughty girl :D .. and your card is stunning, love the crochet work and the flower, very nice xxx

Manderly said...

Oh Lisa! How did you come up with such great, unique ideas for your card? It is fantastic! Glad I saw you on MIM. xxxooo

Debbie said...

Great joke Lisa but you didn't have me fooled one bit...Love your card, such gorgeous papers and great banner.
Debbie x

Candy C said...

Lovely cards!! You do beautiful work!!! <3 Candy

Dawn said...

OMGoodness! I was in disbelief, yet I still believed you! You little monkey!

Beautiful card - it has wonderful texture and details. I know your pain - designing your own crochet patterns is sooooo ridiculously hard! It took me a month to come up with my heart doily. I found that drawing a sketch helps. I love the effect of the two colours and the pearls you added to the scallops.

Hugs, Dawn

wannabcre8tive said...

You are too funny. This was my first visit to your blog and I was thinking, geesh, I just found her and she is leaving blog land. There isn't much I like better than a dose of humor. Thanks for making me chuckle this morning. Love your card, the vintage look and the newspaper look paper are fab. Glad you are sticking around. Thank you for visiting my blog.

chrissy xx said...

Oh! I only called in to thank you ...Then I read your news!!! I was getting madder and madder with how you were being treated....
Then I got to your 'Prank' you naughty person..But what a great sense of humour...LOved it. Not been caught out like that for years lol.
Going to keep my eye on you!! And follow...

Sandy said...

I see some of my friends have found you - damn - and I was hoping to keep you all to myself. And what is this Sandy that is posting on your blog - is she an impersonator? There is only one Sandy that follows you - you do know that don't you Lisa!!!!!!
Soon it will be time to "open the door"